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  1. Gerry isn't old enough to be a hippie, but he sure seems to be one here. I think I'd do a remake of The Doors with Gerry playing Jim Morrison (some of you too young to know those guys, huh). Anyway, we would hear him sing "Light My Fire". Yeah! PS: Is the picture showing on your computer? It doesn't on mine.... hummm. I don't know whatsa goin' on. ***************************** OKAY, thanks for answering ... it doesn't show!! Now What? DAMN, how can you cast him if you can't even see him??? It's the picture of Gerry with hippie hair and the tie-dyed blue shirt ........... oh
  2. I love this picture... in Rome. Look at his hair, looks like a lot of gray, huh. Now I know pictures can do strange things with color, but this appears to be a lot of gray. (Little bit of chest hair there too... yum.) In the most recent pictures and in Beowulf pics, his hair seems much lighter with a bit of red... beard, too. In most movies his hair seems really dark brown. But it seems that sometimes in interviews, etc., the gray temples kind of come and go. Actors have access to wonderful make-up and hair people, are they just switching his hair around all the time? His hair is fabulou
  3. Stalow


    I don't want him to be stalked, and it's too bad someone grabbed his butt. However, I am sorry to hear that he may have said "I'm so fed up with these fans." He's essentially a "beginner" with all this fan activity, if he's sick of fans now... hummmm. :blue:
  4. I want Gerry to be my reward for years of trials and woe? Right now! Beautiful poem. Thank you.
  5. You did a great job! That's absolutely amazing, beautiful.
  6. You're RIGHT, he does remind me of the "ghost" too... I always loved that movie. Kind of like POTO, I would certainly have stayed with the ghost! I put that in my sig... guess it will show up again! He's beauuuuuuuuuuuuutiful.
  7. I don't believe I've ever seen this picture here or GB.net except in the gallery and I think he's so incredibly HOT in this picture, he does look just a bit older until you take a close look at it, but in this case that's a GOOD thing. For me, this is a romance novel picture, or an unparalled lover, a man who has the answer to any question. Let me at 'im! :spontaneous: Is there any question that the man in the picture is at the top of his game... any game! I think this is my new FAVORITE... OMG
  8. I had never really gone through ALL the photos in the Gallery, so I spent lots of time this weekend picking out and saving favorites (I still haven't seen them all... ). Needless to say, it took some time, but it was FUN. I love all Gerry's roles... he was gorgeous in Attila :mopboyattila: , but then I look better with eyeliner too, we couldn't see all of him in POTO :mopboyerik: I'm a bit partial to longer hair than in DF, he's beautiful in Attila but a bit pale :mopboydracula: . So, I think I've decided that just for beautiful man "stuff", Timeline has to be my favorite Gerry eye candy,
  9. Thanks for posting all the pictures. The birthday party looked like "big" fun. Sure is different from our armadillos and lizzards in Texas! The things you see every day are in the "exotic" animals section of the our park! Semmsb, you and Alex are a knockout couple! You're a beauty and he is too.
  10. I live in Georgetown, near Austin and since I haven't had a vacation in awhile, I'd like to drive to Las Vegas. Just kind of look around and stop when we want to. I have an SUV, so could easily take 4 people along with room for luggage, etc. Then, maybe even take a look at Grand Canyon, I haven't done that either. I don't plan to spend, spend, spend... it could be done on the cheap and still be lots of fun. Anyone interested? If not, I'll fly, but I'll be there. Can't wait.
  11. Stalow


    Dr. Em, we appreciate your being a turd. Sometimes a turd in the soup is just what's needed to bring things back into perspective/reality. I'm glad we have our own turd like you to keep us from jumping to conclusions. ::
  12. Stalow


    I hope this is all rumor... but if not, it only hurts those of us that really enjoy Gerry's openness with his fans. Makes me SICK. I'm sure Gerry would know that this is only ONE person, but he may never again feel quite as comfortable just knowing that another ONE may come along. Damn. I wonder if we've heard the end of it, never to really have an answer about what happened? It's certainly put a damper on my day. It doesn't seem hardly right to laugh and talk and play if he's been hard core stalked and feeling vulnerable. :blue: :blue:
  13. He's got it goin' on alright! He's one of those lucky people that just send out waves of good vibrations. You probably are too young to know that song, "He's givin' me good vibrations He's givin' me excitations" Oh, well, he does. If he were just a regular guy coming down the street toward me, not a celebrity -- I'd walk right into a wall looking at him. :mopboyattila: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  14. Stalow

    Boy from Glasgow City

    I was just singing very merrily along! Good song
  15. I want to see that! Yeah, yeah. That's more than the ultimate bad boy, for sure. Makes Shooters look like a fairy tale. de Sade was heavy into rape too, huh. That's a little scary, never been one of my fantasies, but up to that point, I could go with it all the way. Let's just let him do the erotic parts... ooooooooooooo, yeah, nobody could do it better!
  16. Hummm. I wonder if she's telling the truth. I can't imagine him telling that sort of story to someone other than maybe a "best" friend. If he did, I'll bet he won't anymore. That points out again how the "celebrity" can't really be a regular person anymore... anything he says may wind up in print. I know it's personal, not my business, his business, but I sure would like to know if he and AJ DID it! Of course they did, she admits freely that she considers sex not to be a big deal. She's right you know, sex isn't a big deal, unless of course it's with Gerry, then it's a BIG deal I gu
  17. I would definitely max out the credit cards. I've practically done it before and can't even remember what I bought, so this time at least I'd have a HOT memory to recall. I'd never get to see him on my own merits, so I'm not at all opposed to buying some time, also that way he would feel more obligated to do whatever was asked of him!
  18. I'm tryin', but I'm not doing very well. :blue: I guess we got completely spoiled seeing Gerry on TV, and then tons of photos and fan reports from all over the world. It seemed everyday there was lots of new Gerry. Since Gerry was new to me, I had to catch up, I've seen all the movies now, except Mrs. Brown, and I've watched them over and over and over. I rewatch all the TV interviews, I rewatch the fan vids. It makes me crazy to see all the movies that are coming out starring people who don't have half the talent or charisma that Gerry does. I know he has to gain some recognitio
  19. You know, I think you're absolute right! My computer's been acting weird since I've been on GALS. It's gotta be all this Gerry stuff overheating the boards in there. I didn't put it together before. My screen has even gone blank and one of those messages... WINDOWS HAS A PROBLEM AND HAS TO SHUT DOWN, etc. Damn thing is overheating! Way to go, Gerry! ::
  20. I once had a boyfriend who could tie a cherry stem in a knot with his tonque.... FAST. He was a bit older than I was and at the time (I guess he still is :: ) and I had no idea what a wonderful talent this guy may have had. I have a girlfriend who can roll her tongue completely over, make it be upside down! We've teased her a bit about what kind of results she gets with this technique. Have you seen those people on TV who can juggle something like TicTacs on their tongues. I bet Gerry can do that. Can you or anyone your know do some great tongue tricks? Did I screw up and
  21. MERGED: "Last night I watched POTO all the way through!, Usually I just watch Gerry. You?" I saw POTO at the theater 12 times. After the first time tho' I used the "non-Gerry" parts to go tinkle, get popcorn, etc. I bought both versions of the movie, widescreen (for the extras) and fullscreen. I've watched the "Gerry" parts... OMG I don't even know how many times. At that time, GB.net was my Gerry source and everyone was talking about all the "mysteries" they noted and mistakes. I hadn't seen any of that, still haven't. I still can't take my eyes off Gerry. :wideeyes: :wideeyes: R
  22. I love your "footnote" about Gerry... beautiful
  23. I've got to tell the creators/mods of this board that you've performed a WONDERFUL service! I've wandered Gerry sites and landed at GB.net, a great site to be sure, but a bit... Catholic. Now, all my Gerry site dreams have come true in the form of GALS. A great group of totally pervy, big talkers! I never thought I'd sit at the computer and laugh out loud, but it seems that someone is always coming up with something so totally outrageous, I'm shakin' my head and laughy tears are rolling down my cheeks. As far as being disrespectful to Gerry, he's a big boy and he knows what goes with
  24. Stalow

    Anyone "old" going?

    Semmsb, don't cry. Wish you could. If Gerry shows up, I'll lick his lollipop for you! Wish you could go, maybe something will change between now and then to help you get here. I need a compadre on the same "wave length". ::
  25. Stalow

    Anyone "old" going?

    Okay!! I wanna go, sounds like so much fun. I still do an occasional all nighter... can handle it. I'm a bit of a vampire... late nights, sleep days. Besides, I look better in the dark :: I wish is was tomorrow! I gotta start packin.
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