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  1. I didn't know how to start a new thread, but in ad dition to Graham Norton, Gerry will be on Leno on Jan. 12!!!!!!!!! Betty White is on, too!!! Mark your calendars! Poptart
  2. I never liked lee Marvinsince he was a mtterer...and Mitchumm..I liked him but nbeither of them were gorgeous like kGerry. Oh, by the way, what hapened to Gerry on Piers Morgan. Does anyone know why he wasn't on?
  3. Sorry..I don't know how to start a new news thread: Gerry is going to be on The View on this Thursday!!! He's gong to be onJay Leno this next Tuesday! He's going to be on Craig Ferguson a week form this Friday!!! Sp read the word~~~~~
  4. Last Saturday I read "The Bricklayer" because Gerry might be in it. The dialogue between Kate and Steve (Gerry) is realy snappy! I think the screenwriters could just lift it off the page. Gerry is perfect for this: he's charming, dangerous, built (hopefully mkore beefy than now), smart, brave, and an iconoclast. Kate has a scar on hjer face, but she is very attractive. IMO Jodie is too old but might have the ac ting chops..but Kate is brave, stuborn, attractie, and she has to have chemistry and sexual tension with Steve Vail. I would like to see Anna Friel (Timeline) in it for she can affect a
  5. Gerry, I enjoyed it, but you shouldln't have shown what you did (ha) of your , um, tattoss of Neveldine and Taylor on your bum. I was alaerted to the view on the dvd...but how would ;eople know it was there except by accident? You must have known they filmed it~~~
  6. Thanks for the link...What I cannot seem to find is yesterday's posting about the Machine Gun Reverend with the picture of Gerry and Sam Childs...I've looked everywhere. Can someone tell me where to find it? Thanks, Betsy
  7. Alas, it was not Gerry...one of her staffers admitted on the show that it was HIS chest, and that he sent the text messages. I feel she was in on it, because it made a delightfully funny show...She has often referred to Gerry after he was on with her. She is definitely Butlerizeed...I find it interesting, to say the least, that both men and women interviewers either refer to his exiness or openly flirt with him. The women? Alexa, Bonnie, Barbara Walters(on that "View" segment during POTO she said what a "handsome man" he was), Diane Sawyer, and the Glaswegian chickie from the UK, or "Frances"
  8. I like his way of saying "in actual fact" instead of "actually"...I've heard other Brits do the same. Poptart
  9. I used to teach high school English, and if I remember correctly, Tulles (Gerard's part) was a co-lead. Coriolanus was a hero/villain....and at the end, Tulles gets his revenge. In fact, if it is played as the tragedy, Tulles not only does not die, but he also ends up standing on Coriolanus' prostrate body in complete victory. Many times the characters are listed in order of appearance...Coriolanus' mother (I cannot recall her name, but it starts with a "V">)is also a major character. Most British stars just like to play a role...they do not care if it is large or small. However, Tulles is
  10. Wasn't our Gerry simply the best???!!!!! I have now watched the whole show at least eight times, and I plan to watch it over and over (along with the other interviews we've had recently.) He was darling on Alexa Chung's show, too...what a sexpot!!!! (Gerry, that is!) When he first walked out as the beast, I didn't know it was he!!!! I'd marry that beast just knowing that a Gerry lurked inside!!!! His voice was so beautiful!!!! I loved the "monologue", especially when he sang!!! I loved when he danced out onto the stage and gave "stop" and "come on" gestures to the audience at the same time.
  11. His thights...I've admired them since Attila..on his wedding bed...My! In Gamer....in his jail cell...all white and tight....thoose thighs...I feel like looking at that youtbue video "Thighs of Glory"....I had never really appreciated thighs until the Butler...I remember one woman writer in an interview described him as very tall with thighs like tree trunks! Nice image...I better be quiet ,or I might write something that's no PG. Betsy
  12. I am the most nontech person in this century! However, I "saved" it in a way. There's a place to email the link...so I emailed the interview to myself, and saved it on my pc. So to hear it when i want, I just have to go to my mailbox, click on "saved to my pc", and there is my email. I click on that link I send myself, and I have this delightful inteview. My favorites: Ger's impersonation of Scott doing Gerry. ..His pronunciation of "Garrrrden" (what a charmer)...and his starstruck reaction to Justin Timberlake running on the beach. Their bathroom humor was funny ,too.. I sometimes just want
  13. Attention those with good eyesight!!!!! Can you see the actual seat numbers..row and such on the edges iof the rims of the seats? I tried to enlarge them on my print preview thingy..but i can't make them out. I want to know exactly where Gerr is..At first, I thought that Patinson was in the first row across..but those are backs of seats in front of him. So..looking at the pix with a magnifying glass , can you tell the exact seat number, as in row___ seat 3..? When they pan the crowd, my poor eyes cannot focus well..if I knew which row he was in, it would help! ha! I'm just so proud of him.
  14. We actually HAVE seen him as a type of psycho in other roles than LAC...Do any of you lust after his psycho Jackie, Jr. with the yellow towel in "Shooters"???? He was crazed..and deadly in that one...enjoying his sadism and "making nice" with his victims after hitting them with a baseball bat and putting a plastic bag over one of them...And who could forget his psychotic turn as Jacko in "Fast Food"? He sat around the house with a leopard brief on...and killed an Indian pizza delivery boy after complaining that the guy put anchovies on his pizza! He does psycho very well. (Oh, for those that d
  15. Well, now I've seen it 3 times, and believe it or not, I actually love the movie now. I accept (although still dislike) the fact that the action at the beginning is almost epileptic fit- producing with the fast cuts, wobbly camera work, and the flashes...But I now cherish: Gerry's facial expression, body, action (that we can actually SEE), the stunts, the dance (the audience and I laughed out loud at it...there was a movie with Louis Jourdan and Tim Daly about a champagne empire..where Louis gets drugged and sings WEIRDLY "I've got a lot of living to do"..just as Castle does)...I loved how Ger
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