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  1. love your siggy I love him in POTO I cry all thetime at this part. Raina Snow BettsI am in Miss. where are you?

  2. Welcome to GALS whre are you from its nice to see where everyone is from I am in Miss. Betts Raina Snow

  3. hi have not seen you on here before you need to introduce yourself. hope you have lots of fun. please tell us where you are at least from. hope to get to know you more.

  4. hi stacy I posted on the newbie site but I am from NJ Betts. hope we can become friends I know I am old enough to be your mom but I like to make friends and ones from up around home are fun. have a gerrylicious night Betts

  5. hijennmct where are you from please go to the thread tell us a little something about yourself so we can get to know you. Betts

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