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  1. Hi ladies. Needed to get online to check some things so came on here. This is POTO and Firmin to Andre the morning after Christine was taken. Next quote: "Be my guest, sir" (man to man, woman present) Back when I can. Hope you are having a nice time with your parents. Lyn
  2. Hi ladies. I'm back online. This is the first time I've been able to get on my computer. Its very hard to sit here so I'll be on now and then till I'm back to myself. Missed you all. Have a safe flight, Rayna. Sorry I won't be tracking you this time. Hope your reunion goes well. Say hi to your parents for me. My days now are filled with Occupational therapy and Physical therapy and nurse visits and me children. Poor Tracy has been trying to work from here and take care of me at the same time. Neither of us has gotten more than 4 hours of sleep at a time because she has to be with me to help as I can't walk without someone there. Benita will be arriving Sunday for 2 weeks and Tracy can go back to work. It's a slow process but I'm hoping to be on my own by the time Benita leaves. It's going to be months before I'm me again so I'll be looking for the end of this tunnel. The quote is TUT and MIke to Abby leaving her office before Colin calls back. Next quote: "I'm going to make him your b*tch" (man to woman) Back when I can. Take care all. Lyn
  3. Hi Rayna. Its 97 with a heat index at 111. Tracy just left to head to Sam's club to pick up supplies and head home. Safe trip home. This is Dracula and Lucy to Mary in her upstairs hallway. Next quote: "She wanted you dead, you know" (man to woman) I'm going to shut down now. Noone is here. Talk tomorrow. Lyn
  4. Morning ladies. Went to bed late so I slept in this morning. Rayna, i'm so glad you got everything signed. I know you would have been very disappointed if you didn't. Have a good day and we'll talk to you tomorrow on the site as you'll be busy all day and evening. Pat, do Les and Bill have electric back on? Have fun at the movie. This is Dracula on the roof in front of the cross. Next quote: "Let me show you what I can show no other" (man to woman) OK, back later. Tracy is coming for the day. Lyn
  5. Hi Pat. I know you will enjoy it. You've watched it over and over. This is Dracula and Nightshade to Simon before Simon shoots him with a silver bullet. Next quote: "No luck... yet" (woman to man) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening. Lyn
  6. Hi ladies. Caireen, I agree with Rayna, there are items you can use. Rayna, sound like you are enjoying yourself. Hope you get the poster signed. This is Dracula to Mary on the roof. Next quote: "Wake up. its only a dream" (woman to self) Back later. Lyn
  7. HI Pat. Donald had called and needless to say, I'm not allowed out the door. I'll have to wait another 2 weeks. It now feels like 96 and the humidity is 70! This is Lucy to Mary in her hallway talking about Dracula. Next quote: "Brilliant!" (man speaking) Back later on. Lyn I'm watching an OUTLANDER marathon.
  8. Morning ladies. Its already 82 and feels like 88. Going up to 95 with a heat index of 105. I have to go out as I need my haircut and she is in today. I'm trying to decide if I will do it! This is Dracula to the doctor holding Solina in a cell. Next quote: "....and all that you are is mine" (man to woman) Be back later on. Lyn
  9. Hi Rayna. Sorry I didn't come back. I was on the phone first with Comcast and then Benita. This is Attila to Aetius when asked to go to Rome. Next quote: "I wear it for tonight only" (man to woman) Have fun, kiddo. Lyn Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening, ladies.
  10. Hi Rayna. This is NI and Edmands mother talking to him about him roaming around the island. Next quote: "Its hot!" (man to woman) Lyn
  11. Hi Pat. Have fun. This is NI and the taxi driver to Alexandra on the island. Next quote: "No pressure, no pressure" (woman to self) Back later. Lyn
  12. Morning ladies. Rayna, don't know what room Tom Cruise was in with his new trailer. It was a article I saw in the news. This is POTO and Madame Giry to Christine after her performance. Next quote: "Take a look in the mirror, I am there inside" (man to woman) Back later on. Lyn
  13. Hi ladies. POTO, Phantom to Christine after she removed his mask. Next quote: "Your chains are still mine, you belong to me!" (man to woman) Have fun Rayna. Have a nice evening, ladies. Talk tomorrow. I'm shutting down. Lyn
  14. Hi ladies. For the first time in many months my feet are not swollen. This new med is kicking butt!!! This is POTO and Phantom on the roof I think after Raoul and Christine leave. Next quote: "Did you think that I had left you for good?" (man to others) Be back later. Have fun, kiddo. Lyn
  15. Morning ladies. This is POTO and Phantom to Raoul and Christine in the lair. Next quote: "Gossips worth its weight in gold" (man to man) Back later. Lyn
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