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  1. You bet we're gonna be on here tonight Kelly! How do you like them apples? :: Irene - Like Marissa said (she beat me to the punch!), I LOVE the Frank icon you have, too! My gosh he look amazing!
  2. I cannot wait for the Vegas cony! 2 days worth of partyin' with the GALS! In Sin City no less, how appropriate! :: Hey Linda! Glad to see you over here! I'm assuming you'll be stopping by more often? Ina - I'm loving the touseled look on him! Stacie - Swannie pretty much summed it up for ya! OK, Gerardaholic - I'm taking a shot in the dark here....Kelly? Judging by the 66. Am I right?
  3. Irene - We know who JediSnoopy is. Your boss was in for a real treat today....snow! In early October. I could hardly believe it! Ina - Those pics are to-die-for!! No matter what he's wearing, how his hair is styled, scruff or no scruff, he looks phenominal!
  4. Stacie - Just have fun! GALS is very similar to the other site, *just a little more fun*. I'm thinking the bonfires would be a lot of fun here. Irene - Welcome! I'm actually the opposite of you....I started in California then moved to the midwest. I Miss the SoCal weather VERY much!!! And the mountains....beaches....deserts....*sigh*!
  5. Stacie!!! Ina!!! How cool is this?!?! I've always wanted a forum for us on GALS, but Miklyn was ballsy enough to ask for it. Stacie - We'll have a field day with bonfires and the emoticons here!! BTW - welcome to GALS! :: You wanna go to their Vegas convention in June?
  6. These emoticons crack me up!!! There's one for every emotion! The Gerry ones are hilarious!! We do tend to get a little wild at night, we have what are called bonfires. Anyone can jump in!
  7. Swannie puh-lease! Anybody can jump in! :: Kittypro is in Texas and she's one of our own! Also, how is your son doing these days??
  8. Hi Marissa and welcome!! I'm so excited to meet some more midwesterners! We're a pretty big group, but there's always room for more!
  9. Our beloved Kittyporn is one of them! We get together almost every other month, we're always finding fun things to do!
  10. How excited am I right now??? The GMCLs have a forum here!! Let the fun begin! Like Miklyn said, anyone can jump in here! Thanks Dr. Em and Stef for doing this for us!!! We can go nuts with all the emoticons here! Hey Suz! Do you remember meeting me at B&G? Good to see you over here!
  11. Yum yum yum and more yum! Thanks for adding those!
  12. You ARE trying to kill me, aren't you?!?! :licky:
  13. That goofy faced pic is absolutely hilarious! I'm curious what spawned it!
  14. Thanks for the scan of the article!! He looks deeeeeeelicious!
  15. Oh definitely more mature Gerry. That man just keeps getting more lucious with age!
  16. Oh yeah.....feeling all warm, fuzzy, and tingly after looking at that pic!! :tasty: Thanks for sharing that with us!
  17. I still need to reserve our room, but at least we have the tix done!! I can't wait to meet you GALS! Judging by the line-up for events and your convention this year, ya'll seem to know how to throw a party! I'm ready to shake it!
  18. *sighing VERY heavily right now* You LUCKY LUCKY girl!!!! Thanks for the recap of everything and what's to come. I'm so excited that Gerry will be singing in the film!!! You got to hear him sing live and watch a snog!? They would have had to call the paramedics for me!
  19. I just signed up last night and am absolutely excited to meet all you GALS! Ladyfran - Go First Class and you'll never want to fly any other way! My husband works for American, so I always fly standby. I usually get first and have become very spoiled. But, with the convention being SO important I may just buy a ticket since I would fear being bumped. But, if you have the opportunity to fly first, darlin' go for it!
  20. Oh heck yeah you can count me in!!!! I've always wanted to see those Chippendales! And what's going to Vegas with a group of women without seeing THAT!?
  21. Thanks for posting that article! How cute that Gerry and Hilary's dogs have fallen in love!
  22. Hi ladies! Sorta new here, I've lurked for way too long (although I already know a lot of you). I figure I'm going to jump in feet first!
  23. I was hooked on Laguna Beach on MTV. I'm too old to be watching that , but I was hooked for some reason.
  24. Trixie

    Pudge VS Stud

    I don't care how he looked, wouldn't kick him outta bed!
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