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  1. Hi Rayna. Still waiting for Gina and Jake. NI, Edmond to Nim in the forest. Next quote: "But we're not moving" (man to woman) Lyn Post 290
  2. Hi Rayna. NI, Alex to Alexandra when she tells him he's not real. Next quote: "How old are you and where are you" (woman to self) Back later. Lyn Post 288
  3. Morning ladies. Happy Anniversary, kiddo. NI, Alex to Alexandra on the beach. Next quote: "Bounty!" (man to child) Back later. Its Gina day 1. Lyn Post 286
  4. Hi Rayna. DF, Catoirna to Frankie in the rowboat. Next quote: "Isn't she a beauty?" (man to woman) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening. Lyn Post 283
  5. Hi Rayna. Took me 1/2 hr for each window, not counting the break in between. Did the 3 in the living room and the one in the office. My bedroom which has 3 windows will have to wait. It seems the rain against the screens makes the most dirt. Maybe later on in the week I'll wash the screens. I stopped because a little girl pointed me out to her mom. Here I am wearing sunglasses and my oxygen hose inside looking out. I must have looked really strange. 300, Stelios to the Persian messenger before he cut his arm off. Next quote: "I don't see why we can't all be civil" (man to man) Back in awhile. Lyn Post 281
  6. Hi Rayna. Its 67 going up to 71 today. In March, go figure. I think I'll try to wash my windows. They are so dirty and haven't been done since May. I got hurt in July so never did them in the fall. We'll see if I can do it. One window at a time. 300, Gorgo to Theron (I think) talking about getting help for Leonidas. Next quote: "Come back with your shiels...." (woman to man) Be back later on. Lyn Post 279
  7. Morning Pat. 300, Leonidas to Stelios just before they die. Next quote: "I want a uniform" (man to man) Lyn Post 277
  8. Morning ladies. TL, Xerxez to Leonidas or the Persian messenger at the beginning. Next quote: "Remember today's lesson"' (man to child) Have a good day. Lyn Post 275
  9. Hi. Popped on the check a tracking for a package. TL, Sir Decker to Marek after he dumps him into the wagon. Next quote: "I have your back" (man to woman) Night again. Lyn Post 273
  10. Hi ladies. TL, Marek to Chris taking the sword away from him. I went to one of my fried Micki's comedy shows at Gilda's about 15 yrs ago. She was the headliner then. Very funny lady. Next quote: "So where did it go?" (man to man, others present) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening, girls. Lyn Post 271
  11. Hi Rayna. Attila to Rua and the people in the village on his return from Rome. Next quote: "You fight well" (man to woman) Lyn Post 267
  12. Morning ladies. Attila to IlDico after she told him she was saved by some people. Next quote: "His mistake is your mistake" (man to man) Have a good day, ladies. Lyn Post 265
  13. Hi Rayna. LAC, Clyde to his wife. Next quote: "You can't fight fate" (man to man) Don't forget to set your clocks ahead tonight. I'm shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Lyn Post 260
  14. Hi Rayna. LAC, Clyde to Darby when he removes his wig and mustache. Next quote: "If he wants you dead, you're dead" (man to men) Lyn Post 258
  15. Hi Rayna. LAC, Clyde to Nick in the round cell. Next quote: "That's what wrenches are for, dumb a**" (man to man, another present) Lyn Post 256
  16. Hi Pat. LAC, Clyde to his cellmate when asked what he did to be put in prison. Next quote: "He's looked better" (man to man, others present) Be back later. Lyn
  17. Hi Rayna. Nothing here. They just don't know what the problem is. The message came up when I went into notifications saying my browser is down.How do I find out how to turn it on??? LAC, Clyde to the warden after he killed his cellmate. Next quote: "How's that for specifics?" (man to men) Lyn
  18. Hi Pat. I think this is from PSILY and Gerry to Holly in the hospital. I don't remember it in Dracula. Next quote: "You said you would take care of this, you didn't" (woman to men) Back later. lyn
  19. Morning ladies. Remember to set your clocks ahead tonight. Yea, more daylight hours!!! Dracula to Van Helsing in Mary's house, I think. Next quote: "Wake up, wake, up, its only a dream" (woman speaking) Have a good day, ladies. Lyn
  20. Hi Rayna. Just came back online to let you know I was still waiting for Donald and he was waiting for Victoria to call him back. She's got her laundry in both machines! So if will have to be another time this week-end, I hope. Lucy to Mary in the hallway upstairs, talking about Dracula. Next quote: "I said he guarded it like gold" (woman to man) Shutting down, AGAIN! Lyn
  21. Hi Rayna. Got to make this quick. Donald's coming to get me and take me to his house. He's going to do my laundry and I'll just fold everything. Also having dinner there. Dracula to Simon who is trying to fend him off with a bible. Next quote: "I was named after a cartoon character" (woman to man) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. lyn
  22. HI Rayna. Dracula, the filming guy to the reporter at the crash site. Next quote: "All that you are is mine" (man to woman) OK, see you later. Lyn
  23. Hi Rayna. I always carry antibacterial in a bottle in my bag. Not only for myself but to protect someone else. I also have those blue masks that I use if I have a cold and have to go somewhere. With my COPD, I can't take any chances, even at the grocery store. What is it that Pat calls me, a germaphobic? OK, back to the game. Dracula to Lucy when she comes down the escalator at Virgin Records. Next quote: "Catholic" (man to woman) Back in awhile. Lyn
  24. Hi Pat. I know Pam is so excited to go. Is it for 2 or 3 weeks? Mary to Dracula on the roof when she wraps the electrical cord around his neck. Next quote: "You took my blood and gave it to another..." (man to man) Back later. Lyn
  25. HI ladies. Caireen, that's so true. Rayna, no one so far has come down with Coronavirus in Pa but that doesn't mean anything. Better safe than sorry. You have quiet a few there. Stay safe. Dracula, Van Helsing to Simon talking about Solina. Next quote: "No but he can" (woman to man) Have a good day, ladies. Lyn
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