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  1. And I did pop on! Looking something up on the computer. This is B&G and Beowulf to Hrothgar when they meet up on his arrival. Next quote: "So many and so young" (man to woman) Nite again. Lyn Tomorrow is Gina day 1. She's off for the week-end.
  2. Hi Pat. I think you mean woman to man. B&G and Selma to Beowulf. Next quote: "Then be proud" (man to child) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening, ladies. Lyn
  3. Hi Rayna. This is B&G and Beowulf to the Dane who slept through Grendel's attack. Next quote: "I don't get all that mad" (man to man) Lyn P.S. I love matzoh ball soup
  4. Hi ladies. This is PSILY and Gerry to Holly when she's quoteing William Blake. Next quote: "Come on, don't be shy" (man to others) Back later. Cleaning lady did a good job! Lyn
  5. Morning ladies. Hpefully Pat is sleeping. This is PSILY and Gerry to Holy in the hospital. Next quote: "How long are you going to be mad for?" (man to woman) Everyone have a good day. Lyn
  6. PSILY, Gerry to Holly about her old boyfriend during their fight. Next quote: "Look at that...look at that!" (woman towomen) Lyn
  7. Hi Rayna. This is PSILY and William to Holly in the kitchen. Next quote: "She wanted you dead, you know" (man to woman) Running out to do some errands. Back later. Lyn
  8. Morning ladies. This is PSILY and Gerry to Holly about not having hot nasty sex. Next quote: "They have pills for rudness?" (woman to man) Have a good day everyone. Lyn
  9. Was checking on my RX and saw you posted. Need a clue, please. Lyn
  10. Sorry, I was online wiating for my pharmacy. This is DF and the libriarian to Frankie. Next quote: "Just tell her what time to be there" (woman to woman, another woman present) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. have a nice evening. Lyn
  11. NI, Alex Rover to Alexandra when she tells him to leave her alone and go away. Next quote: "There's nothing wrong with his brain" (woman to woman) Lyn
  12. Hi Rayna. This is NI and Nim to herself when she throws a rock into the volcano and it starts rumbling. Next quotye: "This is the big plane" (woman to woman) Lyn
  13. Morning ladies. Rayna, I got the dvd from Netflix. Its not streaming yet but I think its On Demand to rent. Caireen, enjoy the break from your studies. Pat, say hi to Gary for me. This is NI and Edward to his mom talking about meeting the girl (Nim) on the island. Next quote: "Who are you and where are you?" (woman to child) Everyone, have a good day. Lyn
  14. Hi ladies. This is PSILY and the woman buyer for the apartment to Holly. Next quote: "I want to be someone's ....." (man to woman) Watched The Vanishing. Really a dark movie but different from the book I read. Maybe they changed it and adapted it. I'm shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening, ladies. Lyn
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