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  1. Hi caireen. Didn't have your email address so I couldn't let you know there is a problem with our site. its is not sending out the emails when we post. You have to log into Gals, go to gaming, find our thread and answer that way. Try this link first and you might get right in.

    You'll have to keep checking the site to see if we have posted.




  2. for of us are not receiving notifications from the gaming site.


    please have someone look into this. thank you.


    Asunta  (Lyn)

    1. becozy


      Sent you info via PM :D


  3. I received your post. I would love to see it with you but I'm afraid its not possible. I never know how I will be feeling each day, if I'll be able to go out, so I can't make plans.When I feel good, I go at the drop of a hat.Got to see mavericks with my sister as she was staying with me for a week.I have every Gerry movie and when she comes, we always watch a couple.

  4. Just a comment.

    On GB.Net, I just hit my 10,000 post today too!! lol

    I'm already at 10,047.


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