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  1. Morning ladies. Galen to Attila after he wants to kill Bleda for getting N'Kara. Next quote: "The eldest" (man to woman) Have a good day. Back later. Lyn
  2. Hi Rayna. This is Aetius to Attila when he asks him to go to Rome. Next quote: "You've done well" (man to man) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening. Lyn
  3. Hi Rayna. Do you mean a catalytic converter? That's what we have on our cars. When you come back, leave a quote. Lyn
  4. Hi Rayna.. What is a car smog?? Honoria's friend to her when Attila is riding into Roma. Next quote: "No, you were born yesterday on the Steppes" (child to child) Back later on. Lyn
  5. Morning ladies. Attila tro IlDico when she is brought to his room. Next quote: "Who is the outspoken one?" (man to man) Back later. Lyn
  6. Hi ladies. Just got home. Laundry done, had dinner and watched a movie and a fishing show. Yeah, I don't get the water thing. I have a Breta, so do all of my children. Go figure. Galen to Attila when he wants to go kill Bledy for claiming N'Kara. Next quote: "Its Hot!" (man to woman) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. have a nice evening. Lyn
  7. Hi Pat. I was getting worried when I didn't see you post. Came on to make sure you had, otherwise, I was going to call you. Attila to IlDico when she wants to marry before he goes to Rome. Next quote: "That's' my pretext" (man to man) Back later. I spoke with Ronnie last night and she said the Giant near her had no water or toilet paper. Told Donald they still had it at mine, but if not, I could give him a few rolls. Lyn
  8. Morning ladies. ROF, Van Zan when the Americans arrive. Next quote: "Teach him well" (woman to man) Getting my haircut today, then going to Donald's to do laundry. Have a good day everyone. Lyn
  9. HI ladies. ROF, Quinn to Alex talking about Jared,his son. Next quote: "You're my best friend and sometimes I don't even like you" (man to man) Shutting down and making some dinner. Sushi for you tonight? Lyn
  10. Hi Rayna. Maybe you can shower at the gym? You told me Ed does after his workout. Use bottled water to wash your face. Get a gallon and pour it down the toilet. There, I solved your problems. No really, I hear you. POTO, Madame Giry to Firmin and Andre about the Phantom's salary. Next quote: "She has been taught well, Monsieur" (woman to man) Lyn
  11. Hi Rayna. POTO, Raoul to Christine at the cemetery talking about the Phantom. Next quote: "....I am there inside" (man to woman) Back later. Donald is suffering from NTGF (needs to go fishing) so he's going to the Bass shop to get some new lures. Hopefully, tomorrow he takes me to do my laundry. Lyn
  12. Morning ladies. Well seems I've got 2 to answer this morning. Rayna's was POTO, Raoul to Madame Giry after Phantom took Christine through the floor. Pat's is POTO, Phantom to Christine after she removed his mask. Next quote: "Who is your great master?" (woman to woman) Back later. Lyn
  13. Hi Rayna. Sorry, forgot to come back on till I saw you posted. POTO, Previous owner of the opera house to Andre and Firmin. Next quote: "Come, we must return" (man to woman) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening. Lyn
  14. Hi Pat. Told you!! POTO, I think its Raoul to the others when he decides to put on Phantom's play or Firmin to Andre about being sold out ????????? Next quote: "Your strings are still mine.." (man to woman) Lyn
  15. Hi Rayna. It was to Gus on the boat. B&G, the Queen to Hronthgar who is sitting on the ground drunk. Next quote: "I've been called worse" (man to woman) You can wear a mask and use wipes to clean any part of a machine you touch and don't shake hands. Lyn
  16. Hi Rayna. It's the bed that's driving me crazy. I want to sleep in it soooo bad! TR2, Terry to Lara before she hit the button to eject them. Next quote: "Everything lost is meant to be found' (woman to man) P.S. I told the kids to stay away till this virus is over. They both work at serving people and its too chancey for me. Lyn
  17. Morning ladies. TR2, Terry to Lara when she stops him from taking the box in the COL. Next quote: "No, tea is for guests" (woman to men) Back later. Lyn
  18. Hi Rayna. There were toilet paper 6pk but the bigger pks were missing. OMG, you'd think that the world is coming to an end. Its 2 weeks at home people! The world has lasted a long time and yrs ago, they made do, right? Get a grip. TR2, the little Chinese girl to Terry. Next quote: "Why did you do it?" (woman to man) I'm gone now. Lyn
  19. Hi Pat. Tr2, Terry to Lara before she handcuffs him to the bed. Next quote: "...or getting married" (woman to men) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening, ladies. lyn
  20. Hi ladies. TR2, Lara to Chen-Lo when she cuts his leg. Next quote: "Time to be a hero" (man to men) Still here but not for long. Back later. Lyn
  21. Hi Rayna. You never answered my question about the New Dr Who show. Do you like it? TR2, the Chinese woman to Lara. Next quote: "No, you go first" (woman to man) Back later on. Waiting on Gina. She's being interviewed at the house by Jake's insurance company. Its new one so they make a trip out to meet the patient and mom. Lyn
  22. Hi Pat. Yeah, I loved going to the Laughfest shows with Micki. Always a blast. TR2, Reiss's man to the others after Lara and Terry take off in the flying suits. Next quote: "...and I didn't know where you were" (man to woman) Back later. lyn
  23. Morning ladies. TR2, Lara to Terry just before she hits the button to eject them from the pod. Next quote: "They're fine" (man to woman) Have a good day, ladies. Gina day 2 and I will be shopping. Lyn
  24. Hi Rayna. The kids stopped by for a visit. They just left. NI, Alex to Alexandra trying to get her to leave the house. Next quote: "What, key to your heart?" (man to woman) sorry, I ran out of NI quotes. I'm shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening. Glad you enjoyed the movie. BTW, How do you like to new Dr Who? Please set up a new thread. The last time I made a mess of it. LOL Lyn Post 294
  25. Hi Rayna. Nope, still here. She decided that we'll go tomorrow instead. Jake had a seizure and now after taking his meds, he's sleeping. NI, Woman to Alexandra when she sees the size of the plane to the island. Next quote: "Death by firefly" (woman to herself) Have a good time at the movie. Lyn Post 292
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