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  1. Hi Pat Kay and everyone!! Hope you all had fun last night. I worked yesterday and being the old lady that I am..I didn't make it out last night. Maybe next time!! Tom is coming home for Thanksgiving and Rob is in Wyoming so lots going on around here!! Things are looking up, and besides, we have all these new GB movies to look forward to!! Swetster/Linda
  2. Have fun everyone!!!!! I haven't been around much lately...Hope all is well!! Does anyone know what time the MT show will be over and people will be at the hotel?? I was thinking about stopping in to say "Hi!" We'll see what the day brings!! We are doing some bathroom remodeling..What a pain! Swetster
  3. Hey Gals!! Just popping in to say How's everyone? Things are getting better around here so maybe I'll get to check in more often!! Hi PatKay and Paulette! Swetster
  4. Hi Girls!! Just dropped in to say "Hi".....I missed the Highland Games because Tom was home and we have been running lately. It sounds like everyone is busy..PatKay..we have just watched the other 4 Harry Potter movies and I'm looking forward to this one!! They are so much fun When is Medieval Times this year?..hopefully I can make that!! Sounds like we will been seeing more of Gerry...Hi to Trixie, Miklyn, Lois, PatKay, Terra and all of the rest of you!!!Lassies! Linda/Swetster
  5. Welcome back everyone!! Good to see the pics and know you all had a blast!!! Tom is coming home for a visit this weekend so I'm not sure I'll be at the Highland Games..He's doing so well that he will be recommended for an apartment What a difference a year makes...don't ever give up hope!! Speaking of hope....Here's to smooth sailing with chemo pills Shannan.. Swetster
  6. Hi Trixie! Hey everyone! I hope to make it to the Highland games for at least one day. When is everyone going? All of you LUCKY DEVILS :spontaneous: ...Have fun in Vegas!!!! Linda/Swetster
  7. Hey Girls... Congrats on your anniversary PatKay!! Many more years for you!! Very exciting the new movie buzz..I'm getting psyched to see "At World's End" We will be visiting Tom that weekend..Maybe we can get him to go see it. Trixie..Got a kick out of the dance video..If I did that something would break for sure!! Everyone have a great time in Vegas..It's coming quick.. Take Care...Swetster
  8. Hi Everyone!! I have a bad case of insomnia tonight!! Hope all is well with everyone...We are FINALLY supposed to have nice weather...Cassie..You can deep six the coat!! Just to let you know..my son Tom is doing very well. He is in Orlando at a place where they help people with schizoaffective disorder and he is doing great. They made a few med changes and he is becoming his old self. He even wants to play hockey again!! In the future they will help him get a job or go back to school...so I am finally optimistic Terra..Hope things get better for your friends mom. I've been so busy I haven't been keeping up very well...I should go to bed..now that the sun will be rising soon Hope to see you al again soon..I'll have to investigate the Highland games thread Linda/Swetster
  9. Yeah!! Great news.........He is perfect for this!! I can't wait!!
  10. Have fun in Indy everyone!! My BIL birthday is Sat. so I'll be staying here this year!! Linda
  11. I think I'd prefer something completely different. Maybe someone weak and wimpy..or evil even. Hopefully, now with the added boost from 300..Maybe Burns will get made Linda/Swetster
  12. Hey Terra....How are things with you? Much better around here..Tom is in Orlando...I found a place to help him resocialize..He loves it and he sounds terrific. We are going to see him over the weekend. Linda
  13. I'm thinking I might go to Lincolnshire Imax tomorrow afternoon..I'm off on Mondays...Any takers? We'll be gone later in the week and/or I'll be working..SO....got to ogle GB on the big screen again!! SOON! Linda
  14. Hey Girls....Glad to hear that the get together was fun and how about THE MOVIE!! It was awesome..I saw it with my guys!! They loved it!! It is great to see Gerry get credit for his phenomenal acting skills!! FINALLY!! Hopefully, I'll be able to see you all soon. We are going to see Tom in Fla. on Wed...I'm looking forward to that! Linda/Swetster
  15. PatKay and Cassie....Great for you guys!!!!! I can't wait!! I've been out of the loop lately! Trixie...Did you find a home for Caffrey? I hope so. Welcome Kim It's going to be a wild few weeks Linda/Swetster
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