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  1. All of a sudden I can't put the smilies in my posts, wonder what might be going on? They are there, like always, just can't put them in the post. Anyone else had a problem? Everything else with my 'puter seems to be working right. Hummm.
  2. Okay, GALS, (hold your glasses up). To Gerry! May this year be a great one, offering new roles and challenges so that more and more people can enjoy and appreciate his talent. May his personal wishes and desires be fulfilled beyond his wildest dreams, but may he stay the same generous, kind, down-to-earth guy he is now. To GALS! May GALS continue to grow and prosper but keep it's intimacy. May each of us realize that tho' we may not be movie stars, we are "stars" in someone's life. May each of us continue striving for what our life goals are and accomplish at least some of them. May our
  3. Bethy, I had responded to your post earlier, but I'm a bit behind the curve on your working with Gerry someday. I'm trying not to make this sound naughty... what would you do with Gerry, seriously. I probably should know, but I don't find a thread telling me what your career aspirations are. The fact that he called you on Christmas day still blows my socks off! Can you even imagine... I'm sure he was having a busy day too, then decided to call Bethy. How 'bout that. He said to someone "Excuse me for a few minutes, I've got to call Bethy." THEN, on top of that, should you name come up again
  4. CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE HOW WONDERFUL HE IS!!!! I'm sorry that the call had to come about because of your circumstances, but I hope hearing his voice helped you out!! (I'd have wet my pants on the spot, no question about it!) And, you mom knew he called... SUPER! I was crazy for him before, but today, I LOOOOOOOVE that guy. :inlove: Thanks you so much for letting us share your good news. Obviously, his HEART is huge or he wouldn't have bothered to call you. How much difference can one little girl make to his career... none... but he called. I just can't even believe it yet, at first I thoug
  5. I can't speak. Words fail me. Oh.... Gerry.
  6. My baby's going to be Johnnie, I love Johnnie. Okay, he has a bit of an alcohol problem, but he's doing well now. We didn't get to see him in "high gear" but he's a passionate, thoughtful and sensitive man. He's for me!
  7. I've ALMOST never seen a bad picture of Gerry. This one I guess isn't bad, it's SAD. He looks absolutely pitiful, wearing a jacket that must belong to his sister? I wasn't crazy about the silver suit, but this wins the prize. If he can wear his jeans and a t-shirt, he's happy, but this buttoned-down thing doesn't seem to suit him. I can't decide if I think it's funny, but for sure if one of his "people" helped him get dressed, they should be fired! Look at that sad little face. :depressed: He looks like he's just been reprimanded for eating "junk" before dinner. Any of you fashion
  8. My house is going to be FULL on Christmas and there will be several 7 to 9 yr olds. I remember a few knock knock jokes, which are usually favorites of that age kids. Do you have some knock knock jokes that will help me push their little "laugh" buttons, or any other kid kind of jokes I can entertain them with... would appreciate it! :snowman: :snowman:
  9. I was watching something very intellectual on TV last night, E or Entertainment Tonight or one of those vastly informative shows and a segment featured discussion on men's hairstyles. LONG IS BACK! All the guys are bringing back that long/longish hair. I hope Gerry grows his back again, at least a bit. I can't really think of anyone in Hollywood with hair as nice as Gerry's... the Dracula length is great on him. All those other guys can just eat their hearts out! Go, Gerry; Go, Gerry; grow hair, grow hair! :mopboyethan: :mopboymarek: :mopboyjohnnie:
  10. I love the little fan vid Get the Party Started... (can't remember who did it, sorry). She made it seem as tho' Gerry's dancing, on a cute/fun scale, he just a too! I'm kind of thinking the party starts when Gerry gets there, BUT sometimes his eyes look very melancholy. Wonder which of those is really more him?
  11. Oh, my, that Rodrigo baby boy! He's beauuuuuuuuutiful. How old is he, about 17? Looks so young... but so, well you know! ::
  12. I've been a bit down... :depressed: Gerry has been very busy for quite some time and we haven't had much news from him and very few pictures. I have his pictures everywhere, but after months of no communication that seems like little consolation. I wasn't even sure I loved him anymore! A couple of days ago, I even considered googling other actors... I didn't tho, I still retain my Gerry internet virginity. In order to fight the frustration, I downloaded a couple more fan videos, and one of them brightened my day (Get this Party Started) and after rewatching a couple other vids, I'm renewe
  13. Any word on a new assistant for Gerry? He's probably been to busy to even interview anyone. I sure wish someone would take Tonya's place soon. Not that we heard from her often, but once in awhile there'd be some news. Impatiently waiting for new news!
  14. Thanks for the information! And thank you for being so busy for us GAS. So glad you're here, pervy scholars are hard to find. Anita
  15. I'm sure most of you saw this "blurb" on GB.net. It was a long article about Warner Bros. All good except the sentence about 300. I really thought we might see it late in '06. The films include "The Good German," starring George Clooney, Cate Blanchett and Tobey Maguire and directed by Steven Soderbergh; "Blood Diamond," starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Ed Zwick; "300," starring Gerard Butler and directed by Zach Snyder; "The Assassination of Jesse James," starring Brad Pitt and Sam Shepard and directed by Andrew Dominik; "Poseidon," directed by Wolfgang Petersen; and "V for Vendett
  16. Just kind of wonder what Gerry's lifestyle is like now. I know that until POTO he was pretty "regular". I'm wondering if everything's different now. Manicurists, pedicurists, hairdressers, someone carrying his luggage. I guess for this movie manicures and pedicures aren't happening, but what do you suppose a regular day for Gerry is like?
  17. This is one of my favorite lines from all his movies and it's the WAY he says it, a bit breathy, ummmmm. When he sees that the wedding ring on Rose's finger... he can't believe he didn't see the ring! If you didn't pick up on this line, give it another look, it's great!
  18. If there's a flaw with this face, I'd sure like for you to tell me what it is... I don't see ANYTHING I would change! YUM. Pairfect :dance: Then, are these what you'd call "bedroom eyes"? I think, YEAH! I love all his movies, but for me, Attila is the eye candy movie... well, that and POTO, and Timeline, and DF
  19. Thank you, Stef... THANK YOU! OMG... what a feast for my lil ol' eyes! Here's the one I was talking about, I hope it isn't too big. Okay, a little big, I'm sorry, don't spank me... can you stand one more? I can't stand it.. I'm tellin' ya I CAN'T STAND IT!
  20. There is one shot where he's sitting in the jury box, it's a closeup and he has his head resting on his hand. If that picture was for sale, I'd state the bidding right now. It could be the most perfect picture of him I've EVER seen!
  21. I know it's late and I've gotta work tomorrow, but I think I'd better run out and buy Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Did we all get that "an unexpected, inviting glance" thing... yum. Of course after that, everywhere he goes there will be a room full of women trying to give him unexpected inviting glances. :computer: :computer:
  22. My first set of The Jury DVDs was faulty, didn't include the final section of the series. I returned it to Amazon and received the new copy today. The DVD set is completely different, a trifold holder rather than three individual parts. Gerry's picture is the biggest on the front of the cover now, I guess because POTO. I think the color on this new set is much nicer than on the old one.. I guess they redid it somehow and he is soooooooo beautiful! WOW! Now, after watching it again, I'm thinking Johnny and Marek are tied for my No. 1 Gerry favorite, just considering how he looks rather than
  23. He seems to enjoy the water/ocean a lot. I think he'd make a great dive teacher. :: I'm sure he's a great diver already and could teach it easily. :dance:
  24. I posted. I did. One step closer to a new Gerry fix, I hope. Thanks for the link!
  25. I'm certainly glad to hear that Attila wasn't even planned to be historically accurate because I didn't learn a darn thing! I don't even know who did what to who in the movie... and I DON'T CARE! I just look at Gerry, Gerry's legs, Gerry's tummy, Gerry's face, Gerry's eyes, Gerry's whatever I can see, and what I can't see I imagine. Gerry Attila is BEAUTIFUL!
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