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  1. Just perfectly put, - so proud to be one of you. Btw, - this is the image they used ( In case you don't look up the source ): Hopefully ok with owner Lisa that I flash this old siggy I made...
  2. We appreciate all your hard work, hon'! Do come out to play more often...
  3. Great eye, Abby! Keep up the good work!! Hugs from me
  4. Sue, you so should treat yourself to that convention, - in that way I feel a little bit there as well. Loving the pictures of B2 and Fynn with the book - oh you are SO lucky having them close by! Praying for a just outcome of the trial. And I must say I'm quite shocked that NONE of you have commented on the link in my last post. And you say you have GALS?
  5. So what about his manmitts? If they are not already occupied I'd... All hands on deck, the Gerard Butler section Ooops, suddenly remembered I'm a prude. Oh well...*Gathers nunskirt neatly and slinks out of thread* Hugs from me
  6. I was also blown away by Please... Not to mention The Jury. And... You know there had to be some missing. Oh well, so many movies so little time, huh?? He is awesome. Nuff said.
  7. Oh m a n ..... *swoons* I love how it was 1 minute, then 50 seconds and now 45... He certainly was on top form... Flailing manmitts etc
  8. I guess the guys are adorned in borrowed stuff as well. Nice watch! If he likes it a lot I guess he'd buy one, - he should pamper himself after the efforts he puts in...
  9. It flutters - or what shall I call it - a bit at first but then it worked ok. He looks soooo good... I guess Ozzy's better half is a handfull, huh? Wrapped up she certainly piped down, - lucky gal!
  10. Possible great you-know-who in my genes... Wow! Didn't know you had a thread like this in here. Great! I think there is one Swedish input some genes ago, luckily I will soon visit my parents as they will be celebrating their diamond jubilee. I'll ask again!! The card: In a happy marriage it is an absolute must to fall in love many times, - and always in the same person! PS: DH's paternal grandfather came from Sicily, met DH's Norwegian grandmother when they both were in China(!) spreading the good word. Most of Alfonso's family had to emigrate to the US as they became personae non gratae when they left the Catholic church for the Lutheran. Looooooooong story... All their belongings ( houses, land, silver mine etc )were "confiscated" by their prior church... My beloved late father-in-law on his mum's knee... ( Both boys born in China in 1906 and 1907. Picture taken visiting family in the US )
  11. Picked up the point of no return as well, - I'm sure he caught it!
  12. I did see a lot on NBC earlier today and OH GERRY, - YOU ARE ADORKABLE! I'm so taken by him again that I think I need to... Loving it, - ALL of it!
  13. I cannot for the life of me fathom how anyone can miss who's Gerry... But I guess that making A LOT of graphics will give one a keen knowledge of his anatomy.... *coughmoveonnothingtoseeherecough* Hugs from me, - actually willing to do some....rounds too...
  14. Did anyone from this site manage to be there as it was taped? Or do they broadcast directly? I admit that the first hand reports from Moira and more at the GNS spoiled me... I am SOOO looking forward to this!!
  15. Oh, and he himself said during the show that he had already been out of his depth two times before this... Hmmm....
  16. I just want to know how you do this looking so darn young bit, - unless you are cheating like me and using an image from yesteryear so many moons ago...

    Hugs from Eva Mari :)

  17. Oh NO! Now I HAVE to see that video of the GNS A G A I N .... Oh the pain.... *slinks out of thread wondering how soon the Leno show will be uploaded*
  18. I want again to thank you all for being there for me and my countrymen. I really wish that more people knew how great you all are, that Gerry's fans and conventions make a difference. Warm hugs from me
  19. She must be in the know: Gerry is the one making her feel safe and happy! She LOOKS at him! I remember reading somewhere that the tradition of allowing others to hold ones loved small ones is as old as humanity, that we cherish our common ground and celebrate it this way. When it comes to politics etc *gags self*
  20. Watched the full show on Youtube but the sound is a tad out of sync, sadly...
  21. Happy Anniversary!! Big hugs from me :)

  22. Barb', - you are one AWESOME woman! That's the best pressie so far!!
  23. "...a little crazy..." But that's the way he is. Under the influence of an adventurous spirit and a seemingly unquenchable thirst for life's experiences. Got to love him but thank God he is watched over at times... * Mind wanders*
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