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  1. Semmsb, you're right that is VERY cute. I printed it and added it to my dresser "Gerry pics". Thanks for posting it! About Gerry posting... he may prowl, rarely, and I think that's about it. The whole system would crash for sure if he actually showed up to chat or posted regularly. Expecting something like that goes even beyond MY fantasies. BLOGGING... :muahaha:
  2. Great! I hope he loves it and you hear back from him... :: Next you should send him a DVD with copies of all the avatars from GALS on there... specially yours! Nice fanny on there, yours?
  3. I BOUGHT Harrison's Flowers... :blue: before I knew there was what, 10 seconds of Gerry, maybe. If you watch the whole movie you have to watch closely or you'll miss him. Clips are the only way to go! I'd love to have a whole Gerry library, but I'm only going to include the movies he's really IN!
  4. Great thread. Marty could irritate them all to death without any violence (I LOVED Gerry's overdone Marty), but I think ultimately it would be his character is Shooters than would take them down. His was a baaaad boy and would simply blow them away.
  5. Amazing, isn't it, and I have a FULL life. Work, kids, bills, friends, and I STILL have to devote a good percentage of the day to being right here. A couple nights ago friends were going to a movie and I HID OUT in here, pretending not to be at home so I could spend time with GALS! I think that may not be a good thing... oh well, that's just the way it is! You should see my bedroom, looks like I'm 13 years old. Pictures everywhere, here a Gerry, there a Gerry... I BOUGHT a color printer so I could print them and I switch them out from time to time. That's ridiculous. I don't have all the b
  6. For me, #2, 3, and 5 are most amazing because for me, Gerry is all about his eyes and in those three you got him spot on! The others are wonderful, just those three are my favorite. I'd LOVE to have one of your works. They are absoutely beautiful... YOU SHOULD BE SO PROUD!! I can't even imagine what it would be like to have that kind of talent. I would do nothing else... all day, all night. I have never known anyone with lots of art talent as you have, so with your studying, what does that mean you want to be when you grow up? Portrait art your favorite? Well, anyway, bless you for you
  7. I understand you've been alone a long time... but you want me to WHAT?
  8. LOL That's FUNNY. Well, as least you didn't earn that at a nickname when you got older!
  9. This is not particularly a FUN thread, just kind of the way I feel about movie stars and that they are a bit like politicians, and I just wonder if anyone else feels the same way. Both these professions depend on their receiving "votes" from the public. With movie stars we vote at the box office... some of those votes for stars are based on what we perceive those stars to be as individuals rather than their talent, just because we LIKE them... just like sometimes we vote for people based more on their public persona than on their merit as public servants. People who choose either of these
  10. Okay, you lit a fire under me this morning, FOR ANY OF YOU OUT THERE DIVORCED and miserable, stop going in circles RIGHT NOW! Stop with the running back and feeling like HE is the person who knows you best, HE is the one that down deep somewhere really cares, HE is the one that you can work it out with if you just TRY a little harder. NO ONE WHO LOVES YOU will play games with you for a year -- much less any longer. My ex and I played his silly game for FIVE years and let me tell you ... YOU CAN'T GET THOSE YEARS BACK. I was very unhappily married, but somehow was just afraid to be out there
  11. These threads are like playing the gossip game. :computer: The original gets posted... a few responses later :computer: EVERYTHING changes and we're off talking about something else... so just because you don't think the first couple posts are interesting, you may be missing a gem of a discussion somewhere along the thread and some of them are so funny I have tears in my eyes! :gossip: Then, when you get to a subject that has a BILLION posts, damn, I mean DARN, how much time can I really devote to fartin' around on here. A lot I guess. GALS
  12. The blond hair is okay... no problem there and he's definitely getting more handsome all the time. But, did you notice that shirt? What the devil is that on the shirt... LOL.
  13. I want to be his mistress in Shooters. I know, you didn't see a woman in there, it's only because all those parts wound up on the cutting room floor. There were some really hot scenes in there with him BEFORE he put on the yellow towel. OR, I want to be one of the girls in Rockstar... I wouldn't mind strapping him to the bed and checking out... Never mind, I thought I was on 18+ :mopboyjackie:
  14. My oldest daughter's name is Amy Ann... my dad named her (with our approval of course) and he wanted something that would be easy for her to learn to SPELL. :: :: I guess he thought she was be stupid or something using only 3 letters in each name. LOL
  15. The part about your mother crying was pretty grown up... The angst we all felt as young teens tho... everything is sooooooo serious and could quite possibly RUIN your life. Kind of funny now, but not so funny then. It's a great poem. Your kids will love reading it one day. As a matter of fact, this would be a great thing to pass along. I've been trying to put PERSONAL things together, like that, in kind of a memory box. Jewelry is nice to pass along, pictures too, but to really get to know someone you need to know how they think or thought and these kinds of things are wonderful to preserv
  16. I've done a bit of googling myself and apparently she was in NYC October 13 for an Italian Film Festival thing. I guess she could have hung around awhile, for a little visit. Then I googled Gerry + Eleano... however it's spelled. Found quite a lot about her. Some under "European Trash Films" and a couple sites that appear to be rather "adult". But then, we've gotta remember judging from world standards, we're a bit prudish. I dunno. Also ran across a site that says Gerry was a slut while he was in St. Louis. Then found a site with a forum that thinks the Tarts are just too funny, won't tol
  17. I thought she was married and her husband wasn't really pleased with the flirting? Hummm. Wonder if she's older than Gerry, she doesn't look like a "kid". I wanna go look... where??? where??? :hyper:
  18. Thanks for the imput. I think I'll go ahead and buy it. I've watched the Gerry parts of Shooters several times and it's nearly impossible that he could be in any movie LESS than he's in that one. Now, I'm anxious to see it! ::
  19. I've been watching some fan videos... they're amazing. I started watching his eyes move around. He can really see out of there! He moves his eyes back and forth -- that's how you know he's seeing things! That's cool... :: He walks around on those fabulous feet, sits on that cute little butt, sees those pecs and biceps every morning in the mirror, he brushes his teeth, puts on his sneaks and takes good care of Billy! While we're here, he's out there somewhere, doing something, almost like a regular person! Of course, he isn't a REGULAR person. Somehow, in my squirrely little head, if I
  20. Just watched the Breathe video... the scenes from Cherry Orchard look really... uh, well acted! I bought Shooters and was disappointed, not with Gerry, just that there wasn't MORE of him. Is Cherry Orchard that way too? I want to see more than 30 seconds of Gerry or I'll just watch videos. What do you think?
  21. I love old movies... I'd love to see him as Robin Hood like the one Errol Flynn played, not the new one with whathisname, actually any Errol Flynn parts. Casablanca.... oh, yeah, (Bogart) would be great for him. Any Bogart parts. How about 8-1/2 weeks, not for the movie, just the sex!
  22. Seemsb! It's a good thing you weren't around for the 60s! This picture of Gerry is GQ compared to the way a lot of people looked. At the time (late 60s), I thought it was pretty HOT but I guess it was just nasty and I don't mean nasty hot I mean just needed some soap and shampoo. :computer: The only thing now that could be that nasty are dreads, or people who just never get exposed to water! YUK Aislinn, thanks for posting the picture... that's it alright. Don't know why I couldn't.
  23. Thanks for letting me know there's no picture! What's up with that I wonder! I tried to put it in there again... but it wouldn't go :blue:
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