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  1. Personally, I wonder if there's anyone on this forum who could kiss him and live to tell the story. We definitely need to study how he can be so hot, but seems to me we've got about all we can handle with PICTURES! Doesn't speak to well of us, huh. When everyone suffers from weak knees and and a need to change knickers just reading posts, I wonder if we'd be ready for a real-time kiss... don't even mention tongue, or Billy, or arms. :depressed: I'd like to think I could kiss him, but the "inner" me knows I'm fulla poo-poo.
  2. Very cute! We all know that Gerry is friendly, expresses himself confidently, and he may have sold porn on the playground. I just hope he isn't easy goin'... is this an over 18 thread?... anyway I just don't want him bone idle. ::
  3. I'd really love to go to the convention and since I'm in Texas, it really isn't too expensive. BUT, I'm 53 and I don't want to feel like "odd man out". I'm FUN tho', I promise. Sometimes you feel like a NUT and that would be my plan... complete craziness and talking about Gerry. All Gerry all the time! Any other vintage people going? :gossip:
  4. Sporran said "pelvic grind" now all I can picture are various pelvic grind fantasies with Gerry as the STAR. That one picture of him dancing with the girl and he has her bent backward... :dance: :dance: I'd even settle for a DANCE with him. I want to make him make that "give it to me" face that he does with Angelina. I think that was a REAL Gerry face... Ohhhhh. I love, love, love the kiss and expression after he's bandaged her arm near the end of the movie. DAMN! He needs to have a Surgeon General's Warning stamped on his... uh, oh well, people never read those anyway.
  5. I've gotta jump back in here right quick. My favorite, favorite has always been "I am charming." BUT, he was turning and moving at the time he said it, so it kind of gets lost. I always wish they had reshot that scene. :cookiemonster: :tantra: :chatter: :chatter: :chatter: :chatter: :chatter: :chatter: :chatter: :chatter: :chatter: :chatter:
  6. Okay! I'm into it... what's next. We're ready.
  7. I know I'm too late, but if I could have added one, it would have been Smooth Operator by Sade Yummy... and he are one!
  8. Absolutely beautiful, ... it must be wonderful to have such a talent.
  9. Now, can I just say, I don't know if this is true. Gerry was born in '69... that's significant. Legend has it that every 100 years, only during the 69th year, there is a man born that perfectly epitomizes the masculine, has all the qualities to be the perfect man. He is endowed (and BOY is he endowed) with all the beautiful aspects of "man". The only Cross he has to bare, I mean bear, is the extraordinary blessing of charm and fabulous looks, and what keeps him "centered" ( ) is he has the heart and humanity to match. This man carries the torch for all mankind, a really big torch, to guide us
  10. He's absolutely amazing. We ALL need personal time with Gerry because there isn't a role he can play that could possibly be better than Gerry just being Gerry. These pictures are pairfect!
  11. Thank you, thank you, I'm on my way!
  12. I'm lost! I want to post something for 18+. Is that all the floors? I sort of don't understand about the floors. Haven't been here long and I'm readin' like crazy but I haven't "figgered" it out yet. Don't want to offend any youngsters. It's probably like when I'm looking for something at the grocery store, ask for help, and find I'm nearly looking at the item I'm looking for. If someone would point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it! I'm gonna feel real silly, huh.
  13. I'm having a posting FRENZY... oh well. I'm kind of working on a signature... still new to this forum. I want to include one of Gerry's fabulous one liners, movies or appearances and I've narrowed it down to about FIFTY! If your memory was going to fail you... totally, and you could only remember ONE of Gerry's great lines (along with the facial expression), which one would you keep in your tiny memory bank? I'm leaning toward, "I don't drink... coffee" I just think that is sooo, well I dunno, loved his face. No, no, no, it would be__________________. It would be kind of fun to have a nam
  14. I am so smoooooooooooth with my DVD fast forward features. I can stop PRECISELY on the points I need to watch over and over again. Don't care about Christine, Raoul, Frankie, Lara or any of them. they are only distractions I have to deal with. They are only important in that they give me the Gerry parts that I love to watch. I loved the movies, but after I "got it", all I need is Gerry. I don't much care how Christine felt about anything, I don't really care if Raoul drowns, I don't care if Carlotta is killed by a stage prop falling on here, blah, blah, blah just get me to the Gerry parts.
  15. I was watching Inside the Actor's Studio, and they were discussing the improv required, the tension in love scenes, etc. The part I thought was great was that it was stated that the people doing the love scenes, actually bring themselves to it, in other words, there is generally no direction on the HOW TO. For instance, the way Gerry seems to always place his hands on the neck during kissing scenes, the extra tender stare after a kiss, the forehead to forehead thing, the "faces" during ... well, during, etc., just come naturally. OMG, can you even imagine being on the receiving end of those m
  16. While grocery shopping and standing in line to check out, I picked up a copy of GQ... now let me tell you, there are some FABULOUS faces and bodies in that magazine. Keep in mind that I'm crazy for Gerry... not talking bad about Gerry here at all, NEVER, NEVER, love him, love him BEST. Gerry is handsome, on my scale of 1 to 10, talking face only, he about an 8; with eyeliner like in Attila, a 10. The guy who does the new Chevy Impala commercials on TV is a 10, and there are lots of 10s in GQ. And besides, are REAL men, I'm talking MANLY men supposed to be absolutely perfect? I think with G
  17. :chatter: I wonder if he's getting lots of scripts to read, surely he is :chatter: I know it's personal but I wonder if his salary is going up considerably :chatter: I wonder what his family thinks of their "baby" :chatter: I wonder how badly old girlfriends are kicking themselves for letting him get away :chatter: I wonder if his Mum will ever do a Gerry interview like Brad's and Tom's, I'd LOVE that :chatter: I wonder if and when he will get tired of his fans :chatter: I wonder how long it will take for him to catch up with the top stars, you know who :chat
  18. I know "300" starts shooting tomorrow 10/17 and expect to finish filming in February. Then all the other "stuff" that goes on... I have little idea of what all is done. Anyone know a ballpark length of time on how long it takes to get a movie ready to go? I know Jennifer Aniston has five movies nearly ready for release, so that makes me think there can sometimes be a relatively quick turnaround. I'm ready for some new movies. Don't know if B&G will ever get here, GOTL on DVD still a mystery. I need a Gerry fix! :depressed: :depressed: :depressed:
  19. Sean Connery, even at his age, is a knockout. I'm sure this Headliners/Legends will be on again soon, they usually are. After watching it, there are so many similarities between he and Gerry as far as the "personas" are concerned. I'm not sure Connery would wear Gerry's white sneaks, but that's okay. Gerry is being Gerry and they did make a point that Connery has always held true to his own feelings and beliefs. I hope Gerry can have the same longevity of career (but with better movies) than Connery's had. I'm thrilled that Gerry isn't Bond, but I hope Gerry will age like fine wine like Con
  20. Carrie... I'm right there with you, even a couple years older (ugh). Gerry is definitely a fantasy for me, and I've enjoyed it thoroughly. My true love, soul mate, whatever, seems never to have shown up! Like you, I have kids and a grandson that I'm crazy for, but I feel like I've missed a lot because I jumped too quickly into marriages that weren't what I hoped they would be. Oh well, my motto now is I'd rather love someone I cannot have than have someone I cannot love. In fact, I don't LOVE Gerry, but I do love the idea of him, and, should I be fortunate enough to meet anyone again, the
  21. Good news about find the site! I'm still new here, but love it so far. Members are welcoming, it's easy to "get around" on and a bit more, shall we say, laid back! Thanks for your hard work and for all the harder work to come! :yippee:
  22. Serious stuff here, yep. On my list: :peach: I have to put the Bad Boy Charm at the top of my list, that was my first attraction to the man and not his movies, than I noticed those little laugh lines at the corners of his eyes. I never met ANYONE who had those lines that I didn't just love, male or female. Those people are happy and smile A LOT! Then, he talked about his Mum, a lot. I loved that... it's good when men love their mom, huh. He is so considerate of his fans, and appreciates them! :blue: Sometimes he looks sad... makes we wanna hug him. :barebum: He just is h
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