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  1. Thank you so, so much for this added info! I just knew he would be emotional when asked as he is so very honest and human and not shallow at all. Again thank God it went well... I know I stated my worry about the risks in another thread long before the accident but cannot seem to find it now. He is blessed by being surrounded by love and prayers, - as he should be. I'm SO looking forward to these shows!! hugs from me PS: For peeps that may not be familiar with the Graham Norton show: CLIPS FROM EARLIER SHOWS
  2. Thank you so, so much Barb! You are amazing!

    Hugs from Eva Mari :)

  3. *trips over tongue and nearly drowns in drool* He looks SMASHING, - and HAPPY!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!
  4. No need to explain Holly, - she is truly some redblooded woman. I still remember a signature she ordered... *blushes* In my defense she practicaly lived "downstairs" much to my utter amusement...
  5. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeesh... Didn't know you were naughty too. *Cough, cough*

    Hugs :kiss:

  6. You crack me up!! *rolls on floor laughing butt off*
  7. A very busy day then with taping of GN show and this! Cannot wait to see pictures!!
  8. I love Betty White!! Here's hoping your info is dead on, Texas!! *does even sillier happy dance*
  9. Tomorrow they'll tape the Graham Norton Show and we will soon hear how it really was. Impatient moi? Not the least...
  10. Where are you??? Oooops, - with the RL men, I know... Love you! Hope they enjoyed the books!

    Hugs from naughty me ;)

  11. I know I read some well written words by Lisa up here but I seem to be hanging on to "...his beautiful lips..." Me thinks I have to reread... Or keep thinking of said lips.... *ponder, ponder*
  12. Now how come in all my years here.... *wipes brow*
  13. Thank you! I have been lucky enough to see this lots of times but it is not that common as far south in Norway where we live now. In Trondheim I saw some with an American student once and she was just mesmerized and blown away. I understand that it could be very frightening indeed if you didn't know what it was!! Hugs from me
  14. This was fun! And a tad emba Ssshhhh,- you see right through me, don't ye?? Right above me he is sooo.... *mind wanders* I meant the siggy! I did!! Honestly!!! *covers nose to be on the safe side and slinks out of thread*
  15. Some northern lights for you, here where we live, - earlier this fall. Our son's images and he was so bummed that he didn't have his tripod...
  16. I really like the long break statement,- he so deserves that. Do I believe that he will actually have a loooong one?? Let's just say I truly hope for some Gerry-time! *mind wanders, smacks self*
  17. Bedroomeyes... She has a lot of haaawt and bothered moments to answer for! Looking back over old threads and peeps that aren't here anymore has revealed A LOT of old beautiful sigs by before mentioned Lady. Hopefully she'll add many to the appreciation thread. *cracks whip as in "...crack the whip: to use your authority to cause people to do more or do what you want * - What?
  18. *drools over Erik in siggy above.... * I know, - just noticed myself... And as you said it doesn't matter! *keeps drooling... *
  19. *hugs right back* Just noticed that I'm alone in displaying the signature centered... Oh well...
  20. http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/ski.gif Loving it! Thank you SO much! *hugs silly, - Barb that is...* Chilly? Come over here you...
  21. Don't get me started on the snow thingy... My grandkids still love it, mind you! That's such a gorgeous siggy by the ab fab Me Lady...!!
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