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  1. DF, Nell o the Stranger when he asks Frankie's dad/s name. Next quote: "...and doesn't eat his vegetables" (woman to man child present) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Lyn
  2. DF, the librarian to Frankie when he walks right by her. Next quote: "Right, only on the one" (woman to child) Later. Lyn
  3. DF, Rickey Monroe to Frankie about when his dad's ship arrives. Next quote: "Do you believe in mermaids?" (child to child) Later. Lyn
  4. Hi Rayna. DF, the waitress to Frankie talking about his sundae. Next quote: "That's a Scottish postmark" (man to woman) Later. Lyn
  5. Hi ladies. Pat, I left this one last evening. LOL The Stranger to Lizzie in the hallway. Caireen, look up the movies on IMDB.com and go to quotes, That should help with movies you haven't seen. You can mostly find the quote and pick another from there. Next quote: "You look nice" (woman to woman) Later. Lyn
  6. Morning ladies. DF, Lizzie to Frankie's teacher and Principal. Next quote: "Just tell her what time to be there" (woman to woman) Later. Lyn
  7. DF, the Stranger to Frankie by his ship. Next quote: "How old are you? (woman to child) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Lyn
  8. DF, the librarian to Frankie when he's ignoring her. Next quote: "Did you make this?" (man to child) Lyn
  9. Hi Rayna. Opps, sorry. DF, Nell to the Stranger when he returns with Frankie later. Caireen, regarding your post this morning. I know we get some quotes wrong sometimes, but we’ve been playing this game for 20 years that we pretty much know what the quote should be. It’s ok to correct it if you know what it should be and answer it anyway. Keeps the game going. I leave a question when I'm unsure because 8 out of 10 times, its correct. We try not to give odd quotes as I do not have a book or even the patience to try and search it out. Pat's 85 and I'm 82. Try to be a little more patient. Next quote: "Just one more day" (man to woman, others present) Later. Lyn
  10. Hi Rayna. DF, Nell to Lizzie about getting the man in to set up the TV. Next quote: "Tap" (man to man, another man present) Later. Lyn
  11. Morning ladies. Nope, I don't know it either. Rayna will have to get it. I'll leave another to keep the game going. Next quote: "There's nothing wrong with his brain" (woman to woman) switch Later. Lyn
  12. POTO, Phantom driving the horse drawn carriage to Christine. Next quote: "Scrap metal actually" (man to man) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Lyn
  13. POTO, Raoul to Firmin and Andre during Notes. Next quote: "She has been well trained, sir" (woman to man) Later. Lyn
  14. POTO, Andre to Firmin when the opera house catches fire. Next quote: "Maybe it is you who is the toad" (man speaking) Later. Lyn
  15. Morning ladies. POTO, Andre to Firmin when the fire started from the fallen chandelier, I think. Next quote: "Our games of make believe are at an end" (woman to man) Caireen, I know the feeling. Happens to me sometimes. Well, I stayed up all day and went to sleep at 10pm and just got up, after a bad night Monday. Later. Lyn
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