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    Anything Gerry Butler, my friends, love to work on improving my home-built a house by myself. Oil painting, sketching, artwork of almost all sorts. Love photography and taking those unusual candid shots. I live in the mountains of Montana and love to horseback ride, ( also have a group of friends ride horses into the mountains for 2 day campouts.)swim, float the river on a raft, campfires at night. Love to read, watch elk from my home deck,and watching sunsets and sunrises. I traveled a lot when I was younger-(worked at the Pentagon in Washington D C- was a stewardess with TWA-Trans World Airlines) but have traveled very little in the last few years. Would love to learn to throw clay on a wheel and learn about pottery, etc. Playing tennis, and playing golf, poorly. I look forward to making a lot of new friends through Gerard Butler Gals.

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  1. --------------------------------------------------------------------- When given an idiotic question, he can indeed be a man of few words! And every one of those words are intelligent. I wish I could have seen the questioner's face after Gerry's response. I kept looking at the pics of Gerry and Zak Efron. Something is amiss with them. I think Zak is standing on something, or standing up one step...It is like the pics of Gerry and Hillary Swank in the PSILY promos, when she was standing on a box, so she would not look so out of sync because of the heigth difference. I am not casting "aspersions" at Zak. I think he is a cute ("boyo"), but the heigth of his waistline, and Gerry's waistline kind of give it away I think. Unless Zak has legs about a foot longer than Gerry's. Gerry looked so good in the Men's Health "behind the scenes shoot". Holy Cow ! Sue L ---> MyPhantomsSong

  3. Hi, What a creative and wonderful idea. Yes, my daughter and I would both be interested. I do not suffer under any illusion that you would make me look beautiful...but the experience would be a lot of fun and grounds for laughter, I think. Sue L and Jeni H. Mad4Marek and MyPhantomsSong
  4. sue L

    2007 Cony Stories!

    ----------------------------------------------Hi, Thank you for the note! I would absolutely be interested in starting a blog etc. I am now just in the process of moving from my old home, to a new location and home. To make things even more complicated for us, the whole state of Montana has decided to be on fire. The "Black Cat Fire" nearly got me the other day. The wind pushed some flames AWAY from the general location of my home, otherwise, I would have had a very charred new home. I am so tired of worring about forest fires every year, (which is the reason I had moved closer to town in the first place.) And wouldn't you know it...my new home nearly got it! After things settle down a little bit, I would very much enjoy participating. Thanks again for the invitation, and hope to visit with you before very long. SueL
  5. sue L

    2007 Cony Stories!

    I had a great time and can't believe it's over, but I do look forward to becoming more of a gutter gal and dropping some pounds for next years con. Cheers! Paris. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Paris, What a good idea, to get healthier and lose weight. Right now, I am still packing boxes and moving, and trying to remember where I put important things, like the car keys! I think I am going to not only try to lose weight, but to have a happier attitude about life itself. Sometimes I let life get me down, and then I just have to stop and realize how doggone lucky I really am. I think it is just because my life seems so disheveled right now, and I am leaving a house that I built myself, and moving to a house that does not feel like home yet either. So, it is a feeling of displacement, and loss of a home I built myself, and really love. I just make myself think of how hard it is to plow the roads in the winter, how long it takes to drive to town. And the biggest kicker of them all...forest fires! Right now, Missoula (the town that I live closest to) is surrounded by forest fires. I mean close ones. There are two of them, that right now, are rated as the #1 and #2 fires in the nation, that need the be contained. And one of them has burned over 43,000 acres! My new home will be out in the country, but not in an area where forest fires can get to me. That will be a nice thing too, because in the summer, I have always had to pay attention to where the fires were, and pray we do not get a Spring shower with a lot of lightening and such. I am going to join the weight loss group on GALS, or do I have to check GB.Net? Which ever one it is, I think I would enjoy doing it with a group. What have you been up to this summer? Are your kids in any program for swimming and such? They sure grow up fast don't they? Write back and tell me how your Summer is going! Oh yes, did you get the photos of the little fawns that I took out my kitchen window. I will surely miss all the wildlife around here. Sue L ----MyPhantomsSong.
  6. Holy Cow! A true GERRY JUICE OVERDOSE ! I would love to be in your place. But since I can't do that, I will just have to live vicariously through you, so pour on every detail of every item you won. Good for you! It makes it doubly wonderful, when a good person wins something that means so much to them. Sue L--->MyPhantomsSong
  7. --------------------------------I am just amazed by you Pat ! The amount of effort you put into each one of the roses, for instance, to help raise money for the SYT. I just want to say here and now, I feel so lucky to have won your Chicago Rose Afghan in Las Vegas ! I am not yet clever enough with my computer to be able to put the picture of the Afghan in here, so all the GALS can see how pretty it really was. Thank you ZanyZombie, and Becozy for getting the picture in for me. I do have some great pictures of your afghan that I will try to put into GALS in a few days. The committment that so many of the GALS' members exhibit, just blows me away. It is such a dedicated, committed, and fun loving group that love Gerry. He too, must be just blown away when ever he checks the GALS site. To think that a lot of the charities that he cares so much about, are the receipients of so much love and generosity of spirit, (and money) on his behalf ! I don't think he realizes how much he inspires others, to find out how good it feels to get involved and help people less fortunate than ourselves. WOW ! :inlove: Sue L---->MyPhantomsSong Added clickable thumbnail
  8. :yippee: On Friday the 20th, there was a short bit of information on T.V. about 300 that said: 300 is the most requested presold DVD on the "Pre-Order" list, from Amazon.com. It did not give the exact number of 300 DVD pre orders it had gotten...but it made a big deal about it, and showed a portion of the film, that focused primarily on Gerry ! It was on the "Entertainment News" channel and the show was THE DAILY 10! The female narrator said (roughly)..."The yelling, the screaming, the sweating, the bods...AAHH!" 300 is the most "Presold DVD " on Amazon.com, and the DVD won't even be out until July 31st!" There were other things said, and the movie was being shown, along with the narration. She made it out to be a really big thing. It just gets better and better doesn't it? Sue L--->MyPhantomsSong
  9. sue L

    2007 Cony Stories!

    Uh, sorry ladies. I meant that my HOUSE came in 3 different parts, and not that I came in 3 different parts. Maybe the draft I felt, was between my ears ! MyPhantomsSong --> Sue L
  10. sue L

    2007 Cony Stories!

    Fergie surely said it all. It is indeed a uniquely wonderful "trip" (sorry, the 60's just keep coming back at me) to meet women that you have never met before, but yet they feel like sisters. Some of them a little more "demented" than others. I say that lovingly because I am in that last group also. It just does not seem enough time to truly get to see everyone, and connect faces with names etc. I do not know when I have ever had such fun though. I debated about coming to the convention because my new home was being delivered, and you know how men can be even when you leave them explicit instructions as to where to put everything! I just knew that I would come home to a tee pee and a campfire with a complimentary roll of toilet paper hanging in the nearest tree. But I definitely made the right choice in joining a group of fun loving, crazy, Gerry GALS. (Incidentally, I still do not have my new home.) I comes in 3 parts, and one of the parts went to Ohio or something. So there appears to be a big draft where the living room should be. I am so looking forward to next year, and renewing friendships, and having the time of my life again. I have never seen so many truly talented girls in one place. That was amazing. Fergie, I built my own house too...although it took me 7 years to do it. I bet we could commiserate over a few hammer bruised thumbs, taste of nails in your mouth, and feet sore from ladder climbing. Thank you, to too many ladies that I cannot remember the names of, but will remember their kindnesses and laughter and good hearts forever. MyPhantomsSong ----> Sue L


  12. Hi Debrasue,

    Yes, Oh Dear God that man can pull the right strings can't he? I often wonder if some of the girls he attended school with earlier, ever think back to those days & say..damn! Missed my chance. SueL

  13. I was so excited to be able to attend the convention this year! Several things really struck a chord with me. We were all there, to show our support for the man that inspires us all with his talent, wit, humanity, and generosity of spirit. Gerry Butler inspires us all to be better, and to make the world a better place. The fantastic amout of money that was raised for SGCF by Gerry fans just highlights that fact. The comraderie among the attendees, no matter which fan club, or geographic location was amazing. It was so exciting for me to finally put a face to the "GALS names" and such. I met so many ladies, that I now consider friends, and cannot wait to see them at the next convention. The overall atmosphere was one of fun of course, but knowing that we were helping a very worthy cause, made it even better ! When we all walked into the room that was decorated for the 300 Ball, my mouth fell open. (It just does that sometimes ha!). It was so incredibly beautiful that it took me a few minutes to take it all in. From the "300" wall decorations, to the tall white columns, and the big red velvet bows on the backs of the chairs, etc. The amount of effort it must have taken, to have that room look that fantastic ! The ladies not only had to work together as a team, but the AMOUNT of things they did to make not only the "300 Ball" so beautiful, but the entire convention such a success, is beyond amazing. There were tables and tables of items to bid on in the numerous silent auctions. Having never had much luck with winning anything, I never the less purchased a few tickets for items to be drawn for later in the evening. I was more than suprised, when my name was called as the winner of a beautiful off white, hand crocheted blanket, with beautiful red roses on it! (donated by "The Chicago Rose Afghan Co.") To all the ladies who set everything up... How in the world did you get all that stuff to LV on the airplane ? The entries in the video competition were really GOOD, and now I cannot wait to start making Gerry videos of my own. One of the things that suprised me the most, was the talent competition. Who knew our GALS' group harbored such talent? I stayed a few days after the Convention, before coming back home. However, it was very unexpectedly lonely. I did not expect to miss the friendships I had made, the warm atmosphere of the Convention, and the fun excursions I had shared with some very special people! I cannot wait for the next convention! MyPhantomsSong * * * * Sue L
  14. Hi sue L!!!

    I just read your post about how you fell in love with G's wonderful voice...I'm there with ya...know exactly what you mean...glad you are here, gal...Debrasue

  15. Wow! I can hardly wait to see it! I had the dvd with Michael Crawford etal and just loved it. POTO was on tv one night, while I was folding laundry and all that sort of exciting stuff. I just heard this sexy voice singing, and then wondering if the singer would hit the high note in Music of the Night. Not only did he hit the note, but he hit it with room to spare, and with such easy volume and depth of emotion, that I had to stop and hit the rerun button again ! Since that time, I have heard no one match Gerry's version. The Phantom's voice is better when sung with with less operatic vibrato. Gerry may not have the best operatic version, but he is the winner hands down when you want quality ! He puts so much feeling into his singing, that you are just drawn to his character, and you can truly feel the pain, and melancholy that this Phantom had in his soul. How very brave of Gerry, to step out of his comfort zone, and sing with professionals that were classically trained. He had never had a singing lesson, and had never even sung one song in a film before. Putting himself "out there" to be criticized and compared to Michael Crawford took guts. Just put yourself in his place, and see what you would feel like, and then you will see how very brave he was. His Phantom, is the quintessential Phantom for me. All the emotion, love, and sadness is there inside Gerry Butler. Thankfully, his natural talent for acting, and that captivating and charismatic voice, just pulls you into his dark world. I did not even need to see the handsome face, the flashing green eyes, or the sexy aura of this Phantom, to become a fan....he had me at "that high note" that he hit with such ease, and deep emotion. :inlove: Sue L ----- MyPhantomsSong
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