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  1. Hi Rayna. The stress is bound to wear you down and your body needed to refresh itself. Tr2, Reiss man to the other men when Lara and Terry jump off the building, Next quote: "Why didn't you shoot him?" (woman to man) Everyone has gone. Busy weekend here for me. Lyn Well, I'm shutting down and have some dinner. Ronnie sent over some stew. Talk tomorrow.
  2. Morning ladies. TR2, Terry to Lara after she handcuffed him to the bed. Next quote: "Now we are even" (woman to man) Back later. Tracy is coming back up. She forgot some things yesterday and Donald might stop by. Lyn
  3. Tracy just left, taking more laundry home with her. TR2, Lara to Terry about riding the bike. Next quote: "Take the offer before it expires" (woman to man) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Lyn
  4. Hi Rayna. TR2, Lara to Terry outside the prison. Next quote: "But I'm still going to kiss you" (man to woman) Be back later. Lyn
  5. Morning ladies. POTO, Phantom to Christine in the lair. Next quote: "Accessorizing" (woman to men) switch Be back later. Tracy is coming this morning. Lyn
  6. Hi Rayna. Sorry to see you had no power. I went through that last week. I'm back up! Donald went and got me anew modem and set it up with the help from Comcast and also put the app on my cellphone. He just left. POTO, Phantom to the actors on stage. Next quote: "Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime" (woman to man) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Lyn
  7. Hi ladies. I've had no internet since last night. It just finally came on. Hope it stays on. Its been intermittent all week. POTO, Christine to Phantom in the lair with Raoul. Next quote: "Softly, gently, nigh unfurls its splendor" (man to woman) Back later. Lyn
  8. PTO, Christine to Phantom in the lair with Raoul. Next quote: "Your chains are still mine..." (man to woman) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Lyn
  9. POTO, Carlotta to Christine on stage during the play. Next quote: "It was only a dream" (man to woman) Back later. Lyn
  10. POTO, the owner of the Opera house to Firmin and Andre. Next quote: "And in his eyes, all the sadness of the world" (woman to man) Can you visit mom yet? Lyn
  11. Hi Rayna. POTO, Firmin to Andre the morning after Christine disappeared. Next quote: "And on the lake there was a boat" (woman speaking) Back later. Lyn
  12. Morning ladies. POTO, Madame Giry to Raoul on the stairs to the lair. Next quote: "Be my guest, sir" (man to man) Be back later. Lyn
  13. POTO, Phantom to Christine at the masquerade. Next quote: "Is this what you wanted to see?" (man to woman) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. I'm watching a series called Banished on HULU. Lori would have loved this one. Lyn
  14. POTO, Raoul to Christine at the cemetery. Next quote: "Now, let it be war upon you both!" (man speaking) Lyn
  15. POTO, Charlotta and her partner to Raoul when they find out Christine is back. Next quote: "Who is your great tutor?" (woman to woman) Back later. Lyn
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