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  1. Hi Rayna. The driver was wearing a respirator and gloves. He called from his car after leaving everything on my bench and I told him to come to the door and I gave him a tip wearing my glove. I added a few things to my list and it ended up $101.00 He called from the store and there were only 2 items that weren't there. He just delivered everything and I'm waiting for Donald. He'll be wearing a respirator and gloves when he brings it all inside and then he's leaving. Keeping me safe and germ free. Can't believe it was only 2 items missing from my long list. Lucy to Dracula on the stairs in Mary's house. Next quote: "Wake up, its only a dream" (woman speaking) Lyn
  2. Hi Pat. I don't think Pam should be coming to your house. Even Gary. Have him leave the stuff at the door and leave the cake there too. Just saying. Started the book about the 3 witches. Really enjoying it. Thanks for telling me about it. Dracula to Lucy in Mary's house about the decor. Next quote: "No one is looking at the sunset" (man to woman) Back to my book. Expecting my food between 4-5pm. Donald will bring it in, put it in the kitchen and leave. He's also bringing my RX from CVS. Lyn Did you cancel your plane ticket?
  3. Morning ladies. Not sure about this quote. Sounds like Lucy to Dracula when she first sees him. Next quote: "This is how you die" (woman to man) Back later. Lyn
  4. Back again for a minute. Briarpatch on USA An investigator returns home to solve the death of her sister from a car-bombing. The search for a killer unravels a system of corruption in her small border town. Here's the trailer: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8289758/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0 Trump said the Food stores are to clean before closing and then its the safest time for the seniors to shop between 6-7am. TUT, Abby to Mike when he tells her Colin will call back and the phone rings. Next quote: "He gets a spork" (man to man) Night. lyn
  5. Hi ladies. I ordered things that I would have been out of in 2 weeks, just to ply it safe. Ordered a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, PB&J, lunch meat, foods for breakfast and dinner,etc. Donald says to call him when they deliver and he'll ride up and bring it into the house for me, wearing gloves! He'll also get my RX for me. TUT, Abby to her blind date. Next quote: "Will you stop doing that?" (man to woman) Have you guys watched Briarpatch? Take a look. Rosario Dawson starts in it. I've seen 6 out of the 10. It's on Sun 11pm and on demand. Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening. Lyn
  6. Hi Rayna. I'm doing almost all of it without and walker or a cane. It hurts but It is what it is. Just wish I could get into my bed a sleep. TUT, Mike to Abby before the first show. Next quote: "I just said I love you and you're giving me a vocabulary lesson" (man to woman) Lyn
  7. Hi Rayna. Nope. none here. Just placed my order at the food store, 65 dollars later. LOL They will deliver it tomorrow between 4-5pm outside my door on my bench. Its going to 75 today so I'll walk around in my parking lot to get some exercise and then sit on my bench with a cup of coffee and read for awhile. Get some vitamin D. I'll take my cell phone just in case. TUT, Mike to Abby about getting her longer hair. Next quote: "Keep the conversation under 1 minute" (man to woman) Back later. Lyn
  8. Morning ladies. Yeah, its a lot safer this way. I have Gina and my kids to bring stuff to the house when I run out.I ordered some things from Amazon and CVS and both will be coming next week. Nothing major. TUT, Abby to Mike about the "C" word. Next quote: "All men want that!" (man to woman) Back later. Lyn
  9. Hi Rayna. Came back on because I just got off the phone with Benita and told her not to come. Its too dangerous for me right now and safer this way. They understood and agreed. Donald called and his office is shut down till further notice. TUT, Mike to Abby when she wants him to do the talking at the dinner. Next quote: "There's a bird in my dressing room" (man to others) Night. Lyn
  10. TUT, Mike to Abby when she calls Colin. Next quote: "You're wound up like a clock" (man to woman) Lyn Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening.
  11. Hi ladies. Just finished my lunch. I made peppers and eggs. I went and cut up 3 giant peppers yesterday and didn't realize I had no liquid eggs. Gina picked some up when she shopped for us yesterday. Benita will probably bring down fresh eggs from her neighbor. She said if she got rooms at the motel, which they did for Fri and Sat night, she was going to wipe every surface down before they brought their stuff into the room. Also putting a do not enter or disturb sign on the door for when they are out. TUT, Mike to Abby in the Hot Air Balloon, I think. Next quote: "Lick it off her finger" (woman to man) Lyn
  12. Hi ladies. Gina is always careful as Jake can't fight off anything easily. Benita is a nurse as is Ronnie and both are very careful. Donald and Tracy are extremely careful as they all worry about me with my COPD. They are wearing gloves whenever they bring anything into my house. Once inside, they remove them and wash their hands. I could have food delivered, did it when I first came home from getting rehab, remember? The lady who cleans my house is making stuffed peppers tonight and bringing me 2 tomorrow. She said the peppers are huge. Can't wait. TUT, Larry to Georgia after Abby went off about Mike. Next quote: "I want to thank you for getting me this gig" (man to woman) Back later. Lyn
  13. Hi Pat. Thank heaven for our sons! My quote was when he had entered her office without knocking. TUT, Jonah tp Abby at the studio. Next quote: "I'm going to make him your b*tch" (man to woman) Back later. Lyn
  14. Morning ladies. Rayna, Instacart? Ordering food for your house? TUT, Abby to Mike in the courtyard after her date with Colin. Next quote: "You and I, we make good TV" (man to woman) Have a good day ladies. Lyn
  15. TUT, Abby to Mike first about her laugh and then in bed. Next quote: "...and you're wearing them now?" (man to woman) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening. Lyn
  16. TUT, Mike to the waitress at the Salsa bar about Abby's drink. Next quote: "Did you just say a have a nice butt?" (woman to man) Rayna, how about his neighbor. Do you have his number? He could tell your dad what you want. Lyn
  17. Hi Rayna. Gina was at the store and picked up several of the items I needed. Said there was no a piece of bread to be had. Thankfully I keep some in my freezer. Pat would probably make her own! Only need a few now from Benita. This is why I asked about your folks. You should tell Dad to go to the store first thing tomorrow between 6-7am and pick up whatever they can.Gina was able to get toilet paper, limit 2 pks only. TUT, Abby to the new news guy at the Hot Air Balloon show. Next quote: "Congratulations?" (woman to woman, man present) Lyn
  18. TUT, Abby to Mike in her office. Next quote: " ....., let me be a man!" (man to woman) Lyn
  19. Hi Rayna. I've ordered several things from Amazon's pantry that I will run out of and they will deliver next week so i'm good with just the items benita is picking up for me on her way here Friday. Told her to bring whatever they plan on eating for breakfast and lunch as I don't think the motel will be serving breakfast. TUT, Abby to her cat when she comes home from her blind date. (In the deleted scenes, she comes home with her skirt torn, I think. Next quote: "Well, I was there and she lied" (man to child) Back later. Lyn
  20. Hi Ladies. Caireen, sitting in the sun is one of the best things for getting better. You get Vitamin D and fresh air. As long as you are not near anyone, that's great. They now have food shopping for senior people like Pat and I for between 6-7am. After that, everyone else gets in. Gives the elderly a chance for fresh foods and dairy. TUT, Mike to Abby on the dance floor at the Salsa bar. Next quote: "To my very core" (man to woman) Back later. Lyn Rayna, how are your parents doing with all of this?
  21. Morning ladies. Another sunny day here, going to 57. was warmer yesterday. Tomorrow will be 64 and Fri 74. Then it drops back to 58 on Sat and 48 on Sun. Crazy weather here. TUT, Colin to Abby while he holds her cat. Next quote: "I hate being fed like a toddler" (woman to man) Have a good day, ladies. Lyn
  22. Hi ladies. I'm not sure of this either. B&G, Beowulf to Hrothgar talking about Grendel. Next quote: "But still they swim" (man to man) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening. Lyn
  23. OK, quick one before she gets here. Gina's American Legion is closing down till 3/30. She will still be going to work 5 days a week until then. They will be cleaning EVERYTHING. Its a big place. Victoria was told she is off for 10 days. B&G, Beowulf to Selma. Next quote: "What are you saying? That he fights with a clean heart? (man to man) Back later. Lyn
  24. B&G, I think its Beowulf to Hondscioh who is telling tales about him to children. Next quote: "Leave here troll or stay and meet your doom" (man to man) Back in a bit. Ronnie is coming over. Lyn
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