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  1. Ok, I have to admit absolutely no Gerry in this one... But give me an R, give me an O, give me a B etc What would we love that to spell out? Right! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svKWGnrbVos I'd love to see him in an outfit for that.... Or any outfit! Or no *drags self kicking and screaming out of thread*
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=7MtrpOzHUAA Fun one. Some Gerry and LOTS of others. For a tongue in cheek pick me up. We all need one once in a while... *hugs*
  3. The book is awesome and of course a lot more complex. I ordered it when I knew he would be starring in a movie inspired by it. Great read! *hugs*
  4. Wonderful work, - I'm in total awe... Keep it up! *hugs*
  5. Inspiring words! So happy for you! Hugs from me
  6. That siggy above belongs to Susan~Sporran More from the archives:
  7. The siggy above belongs to Kathy ( Forbes girl ) btw... Me thinks I don't remember who owns this one but the look and the man mitt.... *gal down*
  8. Just rebottled and rebaked old recip....Ok, copy and paste from cafes of yesteryears. But he is always tasty and yummy, right?? *brings in some good reads as the virtual cafe is closing* - Ok, some eye candy to soften the blow: You're welcome!
  9. Some more: Old stuff but still....
  10. Help yourselves.... Do NOT lick the front of the images, - just skew them off with a teaspoon or blunt knife and then feel free to lick the icing on his back. *Cough!*
  11. I come bringing Butlerfingers, - I did understand this the right way, yes?
  12. Ok, a tad stretching it but work with me: haaaaaaaaaaaaawt eyes and icy blueish tie.... Yes?
  13. This is spot on for the theme, right???? *bats lashes*
  14. Errr.... The motto is fire & ice, right??? Well a ready viking is a terrible thing to vaste... - What happened?? - Again, - huh? I'll be back...!
  15. Gorgeous! Spending time staring into those eyes must be hard work...
  16. Thank you, Bonnie! And I'm with Kathy and waiting patie as long as it takes, Abby!! Wonderful talent! *hugs*
  17. I discovered ( Heh, heh.. ) your post in the Vegas thread! I thought you had left.... SO good to "see" you!! :hearts:

    *Hugs* :kiss:

  18. Ohhh..... Eerily alive already! VERY good!
  19. *Jumps up and down all exited*
  20. Managed to put in a little something with the help of my angel Sue, - we are so cloak and dagger...!
  21. Sorry, Abby... It doesn't look good... It's amazing! Excellent work!! I really like it so looking forward to more. You go girl!! *hugs*
  22. I'm soo bummed I cannot do this now, - will have to find a way! *hugs*
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