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    Anything relating to Music and Animals. Not sure which I'm more passionate about - I guess it's a tie... don't think I could get on very well with out either. I sing and play bass and guitar -- I'm a work in progress --ha..ha -- but I can't think of much I'd rather be doing. I have 2 very, hairy children -- 1 cat/1 dog /both I'm nuts over. They're my little soul-mates.

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  1. Hi There - Gerry ! Just want to wish You a Very Happy 39th Birthday !! Ya know -- Mr. Jack Benny -- had his own take on turning 39 -- - He just stayed 39 from there after -- hee hee -- if only in his mind -- eh ?? But then -- perhaps he was onto something ... that age really is-- only a state of mind... hey I was born in 1964 -- about the time the Beatles invaded America --- LOL !! -- I know my Mama -- was jammin' to some cool tunes -- about the time I showed up -- So whatever you do on your special day --- I Wish You a World of Love, Happiness, Belly-bustin' Fits of Laughter, With a pinch of Randiness thrown in for Good Measure .... and a very Blessed and Contentment Filled -- Year A head in All Parts of Your Life !! and No Matter What ... Don't Forget to Strut !!! -- I saw Rock-N-Rolla and I've seen ya Strut Yo Respective Stuff... in the Past -- Ya Got It Goin' On Kid !! but just incase ya need a little nudge -- to get in a festive mood --- here's a little Mood Swingin' from a couple of Pro's in the Respective-Stuff-Strut Department.... at least in my humble Opinion.... I think I'll follow their lead..... State of Shock - Tina Turner & Mick Jagger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDsXGGKWf7c struttin' appears to do a body well .... what do you think ??? p.s... I hear that Mick learned his moves from watching Tina open for the Stones -- years back ... Now -- Take Care of You !! -- God Bless You, Ms. Lolita and your Family !! --- Love -- Amanda-Tee
  2. Woo Hoo !! Gerry in Savannah !! What a lovely combination !! Hey Thanks -- Sav88, Landa & Becozy !!! -- for all the great pics and info !! Gerry looks wonderful as always !! -- Savannah Looks good on Ya Kid !! Shoot -- if I were Gerry -- I would just stay a while !! -- What a lovely... lovely City --- as John Berendt (author of 'Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil') wrote --- "It's like Gone With the Wind on Mescaline"... but seriously -- this Carolina Girl -- has definitely been swept off her feet by the City of Savannah !! -- It's so full of multiple cultures, history, art, music and mischief and it's quite a Haunt for Halloween -- supposed to be one of the most haunted cities around.. oooo I wish Gerry would work up a movie deal/ star in ... something -- in Savannah.... also the home of songwriter Johnny Mercer -- who wrote Moon River, Skylark and P.S. I Love You --- just ta name a few... ooo -- I feel a cosmic pattern -- going on.... Amanda-Tee
  3. Hey Perrin !! Thanks for this great article !! Wow ! What a great read -- I have to confess that the first feelings and thoughts -- that I was struck with after reading this is --- At least Gerry has the wisdom and courage to Re-Evaluate... ReCheck... Soul-Search the things in his life !! -- I mean this as a HUGE Complement to Gerry !! -- I can relate to his searching spirit. (I've spent most of my life soul-searching, questioning myself, and the world around me, all the Whys, Hows, and Where does it all lead to's -- etc... and pursuing a Purpose thing..) and I think (whether the article writing lady knows it -- or not ...) She hit the nail -- square on the head -- why sooo many of us have -- just fallen, been drawn in, captivated, and feel soo close to Gerry -- because -- He is willing to open up/search/talk... about things good and bad in his life -- and life in general -- He's so open and isn't really afraid (or if he is -- he takes a Risk anyway)to make himself -- vunerable.. Maybe the writer Lady should try his approach -- the "seemingly lost style" for a change in her own life -- (not to be so damn Catty -LOL - but I sorta picked up a negative vibe from her).. Sometimes those who look lost are much closer to reaching "found" and are much more -- standing on Solid Ground" -- than those who never question anything, become complacent about life, follow the herd blindly or are too ashamed,afraid, or proud to pause, reflect, recheck & maybe even ask for help now and again -- eghad !! Not that what I think --- should matter to anyone but myself & God -- I think Gerry is more ahead of the "personal road to inner-peace" than a lot of folks. Not that it -- is a competition -- because to me -- it's not -- the only person we really have to compete with -- is ourselves... Gerry -- I think your Beautiful -- Dude -- Take Care & God Bless You !! Amanda-Tee
  4. Hi Gerry ! - If You (or anyone else happens to read this -- hope it makes ya smile !!...) Click Below for funny YouTube - Snoring Doggy: so... Does Your Baby girl - Ms. Lolita ever snore zzzzz...... ?? My cat (Ms. Kitty) does a little -- sheez I think I do a wee bit me-self --- but I don't quite have the finess - of that doggy in the YouTube .. LOL !! although I sometimes sleep with my mouth open... (now I know that is Beat Down !! & Too much Info ... LOL !!) BUT ... If It made You.... or anyone else crack a smile -- then it was worth it !! Now You & Ms. Lolita Take Care !! -- It's Good ta see ya over here on the east-coast !! You are looking mighty FINE up in the NYC !! Amanda-Tee
  5. Hiya -- Gerry.... are you trying ta kill us out here... already... Thanks to Lisa (Phoenixgirl) for this great article and pictures: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/showbiz/2008-...ent_6974780.htm Actor Gerard Butler laughs as he leaves the stage after promoting his new film "RocknRolla" at the 39th annual Comic Con Convention in San Diego July 24, 2008. More than 125,000 people are expected to attend the four-day event and indulge in a vertitable feast of the latest in comic-related books, movie toys, games and memorabilia. [Agencies] Gerard Butler likes women to make the first move. The 'P.S. I Love You' actor insists it shouldn't always be up to men to reveal their feelings first and finds it sexy when women take the lead in a relationship. He said: "I am for equal opportunities. Why should it be the guy's job to kiss? If a woman wants to kiss she should totally do that. I think it is awesome when women take the lead. I love that idea." Click below- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIM30Gng92E You Scallywag.. #@$ -- ya know we love ya !! Tee
  6. Hi InteriorDesignerGirl Nice to meet you ! Thanks for posting that video -- That's one of my favorite's of Gerr !! It is such a pleasure to listen/watch him and the interviewer Lady -- did do a very good job too ! How 'bout him singing at the begining - he does have a beautiful voice - and he's a cutie when ya take him off guard .. Dear Frankie is still my favorite of all his films and one of my favorite films period !! and it's also very sweet what he says about us fans -- you can tell he has a kind warm soul & he's very sweet and humble too ! Take Care ! Tee
  7. Hey GalPal2008 ... Alright !! -- Another North Carolinian ! -- Cool ! Yea -- I luvs Mr Craig Ferguson -- He's is soooo funny,smart and most easy on the eyes -- just like Gerr -- (I must say --- Hee hee) -- I remember watching him on Drew Carey Show -- yea -that's right -- he had an English accent on the show -- and I was surprised too when I discovered him on the Late Late Show - and that he too has a lovely Scottish Accent and it's pretty cool that Craig and Gerry are both from Glasgow as well. Craig is a Hoot -- but so is Gerry -- they are a trip when they get together ! They make quite the comedy team... and it is a trip to watch the videos of the 2 of them together. I think I like the first one a little bit better too - Craig was picking a bit on Gerry (in second one) about trying to quit the smokes (but I think Craig ment it in a good way -- being a former smoker himself). Cool post.... Hey there Ballerina/Elizabeth -- I bet you have a wonderful Hungarian accent -- I've always been very partial to the Count -- hee hee myself -- I think it would be cool to hear you talk hungarian.. Tee
  8. Thanks !! Elizabeth/Ballerina That is a wonderful video -- Hillarious -- I too -- (Zany) love how it just Rolls on -- (Just like the Man -- can ---RRRoll his R'ssss like nobody else's business -- ) with all the wild & crazy stories !!!! -- I'm with y'all I could watch/listen to his Sweet-Crazy Self --- ALLL DAYYYYY! I really believe if Gerry ever wanted to --- He could DO Some STAND-UP ! I think he's Got the Chops for it ! --- His Mum --- must have a Bustin' Cool Since of Humor too !! -- I love to hear him talk about her and how she just lays it on the line to him -- (the Way a Mom can do -- hey when ya really love someone -- Ya just tell it to em straight/ cuz ya Love em -- better You say it then a stranger... Did I Say Stranger ?? ) Ya know I really believe that.. just honest, straight-shootin', down-to-earth, people-luving way Gerry emits and his natural since of seeing the funny-side of life/natural gift of comedy -- carries over so much in such a beautiful way in his art of acting ! He is a natural commedian at heart -- He gets that about life -- Laughing is better than crying !! And I Love Him for That !!! Ever notice how natural comics make the very best actors as well ?? Examples -- Cary Grant..Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Jim Carrey .. Whoppi Goldberg.. all right... I'll stop -- already -- ya know I could go on --- but I'll save it for anotha Time LOL !! Thanks again for posting this -- it's a true natural High.... Tee
  9. Hey this is another cool thread... hmmm -- how about -- Ever considered filming/producing a movie in North Carolina ?? Tee
  10. Hey there -- Ballerina, GalPal2008 & Scorpio613 Good to meet y'all ! Good posts -- Ballerina -- I bet your accent is really cool -- and I hear ya on Sean Connery !! He is still Verra Handsome !! -- Hey have you seen that video - I think it's hear on GALS where Craig Ferguson (another Sexy Scotsman) was interviewing Gerry?? -- (it's the older video when the romour about Gerry playing Bond was buzzing) -- and Gerry and Craig are both doing there impersantations of Sean -- both did fine job -- it was adorable -- and funny -- they are a trip together !! actually there's another video interview after 300 came out -- of Gerry on Craig's again -- they were tripping and they were clowning around about quitting the smokes etc.. Hey -- GalPal & Scorpio --- S-A-TUR-DAY -- night !! -- I hear Ya !! -- I remember - Fine Handsome Lads indeed !! hee hee -- Cool posts take care Amanda-Tee
  11. Hi There ! Like so many folks around here -- I truly love to hear/listen to Gerry talk -- he has a lovely Scottish Burr --- soooo sexy and fine to listen to --- (infact -- I think I enjoy listening to him talk-- and of course watching him too --- as much as I love to see him perform on film !) After being on this site for a while and having the pleasure of hearing/watching so many of Gerry's interviews and seeing/collecting more and more of his films -- I started pondering about his lovely Scottish brogue -- but truthfully -- I have long been attracted to the Scottish accents -- actually I'm a lover of many accents/dialects and languages -- (I'm not saying I'm in anyway an expert on languages -- I'm not) ... just because I don't understand what someone is saying all the time -- doesn't mean I can't enjoy listening to there way of speach -- it can be rather like music -- and I am quite a music enthusiast - got quite the passion for it !! So to try to move through -- my current tangent -- LOL !!! --- I realized that the first Scottish accent that I ever fell for was a long time ago - when I myself was a wee lassie... It was this guy -- (Silly Me - but I can't help myself) ... Jock's Song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNqBePvsXXU I just wondered about what other's thoughts on this subject might be ?? -- Who's accents have you flipped for -- besides/or including Gerry.. etc... and please let me add since I'm posting about Languages -- that I think Sign Language is --- Cool !!! I know a little of it and I need to learn more --- and people who are deaf/and/or hard of hearing -- have always completely inspired me and blown me away --- so who/how has Gerry and/or other actors etc inspired you ?? Just thought would post /share ... see what y'all think... Take care !! Amanda-T
  12. Amanda-T


    Just wishing Everyone Vegas Bound -- safe trips there & Back !! and during your stay remember --- -- BADLY !!! and bring back lots of fun memories, cool stories & great pics -- for us folks not being with ya in the physical -- only in the spirit... Tee
  13. I went to see Nim's on Friday at a 12:20 pm (earliest showing at that theater) and I really loved this movie !!! It is an all around fun, positive, experience for ALL ages -- Kids and Adults -- IMHO -- and This Big Kid really enjoyed it !! I thought Gerry, Jodie and Abigail -- all 3 gave wonderful performances and they all mesh well together and have great screen chemistry as a Trio - ensemble !! The scenery was sooo lavish and beautiful and the animals were fun and most enjoyable as well. This movie to me also reminded me of some of my favorite classic childhood films -- seemed to me to have a bit of Swiss Family Robinson (I have always loved that film) with Nim & Jack & their animal friends and there desire to protect their beautiful Treasure of an island approach... the way the 3 main characters fell together and the love and romance that was woven in -- reminded me a little of Sleepless in Seattle - just a hint -- the way the 3 characters take screen time -- before you see all 3 at same time - meanwhile - you see you see each persons perspective or them paired off -- Alexandra & Alex -- or Jack and Nim -- Then Nim and Alexandra -- (can't explain -- sorry if what I said doesn't make sense) ... I loved the way -- Nim would be reading and all of the sudden -- she would become part of the adventure sequence -- ie -- Nim reading on her bed and she & the bed are surrounded by Alex and his adventures -- good example -- for kids or anyone on how -- reading and one's one imagination -- can take you anywhere you want to go -- literally bringing the pages of a book to life !! I also - loved Jodie's performance of a very intelligent & creative but neurotically challenged (with the agorophibia and a bit of obsessive compulsive disorder) writer struggling to break out of the bondage from her fear - in order to help little Nim. I can relate to some of Alexandra's fears having ocd myself & having experienced and struggled first hand with trying to conquer the limits that my own fear thoughts try to impose on my own life. I thought Jodies pulls this off in a very believable/realistic, sensitive, yet funny way - (which actually neurosis can be pretty damn funny -- learning to laugh at one's self & life in generally can be good medicine for dealing with it & life period -- I practice this in my own life too !!) I really loved both of Gerry's roles -- loved the way Alex would in a loving but humorous/teasing way push/prod Alexandra along into facing her fears and at the same time teaching her how to embrace life. At the same time - I thought as Jack -- Gerry was very sensitive, endearing and funny and was wonderful with Abigail -- she is such a talented little actress. I've been enjoying many of her movies -- like "Signs" with Mel Gibson -- is a fav of mine -- I saw & loved "Little Miss Sunshine" and was charmed by her & everyone in that film !! I'm looking forward to seeing Abigail continue to grow up -- on the screen making many more great films -- she has much talent and potential -- very similar to Jodie foster's film career. Sorry to ramble soo much -- but I really loved this film -- will go see it more & look forward to getting it on DVD too !! I also loved the Talking Heads tune in the film & was jamming to the U2 song at the end I thought -- was kinda cool -- a Celticly Rockin touch to exit the film in !!! Love me some Bono & U2 !!!! Thanx -- Tee
  14. Well -- her clip with Leno is over -- I didn't even know she was going to be on the show tonight -- she was his first guest - for tonights show. She looks absolutely wonderful !!! -- I have always - admired and respected Jodie !! She didn't actually mention -- Gerry or Abigail - but for the movie clip Jay showed -- the entire -- "Touch the world clip" - with Jodie trying to open the door to her house in hear rain gear & Alex/Gerry -- giving her a helping hand -- just like the clip here on GALS... which I thought was a great clip -- to show. Mostly Jay was talking about how -- Jodie plays an agorophobic (I know I couldn't have spelled that right ... LOL) -- in the film and then -- he was picking with Jodie -- about being (in real life) afraid -- of snakes -- so geez -- so Jay is a behaviourist -- into the whole -- exposure and response -- behaviour modification thing.... -- so he brings out a corn snake.... well -- anyway -- Jay "BF Skinner" -- Leno --- go on with yo psychoanalysing talk show self -- careful -- was that Dr. Phil -- I heard quaking in his boots ??? LOL !!! oh -- well -- Jodie -- looks great -- and the clip was quick but good -- so does anyone know if Gerry will be on his old pal -- Leno's show anytime soon ?? Thanx.... Tee
  15. hey there gang -- Jodie Foster is on Leno now ... don't know if this is old news .. but thought I would mention now I'm going to watch.. take care... Tee
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