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  1. I discovered ( Heh, heh.. ) your post in the Vegas thread! I thought you had left.... SO good to "see" you!! :hearts:

    *Hugs* :kiss:

  2. *hugs, kisses, swirls, cartwheels and embaresses self - utterly happy* Congrats sis' of my heart!! :hearts:

  3. Miss you so SO much!

    Hugs from Eva Mari :kiss:

  4. I just want to know how you do this looking so darn young bit, - unless you are cheating like me and using an image from yesteryear so many moons ago...

    Hugs from Eva Mari :)

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Big hugs from me :)

  6. Thank you so, so much Barb! You are amazing!

    Hugs from Eva Mari :)

  7. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeesh... Didn't know you were naughty too. *Cough, cough*

    Hugs :kiss:

  8. Where are you??? Oooops, - with the RL men, I know... Love you! Hope they enjoyed the books!

    Hugs from naughty me ;)

  9. BaileyS! Is that really you lurking about the boards?!? Hope you are having a terrific time whatever you are up to!! ;)

    Hugs from me, Ol' mrs. Naughty... :)

  10. MY Linda... :) Pretencious? Moi?!? Nah...

    Lots of hugs, - the boobsquashing variety... :D

  11. Us Beogals stick together as a special Nordic branch of the fanmily ;), - and thank you SO much for always being so so sweet to me! :)

    I so missed all you gals and I love being back! <3

  12. My darling Anna,

    could you drop by the SURVIVOR and be there for Beo? The Attila-gals are ... :tissues:

    Hugs from me :)

  13. Your quote... LOL cunning:

  14. Snog,

    pretty please come to the gaming thread and the SURVIVOR finale: the amount of peeps voting Beo off...

    Rescue him and kick Attila out,- please..??

    Hugs from me :)

  15. Hi GORGEOUS!! *hugs*

  16. Hugs and kisses, Linda! Miss you all... :kiss:

  17. Miss you like crazy, hon!

    Never a new siggy without kind words from my Kniggit!

    ...and the occasional MUST HAVE! LOL

    Warm hugs from trespassing Eva mari :)

  18. Multiply that y a gazzillion, - and you would be slightly close to how much I miss you..

    Warm hugs from Eva Mari :)

  19. My sweet compassionate one, - miss you too. Something horrid!!

    Love and hugs, Eva Mari :)

  20. My Snog and Beogal, - thank you for your kind words! I miss you all dreadfully!

    Hugs from naughty Nordic...

  21. Are you Nordic as well? Sven can of course be a non-Swede..

    But here is hoping! Welcome to GALS!

    Hugs from Eva Mari AKA NordicGirl

    ( Norway )

  22. Euro'!!!

    SO nice to see you post again!

    World of art VERRA bust these days, hon? Power to you! Hugs from Eva Mari :D

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