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  1. i can understand what its like if i were him id lost it ages ago and told em all to f..uck off.it must be hard to keep his cool people wanting autographa and are very noisy. And its one too many times. sue d
  2. not been here for awhile been busy had some trouble here an have put house up for sale. when an were is gerrys next movie. And premmy if its in uk...lol missed 300 premmy, told a diff date for it . i been to a vavid cassidy show that was on local took my mum. wont to see gerry...lol got a red tartan kilt on. writing this.....an yes i have something on underneath it. suu d
  3. ex` girlfriend witch one thou arrh his little puppy bless her paws
  4. Bianca is so lucky woman will she be haveing gerrys baby i wonder, and her and gerry get married, hope so
  5. Gerry and the new girlfriend look serious like they been seriously at something
  6. Have come up with this idea, Design a sketch of a outfit for Gerrys pug loloita. The winner gets to travel free to usa to meet gerry and lolita and have tea with them, :tasty: or gets to get the outfit made up and sent to lolita second prize :erikrose: just a idea sue d
  7. i did get my pic on personal id photos but i dont think it came on avatar sue
  8. suu


    Thanks i tried what you said and i think i did itsu
  9. Thanks barb, being in uk im not likely to travel states wise to meet gerry, i know leicester square well and its very busy with crowds each day, so not likely to see and meet gerry even there, but take a chance i surpose.
  10. Do's anyone know if mr gerry butler is attending the uk premmy, if so im off there to say helloe to him
  11. suu


    can anyone upload my picture for meif i e mail one as i carnt as theres no browse button here sue d
  12. suu


    hey i saw the jane eir film last night gerry butler woud realy of suited mr rochester
  13. I seen boys dont cry months ago on tv and didnt realise till other day when there was a programe about Hilary Swank on tv also and mentioned that film got her down. well not surprised it made my blood boil i realy wonted to get a gun and shoot them dirty dudes tails off.
  14. suu

    pugs scare

    went to take lily the alsation to vets other day, and as we were waiteing in the waiteing room, i picked up a PDSA leaflet on emergencys burns ect and it realy frightened me when it said short nosed dogs a sometimes get one there eyes pop out and if it happens dont put it in yourself, wrap it up and rush to vets. yikes maybe think twice about getting a pug now
  15. Hey Tartan is in fashion this yr, yet alot of the clothers are like way short, Top shop in uk have a yellow tartan mac in there collection there skirts are like belts thou, debenans uk i got a red tartan jumper dress from there and its realy nice, henns have a red tartan skirt over the knee thou. There is alot sily stuff out that are a wate of money, thou, like funny leggings and short shorts.
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