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  1. Thanks May, for remembering. Hugs....
  2. Outstanding!!!! What better news the week before Olympus Has Fallen opens in theaters.
  3. Gerry, Indeed, 1969 was an 'Iconic' year to be born. This date is by far the best day ever, so Happy 43rd Birthday and many more to come. Time is only but a fraction in which we live. If you see me pass by, remember me for a split second. I, on the other hand, will remember you forever. Timeflies
  4. I'm excited that the poster and playbill from Suddenly Last Summer came two days ago, and I'm preparing to get the poster framed. I haven't opened the playbill protected covering until I have another one to slip it into. It's just like Christmas in June.Thanks again....
  5. has not set their status

  6. I've passed this article to a theater complex that's in a larger town near where I live. My hope is that will be shown. If this article helps to make my request heard - more the better. I was told, when I asked about it MGP's showing this Sept, back in July, I was told that "If it did well with its ticket sales during the limited release, they would consider showing it in this city." Argh! I dislike having conditions put on something, especially a movie. Anyway, I just wanted to put in my two sense worth..... Don't know if or when I'll get to view MGP, at this rate.
  7. You're welcome, Barb. It was something I caught by accident, while searching through Gerry's movie numbers.(I love to keep track of them.) I liked the fact that he had three movies out, one of them from from last fall -- his very own LAC, and it had made a sound difference to that fledgling company. Go Gerry. The studios can't miss seeing it in black and white, accompanied by $$ signs.
  8. On categories that Gerry isn't listed, I find the movie I want and nominated him. That is available at the bottom before you move on. My WTF moment wasn't that judge in LAC, it was when Gerry ignited the switch that eventually took him out at the end, so I added it.....
  9. Gerry's interview was so cool. He said he's asked Travolta, who he saw at the Oscar after party, if he can join a group of his and fly with them to Greece. Gerry even talked about going to Love Never Dies. He didn't say anymore than that!
  10. Yes, Stuart, that was me. I haven't been back in a long while. By the time I remember, your program is over. Thanks for remembering me! Timeflies.

  11. givemeabeach, Thanks! My siggy saying was mine and the photo design was from a friend. That photo was so perfect that I couldn't pass it up and the words just flew out on paper when I viewed it. LOL.... Timeflies.

  12. I went out the morning LAC was released, getting both the regular and BR copies. I want to be able to travel with LAC so I had to have the standard DVD, too. It's great that people have finally come to view this movie with more than a passing nod or grunt! LOL>>>>
  13. Yep! Gerry sat beside Pierce Brosnan as the camera panned..... *Sigh*
  14. This is exciting to know Gerry will walk down that red carpet and put hearts to flutter! He deserves this moment in the spotlight, and with his upcoming roles in HTTYD and TBH needing publicity. This where those agents, who get the big bucks, promote stuff and make the most out of the free publicity. Isn't this why these events went live years ago, free publicity to promote films and get the stars seen! It's a win win for all, especially when Gerry's involved!! Makes it worth watching because most of the time I wouldn't take time to turn these events on. I do the same with movies, if Gerry's not in it, I don't care to see it! (I know that sounds warped, but that is where my loyalties are.)
  15. Thanks for the heads-up becozy, about the Golden Globes. I have a comment. Could Gerry be getting ready for a role where he is going away from the pretty boy looks and into another type of character's looks while he's still on vacation? Things like this do take preparation. That is a possibility! Whatever the case, enjoy your time off Gerry! Sounds like personal appearances are heating up to Oscar week!
  16. Until Gerry says he's not doing it, then I will ignore the reports. He isn't one to do these kinds of things. It looks like he has a lot of damage control to do when he gets to Scotland. I think that some press like to turn up the heat on the pot and hope it burns. (opps! No pun intended.)
  17. Seeing these videos brightened my very dreary day. Thanks for posting them. You're an angel....
  18. Remember, Gerry said he dated under the wire so more power to him if he has been dating someone we wouldn't know about. His privacy is very important to him. I don't think he wants any lady scared away that could be important in his life now or in the future. Until he let's us know about anyone, I will just go about my business. When he's ready he will reveal her to the world if she does exist. Patience everyone. Give him space even on Twitter. He deserves our respect after all -- Don't cha think? We only want whats best for him. Have a great time off to relax and rest Gerry, you deserve it. Guard yourself well, and keep as private as you can with the pap on your tail. Good luck.
  19. FYI: Did anyone notice that Brian Tyler, composer for Timeline, is also the composer for LAC? There is a six degree answer for anyone that plays that game. I was looking around when I noticed that little tidbit.
  20. Fabulous poster from all aspects. We see Gerry's face,his company's name, his name as actor, it's first before JF, Yes!!!!, his name as producer. It fill the bill for a great poster, and it gives us his perfect eyes to gaze into. What more could, I as a fan, want? Absolutely nothing, but possibly to see him standing before me. LOL>>>>>> If wishes could come true....*sigh, closes eyes and keeps repeating that wish*
  21. Remember the scene in the coffee house, where he said with two in a room a fake is better, or something like that. This is why he had asked since it was their first time. He had to know, and she answered the way she did. It was for us, the audience, to decided, leaving a slight reference to that previous scene. Then she takes charge for round two. LOL>>>> Had dinner with friends tonight, damn I wanted to see the movie a fourth time. *mumbles* Well, there is next week at the early bird afternoon showings so I can get home before someone else gets home..... That's right he is out of town a possible two nights...more viewings, Hurray! Sorry ladies, talking to myself.
  22. Absolutely awesome movie. Gerry was brilliant in it. I saw it alone three times today, and each time I saw something I had missed before. Did anyone notice the moving figure behind the weathergirl spot that Abby did? I haven't had time to read any posts to know. It will answer a question we all had about Gerry and last Halloween with his costume choice!LOL>>>> Anyway, I hope the opening day totals, as well as the weekend totals, turn out to be outstanding. At each showing, the audience got larger, and so did the laughter. It amazed me how little people laughed at the first showing--1:30PM until much later the movie. They seemed more reserved. Not me! Then the second showing-- 4:30, with more in the audience, I heard more laughter evolving, but by the prime time showing -- 7:30, they laughed sooner, much easier, and seemed to enjoy doing so all the time. Funny, how I seem to gauge the audiences by what they did on this movie compared to his others. PS: NO ring that I could see, redroseblackribb.
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