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  1. Hi Rayna. TUT, Mike to Abby in the Salsa bar talking about his past relationships. Next quote: "I like a woman on top" (man to woman, others present) Lyn Post 264
  2. Hi Rayna. Damn, it took me 45 minutes to strip my bed, remove the foam liner Benita had put on it and changed the sheets. I'm beat! Going to make some lunch and rest. TUT,. Mike to Abby in the hotel lobby. Next quote: "Maybe you heard I turned it down" (man to woman) Lyn Post 262
  3. Hi Pat. Don't you just hate when that happens. TUT, Mike to Jonah at the studio talking about pizza. Next quote: "Congratulations? (woman to woman, man present) Back later. Lyn Post 260
  4. Morning ladies. TUT, Mike to Abby in the taxi going to the Craig Ferguson show. Next quote: "A naked weather girl?" (man to woman) Back later on. Have a good day, everyone. Lyn Post 258
  5. Hi ladies. The quote was just before Mike went on her show for the first time. Don't know this quote. Maybe Mike to Abby about the naked weather girl? Next quote: "You know, flicking the bean" (man to woman) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Lyn Post 254
  6. Hi Rayna. It was before Mike was hired when Stuart pulled her into his office. Yours was Mike to the makeup lady. Next quote: "You will not put blow and job in any sentence" (woman to man) Back in a bit. Lyn Post 252
  7. Hi Rayna. Here we go again. this is Post 250. That was fast! TUT, Mike to Abby at her front door with Stuart. Next quote: "I can rally...I will rally" (woman to man) Lyn
  8. Hi Pat. Love our kids! Now bake something. TUT, Mike to Abby about how long since she had sex. Next quote: "Lick it off her finger" (woman to man) Lyn
  9. Morning ladies. TUT, Abby to Mike in the hotel hallway after he saw Colin in her room. Next quote: "Keep the conversation under one minute" (man to woman) Back later. Lyn
  10. Hi Rayna. At least you are getting out and able to walk to a park. All I have in my parking lot. But when the sun starts to stay out and it's warm, I'll be on my bench. TUT, Jonah to Abby at the studio. Next quote: "There's the first one!" (man to others) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening. Lyn
  11. Hi Rayna. Yeah, i tell you all the wipes, both personal and cleaning have caused a lot of bad plumbing problems. Here's a thought: Maybe you and Ed can walk over to Ari's house and see the kids in the yard. TUT, Abby to Mike before he goes on the set for the Craig Ferguson show. Next quote: "Was that real or fake?" (man to woman) Lyn
  12. Hi Pat. TUT, Mike to Abby on the dance floor. Next quote: "........., Let me be a man!" (man to woman) Lyn.
  13. HI Rayna. Be very careful with ant wipes. They will get attached to something inside the drain pipe and eventually cause a backup in your toilet. Its happened here and they don't allow anything other than toilet paper in the toilets. TUT, Jonah to Mike at the studio. Next quote: "Wow, and I thought you were angry and bitter" (man to woman) Have a good day. Back later. Lyn
  14. Hi. Had to come back online as the woman who cleans text me about coming here. I told her no one comes into my house till this is over, including my family. Told her I'd let her know when. BH, the hostess at the Golf Club to Nicole and Milo about her being a model. Next quote: "Here, break something" (woman to man, others present) OK, I'm gone now. Lyn
  15. HI Rayna. How can your email be full????????? BH, Milo to Nicole after she states she in not going to jail and he puts her into the trunk. Next quote: "She tasered me" (man to woman) Lyn Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Stay safe.
  16. Hi Rayna. BH, I think its Milo to Nicole when she says she'll sleep on the couch. Next quote: "Extra salt, just the way you like it" (man to woman) Lyn
  17. RNR, Mumbles to One Two about HB coming out to him and spent the night dancing. Next quote: "I owe everybody money" (man to man) OK, Back later. Lyn
  18. Hio Rayna. Boy, you really are sleeping in. Putting the cat in the bathroom??? RNR, Archie to One Two who is tied up by the Russians. I can't remember how he gets loose. I'll have to see it again. Next quote: "Can I dance?" (man to woman) Back in a bit. Lyn
  19. Morning ladies. RNR, Johnny Quid to Archie in the elevator. Next quote: "Then I guess you should come up" (man to woman) Back later. Lyn
  20. Hi ladies. Rayna, you are allowed to go for a walk or bike ride. Get some fresh air. RNR, One Two to Stella in the restaurant. Next quote: "Can't you smell it?" (man to man, other present) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Lyn
  21. Hi Rayna. Was getting worried and was going to call at 4pm and saw you posted. You are always on first thing. Glad everything is OK. RNR, One two to Mumbles and HB when they are being attacked by the Russians in the car. Next quote: "It's the middle of summer!" (man to man, others preset) Lyn
  22. Morning ladies. RNR, Uri to Lenny at their first meeting. Next quote: "Its got your name on it" (man to man) Mostly cloudy here and going to 65. Have a good day. Lyn
  23. Hi. RNR, Lenny to Archie on the phone. Next quote: "...and I'm the bloody headmaster" (man to man) Just sent you guys another article. Lyn Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening.
  24. Sent you both a email that's hilarious! PSILY, Holly crying to Patricia at the bar. Next quote: "She wanted you dead, you know" (man to woman) Be back. Lyn
  25. Hi Rayna. PSILY, Gerry to Holly hugging her in bed. Next quote: "All by yourself then?" (woman to woman) Be back. Lyn
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