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    Hang gliding, water skiing, fishing, power boating, snorkeling, traveling, watching Gerry movies, surfing GALS website, catering to my Turkish Van cat Poojie, chatting with my girlfriends at our local Eagle's club of which I am a member and ex-bartender, meeting and greeting people from all over the world as a receptionist at Pitney Bowes, dreaming of Gerry and hoping one day to hang glide tandem with him.

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    Gerry's Connecticut Yankee
  1. Happy Birthday Doll, have a good day xxx

  2. Love those Gerry pool pics. Have a Great Birthday!

  3. God Bless you and have a Fantastic Birthday!

  4. Have a Wonderful Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday JPH, any many more!


  6. Thank you Jessie. Sorry I'm so late but there is something wrong with my computer.

  7. Happy Birthday....Jessie

  8. :wub: I hope Gerry reads all these well wishes from us GALS and knows how proud we are of him. His accomplishments are just never ending. He's such an inspiration, isn't he? And now, for my smoking tale. I smoked for 20 years and hung around with a lot of friends from work. We did everything together. Then we started playing each other in RACKETBALL. Try THAT when your a smoker! After 10 minutes I sounded like I was having a Fookin' heart attack. Soooooo I decided to quit cold turkey. Yeah right! It was Really Really hard for me. I guess it MUST be like having a heroin addiction...and I kept backsliding but I kept on trying until I weened myself off the nicotine... and in no time at all I was playing 2 hours straight racketball with no problem. So Gerry and ladies, if it was as painful for you as it was for me, you know how wonderful you feel being able to beat such a nasty habit. KUDOS TO US ALL!!! :yippee:
  9. DonnaDel

    Coming Attractions!

    Wow! Vintage Hollywood! I can just see it now... Joan Crawford (complete with her shoulder pads and wire hangers)
  10. I'm with you Karen Elizabeth, If anyone could change her mind it would certainly be our Gerry! :tasty:
  11. RocknRolla sounds really good. Hope it lives up to our expectations. I'm with the rest of you ladies...Can't wait to see it. I'm drooling already. Dispatch Mop Team please!
  12. I don't know who Josh is but from what the GALS are saying...I might have to check him out. He must be a smart man though because he says such wonderful things about our Gerry.
  13. Yes she is soooo lucky :tasty: Being anywhere near our Gerry... for me would be better than hitting the lottery. Add to that all the other MALES. I don't think my heart could take it ... but what a way to go huh! :inlove:
  14. Amy, Thanks so much for the article. Speaking for myself, I don't think there is a woman out there that wouldn't love a man like that. He's like a dream come true. Such noble qualities. : :leochest: I have to go now, it's getting HOT in here. :inlove: D.
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