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  1. Just swinging by to say hi! Hope everyone is doing well!
  2. Hello and welcome MsMellieMel from one Mel to another!
  3. I may not post often, but I do check this thread often. Bennett is always in my prayers and I am glad to hear he seems to be doing well.
  4. Wow! No one has posted here in quite a while! Seems everyone has been busy in GMCL land! Not much going on here. Just getting the little guy ready for kindergarten and I'm getting ready to start my fall dance classes. I have a few weeks off until then, so that's good. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I just wanted to pop by and say hello to everyone!
  5. Tom Wisdom (Astinos in 300) is in Sisterhood 2 and he and Gerry share the same manager....plus 300 and Sisterhood 2 are both WB films.Edited: You beat me to it Scorpio!
  6. Hi Terra it is good to see you back on the boards. We have missed you!
  7. Hey everyone! I hope everyone is keeping warm in the COLD weather!!! Looking at my desktop weather thingy it says it's 0 degrees. WOW! This is definitely a weekend of staying home. I went into major organization mode today and did a whole lot of cleaning out and rearranging. It has been an all day project! Plus, my house has been neglected all week since I have been caring for Lanie. She got over her ear infection and then got hit with a UTI. Ouch! Poor little thing - those hurt so bad. Our side business is going good - we're booked for a gig this Friday, then one next month, and then we just got booked for one in September. They're all for motivational dancers for Bar Mitzvahs and school events, and not the ballroom dancing. But, we don't care! It's money to be made easily. I'm excited about this gig this Friday because the theme is a western hoe-down, so we're wearing jeans and cowboy hats. Should be a lot of fun! PatKay - Hope you have a great time this weekend and are feeling better! Tell us how the convention went! Cassie - I have forgotten to offer up some big congrats to you!!! Hope you can come to Indy, it's such a good time! Susan - So great to hear you'll be joining us!!!!! Stacie - What's up girl!?!?! I haven't seen you on the boards in ages (or maybe you haven't seen me? LOL). I hope you can make it to Indy this year, we had so much fun last time! Anyways, back to cleaning. Just wanted to take a little break. Plus, I have to give these kids a bath. While involved in all my cleaning they decided to color themselves. LOL They have some good body art going!
  8. Susan - I hope you can join us for the Indy Gerryfest! It is always so much fun and it would be great to see you! Keep us posted!
  9. I am so glad he still has his feet firmly planted on Earth! I was afraid he would change after 300's success, but glad to hear he's still the same guy.
  10. Good Afternoon to all I have been lurking around, but haven't had much time to post. Now that the holidays are over I'm hoping I'll have more time (and motivation). I saw PSILY and loved it (of course). But, my only little gripe is that they kept the concept of the book, but so many things in the story were different. But, regardless, I think they did a fine job with the film. Although, Miklyn had dubbed me "cold-hearted" because I don't shed a single tear while watching it. It IS sad, but I just don't cry watching it. Our holidays were good - we stayed home on NYE as always. We enjoy staying home and having our own little party. I worry too much about sharing the road with drunk drivers more than anything. Anyways, not much else to report. Glad everyone is well and "HI!!!" to all the newbies! Welcome!
  11. I'm hoping I can come, but I'm not sure if I will be able to. I have a company party Friday night and I may not have a babysitter on Saturday (since Paul is keeping Friday off for the party). I'll find out what time our party is on Friday (since it is in Lombard anyway).
  12. Good Morning Ladies! Thanks to all for the great birthday wishes!! What a crazy week that has just flown by! Every time Paul is on vacation the week always goes by so fast. We had Lanie's princess party on Sunday and had so much fun. Tuesday I had my dance classes, yesterday was the big birthday (yikes) and we went to see the Rockettes. That was sort of fun - the kids started getting antsy after the intermission, so we ended up leaving early. But, last night after they went to bed Paul and I threw our own party (clean - nothing naughty!). We moved the couches back, rolled up the area rug, drank some wine, and danced for 2 hours! I gotta say, that was so much more fun than going out! We had a blast! I probably won't be able to make the PSILY on Friday because I have a company party to go to. Then, Saturday I may not have a sitter. I'll let you know what happens. I may not be able to catch it with everyone that weekend, but I'm sure there will be more opportunites! But, I'll find out how late my company's party may go until. Instead of our usual in-office Christmas party, the bosses decided to take us all bowling! LOL Funny thing is that we'll be in Lombard that evening, so I may possibly be able to go. We'll see. Anyways, back to work! Hope everyone is well!
  13. Good Evening Ladies! I hope everyone is doing well! I can't believe a week has gone by already! It's been a pretty busy week and is just going to get worse with the holidays coming up! LOL Lynn, my babysitter Nicole, and I went to see the Rockettes last night and had a great time. Lynn actually auditioned for the Rockettes a few years back, made it through all the interviews and dance auditions, basically made the cut - but she was a few inches too tall. It's such a shame. But, they put on a great show! I actually bought tickets to see it again on my birthday with Paul and the kids. I think the kids would really enjoy it. Tomorrow Paul and I have to meet up with Lynn at the studio to choreograph our dance for broadway jazz. Paul's not technically in the class, but she's having us do a solo in the beginning of our dance. Our dresses are short, black, and have tons of fringe. Paul will be in a zoot suit. I can't wait! Next Sunday we're having Lanie's birthday party here. Granted, it's a few weeks late, but luckily she doesn't know the difference. It just never ends!! LOL Anyways, I hope everyone is staying warm and getting ready for the holidays!!
  14. Oh weird! I didn't realize you were still signed in at my house Stacie! Sorry about that! The post above is from me!
  15. Good Morning! I hope everyone is keeping warm! This past weekend was so busy! Friday my friend, JP came over with her little guy, then Saturday Paul and I went to the AA dinner dance and tore up the dance floor, then yesterday was my nephew's birthday party. Lynn had it at Dave and Busters, which I wouldn't have thought of, but it was great for the kids. They really had a good time. I can't believe MT/POTO weekend is almost here! Time sure has flown! Then, the following weekend I'm going to see the Rockettes with Lynn and a girl from my dance class. I can't wait since I have never seen the Rockettes before! We actually are learning some of their moves in Broadway Jazz, so it will be a lot of fun to watch. Stacie - Just like Pat said, casual for Saturday night, then a little more dress for Sunday. Pat - I'm so glad your daughter enjoyed seeing Wicked! I still want to see that if I can ever get around to it. I was wondering if 93.9 was going to play Christmas music early again this year. I remember they started playing it the day after Halloween last year and I was in heaven! My co-workers thought I was nuts! LOL I'll probably hold off on playing it until after Thanksgiving this year. For now I'll stick to listening to Virgin Radio UK. They play such good music and it's nothing that I have heard here before. What stinks is that I like these artists, but you can't even download them here in the States. I've fallen in the with Newton Faulkner and Amy MacDonald's music. Amy is a lot like KT Tunsall and Newton just has a sound of his own. I love it. Anyways, back to work! I hope everyone is good and I'll see you all this weekend!
  16. Good Morning! I hope everyone is doing well! I have been pretty busy all week I had such a blast yesterday. First, we took the kids to Goebberts pumpkin farm and spent the day there. I have never been there before. They have friggin everything!! The kids had a blast, too. Lanie went on her first pony ride and liked it a lot. And of course, I forgot my camera. But, regardless we all had a lot of fun. Then we went to Paul's friend's 40th birthday party at Indian Lakes Resort. I spoke to the manager briefly and to make a long story short, he had planned on contacting me today in regard to Dancing Delights Chicago! I told him that I was the one who sent the email and he lit up! So, he gave me his card and said he'd be in touch with me. Awesome! Other than that, not much else going on to report of! I hope everyone is well and just a few more weeks until MT and POTO!
  17. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I knew he couldn't stay away from me for long!!! Welcome back Gerry!
  18. Hey ladies!! Just checking in here!! I've been lurking, just haven't posted, Just counting down the days until November!!!
  19. I am so saddened to hear this. May she rest in peace and rejoice in her eternal life!
  20. Trixie

    Coming Attractions!

    Sweeeeet! I'm so excited! Looks like hubby and I are going to have to channel Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse!!!
  21. Trixie

    Coming Attractions!

    This is sounding like it's right up my alley! Classic Hollywood?
  22. I'm with you sistah! I hated this one so much I tried to sell it at a garage sale last year....and I'm still stuck with it. I did not find it at all romantic or touching - it was almost infuriating for me. I could go on! Anyways, I'm with you girl.
  23. Our Medieval Times Gathering is ready to rock and roll! Here's the THREAD
  24. Oh yeah, we always have an after party! We've always held it in the hotel's community room, which is a really nice room. They've always been so kind to put up with us!
  25. Ray - From what I gather, our man is in Australia filming "Nim's Island" now. That should be a pretty cool movie! Beggs - Our next planned gathering is November 10-11. We're going to Medieval Times Saturday night, then the after party (I will be getting all that info up very soon), then on Sunday we're going to see POTO (stage) in Chicago. Although, I think we're sold out on group tix for that. We'd love to have you come that weekend though! We'll keep you posted!
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