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  1. Hey there GALS! Long time, no post! I have been lurking though. Life's been a little busy, but what else is new, right? Ray - There you are!! I was wondering where you've been hiding!! Anyways, not much is going on here - just enjoying the summer! Well, the air conditioner really since it's so dang hot out!
  2. ALice! Those are some lucious pics!!! It's as though he was right there in front of you! Thanks so much for sharing!!
  3. I had received the bulletin close to a week ago, but it is since gone. I don't know if they disappear after a few days or if they deleted it. But it was out there (and I was a bit taken back when I read it). It read something like, "Gerry's part has wrapped and he is no longer on the set. He has moved on to his next project. Please remember that a film set is a place of business." Regardless if we can find the bulletin or not, it is a valid point.
  4. Alice has been awesome keeping me posted. Our man, Tom was on the panel, so she took lots of pics and a video. Love her!
  5. I'M SOOOO BUMMED!!!!! I was supposed to meet up with Alice today at tne convention. But, since hubby works for the airlines, I fly standby. The flights out there are VERY full today, but I wanted to chance it. I had a seat, got my boarding card, was walking down the jetbridge to the plane - and the gate agent called me back up. A passenger had checked in late and she had to give him my seat. I'm so very upset. But, Alice and I spoke this morning and I am living vicariously through her now (especially if she sees Tom Wisdom). I'm relying on her for everything!!!
  6. Oh yeah, I already bought my ticket for the actual convention online. I'm not risking coming out there for nothing. I'm assuming the tix for the Petco park thing probably go fast, too. Wendy - Are you the same Wendy I met in Vegas that was dancing with my hubby? If so, can't wait to see you again!
  7. I've decided to forget the bus and just take a cab to the convention center. I'm sure it will get me there faster. Thanks for the heads up moonglow - I hope I make it in time. When I get into the convention, I'll make a bee-line for the booths where the tix are. As for needing a ride, nevermind. I found that there is a Marriott across the street from the ballpark, so I may have to leave the park around 9:30 (and I don't want anyone to leave early for me). I'll just walk over to the hotel and call a cab. No biggie. Susan - We'll miss you! But, I hope you have a great time over in the UK! I'm so jealous because I really wanted to go! Hopefully, I'll get to see Tom and it will make up for it!
  8. Dang jenn, you are close being in Oceanside! That stinks that you can't go!
  9. I wonder if we have tix to the Petco Park thingy, if we're allowed to check out the red carpet, too? I may have to scooch over there if we can! LOL The tix are free, but they're only giving away 8,000 of them at the booths. Hopefully we can get there in time.
  10. Oh yeah, my camera is going to be glued to my hand! I'm assuming we'll have to stop by the booth to get our tix for the "300" showing at Petco park? We can exchange phone numbers via PM. I'll give you a call when I get into the convention center and figure out where to meet up.
  11. YAY!! I won't be all by myself! I'm really, really, really hoping Tom is one of the surprise guests on the panel. That would be really cool! If not, it will be fun if I go to Petco Park. That depends though. My flight is at 11pm, but I'm taking the bus from downtown to the airport. If I could get someone with a car to drop me off then I'll go to Petco Park. I just wasn't jazzed about riding the bus at night alone. I don't have any luggage, just a backpack with me, so I can cut it kind of close getting to the airport. My flight gets in around 10:30am, so I'm thinking I should get to the convention center around 11-11:30am. Wendy - Tom Wisdom played Astinos (like Alice said). Tamara from GB.net helped me start his fansite (click on siggy), so IF I got to meet him it would be pretty cool. If not, who cares!? It will be a fun day and a little mini-adventure! moonglow - OMG I LOVE Clive!! If I see him I'll pass out for you! LOL
  12. Hey ladies! I wanted to know if any of you were planning to go to this year's Comic-Con? I'm planning on heading out Friday morning and then taking the red eye back home that night. I'm going alone, so if any of you were going I'd like to meet up!
  13. Hi Ladies! I have been lurking, just haven't posted much. Gemmie - I'M SO JEALOUS!!!!! I was just telling my husband last night how badly I want to go back to London. It's been almost 6 years since I've been there and I really miss it. Although, next time we go we're planning to go all through the UK - hitting London, Ireland, and Scotland, which we may do for my birthday. Drop the kids off at my Mom's and away we go! Anyways, just wanted to pop in and say hello to everyone!!! Hope all is well!
  14. I will be tickled pink if Gerry plays a bad guy! LOVE him in that kind of a role - so sexy!
  15. CONGRATS KITTY!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! You'll have to spill and tell us what you get!!!!!
  16. Attila Girl - The info inside the brackets is backwards. You'll want to font type in front of the sentence and the /font at the end. Always look at it this way, the color, font, size, etc info will always be in front of the sentence where you want it to start and there is always a / at the end. It tells the computer that's where you want the special info to end. Hope that helps!
  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GALS!!!! I'll definitely be participating the "present" thingy!
  18. My Tom Wisdom site had the same problems and I use the same server as here and GB.net, too. So, it was definitely the server having problems. It seems to have fixed itself now though.
  19. COnsider yourself lucky for not having credit cards!!! LOL Stay that way for as long as you can!!
  20. Gosh I wish I knew more people that would want to see POTO. I know my Mom wants to, but I know she won't be in town that weekend.
  21. :blushing: Thanks so much ladies. Here we didn't think we did very good. Thank you very very much for the nice compliments!
  22. Dam - You SHOULD go!!! It's like an adult version of Disneyland. As you enter the strip most people are wide-eyed with awe! It's larger than life and pictures really do it no justice. Plus, everyone there is ready to have a great time, so you can meet some pretty friendly people around town. You'll never be bored there since there is always something to do (geez, I sound like I'm from the Vegas visitors bureau or something!). The cony itself is a blast and a night you'll always remember!
  23. I love it being in Vegas! There's so much to do there and it's a city so full of life. I hope that never changes!
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