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  1. I had a friend from Milwaukee, WI who used to call public drinking fountains Bubblers! Which is not a Midwestern term. I live in Chicago and no one calls them Bubblers here.
  2. Oh Yeah...What a way to kick off the New Year!!! That was HOTTTTT!!!! Thanks for posting...going back for more!!!
  3. Of course the Phantom's mask, especially the one with his tear stains. But what I have always wanted more is the Phantom's CAPE!!! Especially the one with the Gold lining! I have always had a thing for capes! And if not his cape, then his Red Death Suit with Sword!!!
  5. I will take Kable Halloween week (Oct. 27 - Nov. 2nd). We are planning on taking my daughter to Universal Studios in Florida to see the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter for her 16th birthday (her birthday is on Halloween). I think Kable will have alot fun learning to be a wizard! Thanks, PatKay
  6. Dear Gerry, HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY! Don't stress about turning 40. I know it sounds cliche, but age is just a number and you really are as young as you feel! So enjoy yourself! I also want to Thank you for being the wonderful person you are both on and off the screen. I have been a fan for almost 5 years and you still continue to amaze me. You are truly an exceptional man. I wish you many, many more years of success, happiness and good health. Have the Happiest of Birthdays and know you are loved by many! PatKay
  7. Sorry for not letting you know I received Scotty but as was mentioned earlier, I was up to my ears in preparing for the GB B-day bash in Chicago! With everything I had going, I just forget to let you know. As Bella reported, all is well and Scotty is on his way to Aimee.
  8. Congrats Sherrell! I can remember your story of meeting Gerry a long time ago! Does he look any older now? Thanks for sharing. PatKay
  9. I am going to try my darndest to be there this time. I really need to see Vegas and my Galfriends again!
  10. Snog, in a friendly way Michael Sheen
  11. Joanna!!! Hope your arm is healing quickly.
  12. SQUEEEE!!! Going to start saving my pennies now! I need a new nightshirt!
  13. I can totally related to this women! Seeing Gerry in POTO was a changing point in my life too. I was not happy with my weight or what I was doing for work. After seeing Gerry in POTO, I was inspired to do something about it. I started working out, eating healthier and went back into theater. Today I have lost 80 lbs., I work in theater and am a much happier person. If only Gerry knew how much he has inspired people to better their lives. PatKay
  14. Looking forward to Scotty coming to the Windy City next week! We are having a party for Gerry's b-day and Scotty will be the guest of honor! Can't wait!
  15. I am definitely interested in seeing this with the group. I would like to bring my daughter as this would be her first trip to NYC and seeing a show on Broadway! Please add my name plus 1 to the list. Swannie, I am keeping you in my prayers. Hang in there. PatKay
  16. What a Beautiful Man! My gloomy day just got brighter! Thanks!
  17. Cassie...love the dog walk idea. I will have to check if the local shelter near me does this. If not, I will suggest it. I am schedule as a volunteer to help at a Walk-A-Thon for my daughter's high school on Oct. 9th. Volunteer parents are assigned locations throughout the walk to check in the walkers, give them water, a snack, etc. I donate to Goodwill regularly. Since my kids were little we have always had a box for their old/outgrown clothes & toys for Goodwill. I have 2 boxes ready to go now. This is such a great idea! Makes me proud to say I am a GAL!
  18. REMINDER: Registration Payment is due Sept. 30th. If you are interested in joining us but cannot get the payment in by that date PLEASE contact me ASAP. To find out more, here is the link: 1st Annual GB Birthday Bash in Chicago See you soon, PatKay
  19. This was great! I always enjoy watching what happens in the making of movies, sometimes more than the movie! I love the way Gerry really puts himself into his work. And that snort...so adorable! Thanks for posting!
  20. I am so happy to see that Scotty & Gerry finally met! I am looking forward to Scotty coming to Chicago next month. Not only will he get to see the many sites of Chicago but he will be the guest of honor at the 1st Annual GB Birthday Bash in Chicago. He is sure to have a great time with us while we celebrate Gerry's 40th Birthday! PatKay
  21. Hmmm, things have been too quiet here. I've been busy (as usual) working on a GB get together in Chicago. If you are interested in attending, please check it out. We would love for everyone to attend! 1st Annual GB Birthday Bash in Chicago PatKay
  22. The B&BW near me had small bottles for $1.00 and candles for $5.00, so I picked them up. Prices of both will go up to $3.50 & $10.00 respectively when the full line comes out Sept. 9th. Very nice, light scent.
  23. GMCL's: Gamer Get Together, Friday, Sept. 4th, 7:05pm. Let us know if you are interested in joining us! PatKay Trixie Miklyn
  24. Sorry for the late posting...I have been very busy working on 2 plays this summer! EXCITING NEWS: There is going to be a special GMCL get together on Saturday, July 25th to see Gerry's new movie The Ugly Truth at the AMC Yorktown Theater in Lombard, IL. The movie time is 4:45pm. Please arrive around 4:00pm so we can talk, get snacks and find a good seat! There is another reason for our get together and that is to celebrate Enchanting Eyes son Ethan's decision to work with his church and go to Thailand for 2 years. Sort of a Going Away celebration! After the movie we will go to a new Bowling Center called Lucky Strike to eat & bowl! This is not like a regular bowling alley, this is an upscale bowling center that is more like a club. Here is the website Lucky Strike Lanes. This is a very popular place, especially on the weekends. Our reservation includes; 2 hours of bowling, shoe rental and unlimited appetizers of: Chicken Skewers, Spinach and Cheese Dip with toasted Pita, Fresh baked Pepperoni and Cheese pizza, BBQ Chicken Bites with Ranch dipping sauce and Fresh baked mini chocolate chip cookies. The cost is $50.00 per person including tax and gratuity. If you are interested in attending, please PM me directly so I know right away since the date is so close. See you soon! PatKay Attendees Scorpio613 +1 Enchanting Eyes +2 KJB66 Lola1749 +1 Miklyn Cassie DivaHeather DeborahAnn
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