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    Traveling to Scotland, Gerry, Outlander, scrapbooking, reading, photography, and spending time with my girlies!

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  1. Congratulations to all! The posters are grreat! Kristi
  2. Is it wrong to say that I just love Just Jared? Does anyone know if Just Jared is just omnipresent or if he has a giant staff of photographers? He seems to be stuck to Gerry like glue! Claire :leochest: P.S. Those guns are AMAZING
  3. Hi Kristie!

    Just dropping in to say "Cheers" to another Mandoll Personal Assistant! Hope to see you in Vegas again!


  4. Hi, Ally!

    It was great meeting you and Junior in Vegas! Travel safely :-)


  5. I can't believe the convention is almost here! I am sooo looking forward to a weekend away with the GALS! THANKS so much to Susan~Sporran and the entire team for all of your hard work in putting this all together! See you all on Friday. Kristi :leochest:
  6. What an amazing list! I'm making my first trip to Scotland in April and couldn't be more excited! I look forward to marking off as many items on the list as possible :: Kristi
  7. From those listed, I had to go with Jesse's Girl! It's impossible to narrow it down, but I still love I'll Melt With You and the classic, True, from Spandau Ballet. I mean, Tony Hadley?! Come on! Kristi
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