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  1. He looks great after flying for God knows how many hours! I hope he has a great time in Japan!
  2. GO GERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bummed that Rodrigo didn't win best villan though. Here's hoping for best movie!!!!
  3. Hey there Gemmie! Good to hear from you! Bummer you ladies can't make it out to the Highland Games. If I lived closer to you I'd come pick you up. I'm up in the air about Saturday because I'm supposed to work, but I'm hoping my SIL can cover for me that day. AND I'm hoping I can get a sitter. If not, the kids just come with me then. They'd love it anyway. That would be the first time I took my kids to a gathering! LOL The new site is doing VERY well these days! Pop on anytime!
  4. Good Morning Ladies Popping in quick while I'm at work. I gotta show you what my Mom found on their farm yesterday.....a huge snapping turtle! I guess their dog was barking like crazy, so she looked out the window and saw this thing! Now, it's just hanging around the farm. He's not bothering anything or anybody, just hanging out. I just told her to be careful that my kids don't go near it whiel they're out there next week.
  5. Good Evening Ladies! What a day! Well, Paul apparently does not have a blood clot, but rather some sort of strain or injury to his knee. They didn't do an ultrasound (which I was kind of hoping he would), but they did do an xray and found inflammation around his knee. He's on 800 MG of Ibuprofen, but if it doesn't clear up within a few days he needs to see a specialist. The poor guy is in so much pain, I feel bad because there's nothing I can do for him. Thank goodness it's not a blood clot though. Thanks for all your well wishes, I really appreciate them! ANyways, I'm lurking for just a little bit longer and then heading for bed on the floor again. Since Paul has been sleeping with his leg stuffed in the couch to relieve the pain, I have been o the floor just in case he needs me. Now THAT'S what I call love and devotion! Actually, my back doesn't bother me as much after sleeping on the floor - time for a new bed! I can't believe Vegas is next week!!!!
  6. Happy Memorial Day ladies! This should be an interesting day indeed. So, Paul is going to the ER today because he has had a sharp pain in his leg since Friday night. It sounds like he may have a blood clot (yikes!). I told him not to bother with the 24 hour clinic places and just to go to the ER. The pain is all along the vein in his leg and I found a little knot in it. His knee is a tad swollen, too. I'm trying to get him up and moving since I know these things are nothing to mess wtih. Of course, being the big baby he is, when I pushed on the vein he almost passed out! LOL He hates being poked and prodded at. ANyways, I'm going to drag him off the couch (where he's been sleeping - he keeps his leg in the couch to relieve some of the pain). I'll keep you posted!
  7. Good Morning Ladies I hope everyone had a good Saturday! The party was a success despite the rain. Al was so surprised and had tears running down from under his sunglasses (besides looking like a very rough and intimidating person, Al is actually a very sweet, sensitive teddy bear). He was so touched seeing all of his friends and family there - one of his friends even flew out here from Texas just for Al. We had probably 100 people show up, so there were the die-hards who came ut in the rain. I was the videographer, so I have tons of fun stuff. I'm going to make a DVD for them. I was exhausted by the time I got home last night!! Paul and I were out cold by 10:30 (which is VERY early by my standards!). Today I am looking forward to doing absolutely nothing and staying in my jammies today! I'll probably be on here all day. Hi to everyone out there! Hope y'all are having a good Memorial Day Weekend (and like Kelly said, remember our soldiers that fight for our freedom!).
  8. Only our Gerry would make the comment "If this big award doesn't get me laid, I don't know what will!" I just about fell off my chair laughing! :funnyabove:
  9. Pat - I loved the dress you wore in Colorado, you looked so gorgeous in it! When all else fails, go with what works I say!
  10. You got it Rowdy - the costuming night is Saturday. No worries! Dawn - I love your dress!! That is so pretty and looks like it can be flattering for the figure.I can't wait to see how gorgeous we're all going to look Saturday!
  11. yay! Mine's buried in there somewhere. Although, I don't think I gave you my email address in there. Ah well, I signed it "Trixie" and I think you might know where to find me!
  12. I'm with you Dawn! I can't tell you how many dresses I looked at that I actually liked, but were soooo expensive. Of course my favorite one that I tried on was over $500! I don't think so!! So, the dress I'm wearing is super glam, and (I'm almost ashamed to say this because it makes me sound very, very stingy....) it only cost me $11. LOL Talk about a bargain girl!
  13. OK, that's it! I FINALLY decided on what to wear for Saturday night! I dug through my closet and found my Jessica Rabbit style dress. I didn't think it would look good on me still (thanks to having 2 kids), but by golly it doesn't look half bad! I just gotta suck it in and stick the butt and boobs out!!
  14. OMG! LOL Gerry in his undies, huh? That may not make me less nervous, but I'll probably dance more seductively!!
  15. OK, I feel a little better now knowing I'm not the only one who is nervous!!! We'll all get the jitters together!
  16. I cannot wait!! But, I am starting to get butterflies in my stomach from thinking about the talent show!!
  17. Trixie


    I have 4 - granted they're small and can be covered, but they're there! I have a shamrock, a rose (which I plan on getting a black ribbon on it), a butterfly with my friend's name etched into the design of the wing (he passed away 11 years ago), and a sexy cat's face. I'd like to get something with my kids names and something to honor the memory of my dad.
  18. Good Gawd that man can work a pair of pants!! I need a cold shower! P.S. - I do see little Lolita!
  19. Thanks Kelly - Lanie was fine by that night, maybe she ate something that didn't agree with her. I'm wondering if Caffrey might have to be put on phenabarbitol, too. How often did Cheyenne have seizures before she was put on the meds? If he has another one soon then I'm going to have to take him in. They used to occur just once a year, but the last two were just 3 weeks apart. The last one was just heart-wrenching to watch. His front legs were so ridged that they were on top of his head and his back legs were as if they were running in place. Luckily, it's not painful when they have a seizure, just disorientating. But, it's still horrible to watch. And he's still being very clingy. I hope Cheyenne is doing okay these days. Did anything come back on the test results yet? On a lighter note! The performance went very well this morning! Luckily, they put the adults in the actual dressing room complete with the mirrors, chairs, dim lighting, and the makeup lights. The little ones and teenagers were put into big holding rooms. In fact, a bunch of the teenagers kind of bombarded our room and they got kicked out by the staff - they did not look happy! LOL I am so glad I didn't stick with the tap class - they're dance is sooooo boring; very repeatative. Their costumes are just black jazz pants, a colored tank top, and a white button-down shirt. The tap teacher came into the dressing room, looked us up and down and said, "You look like a bunch of hoochie mamas." Grrrr.....Lynn did not look happy about that comment. I don't know what is so "hoochie" about our costumes - our pants are big, no cleaveage showing....whatever. Here's our group pic since you can't really see the costumes in the video: Anyways, off to take a nap. I have a huge migraine today. Bleck!
  20. Good Afternoon Ladies! First off - Happy Anniversary Pat! I hope you two celebrated in a way better than you did last year! LOL If I recall, you were at Cook County?? Thanks for the compliments on the dance ladies! I really appreciate it! I had a couple minor goof-ups, but I think it turned out pretty good. The drama for the day then started after rehersal. While driving home, Lanie got sick on herself. When I got home, I went to wash everything in the washer, but it wasn't working. Grrrr...I want a new washer and dryer! Within 10 minutes of coming home, I was sitting on the floor and Caffrey collapsed onto my lap and had another seizure. This one was really bad and long, it lasted about 3 minutes. I have read on different sites that if they go beyond 5 minutes they'll probably die. That really freaks me out - he's still just a baby at 5 years old. So, that was my drama yesterday. So far, so good today! Thanks for letting me vent! So how about Gerry in this Untouchables movie??? I think that is going to be so cool! And if they film in Chicago....well, looks like we're all going to have to move into a flat downtown temporarily!
  21. Hey Ladies! I'm going to head off to bed and I'll post more tomorrow. But, I wanted to share my dance video with you! I actually figured out how to do this, so I'm excited! It's kind of hard to see our faces - so when we're all in a line on the stage I'm second on the left. Then, when we exit in the middle of the dance you'll see me behind the curtain on the left ready start jammin' out! Hope you like it! Dance Video - SexyBack
  22. Thank you! It's funny, I'm not the least bit nervous. I'm more nervous about doing something stupid and twisting my ankle wihile walking the dog or something!
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