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  1. Dear Barbara, . You are in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery, my friend!
  2. Barb, You are in my thoughts and prayers!
  3. May you rest in peace Bettes! You were a lovely person.
  4. Suzie....I am so with you!!!!!!!!! Donna and I will be there for sure!!! Looking forward to going to the MGM....so gorgeous there! But, most of all....looking forward to seeing all my galfriends as well! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs, Poppy
  5. OMG! Poppy, that sig by Frannie is incredible! :D Linda

  6. Poppy


    Lisa Lin got home safely at 2pm yesterday. Deetz and I flew in at 1am this morning. We are all home safely and accounted for....LOL. Till next year, Gals!!! Hugs Poppy
  7. Donna and I will arrive on Sunday at 5:30pm. Lisa will arrive on Tuesday. Can't wait to see you all! Hugs, Poppy
  8. WOW....your one year anniversary on GALS! Congrats!

    Hugs, Aunty Lin

  9. Money sent via paypal! Hugs Poppy
  10. Donna and I will be bringing a few baskets for the auction as well. Hugs Poppy
  11. Poppy

    The *VS* Game

    Action films chocolate vs flowers for Valentine's Day
  12. Poppy

    Movies ABC

    ABCs of Science Fiction/Horror/Fantasy Films A) Avatar B) Beowulf and Grendel C) Creature From the Black Lagoon D) Dracula 2000
  13. A) Ants B) backache C) contrary people D) Ditzy neighbors E) Egomaniacs on Facebook! F) Flies G) Greed H) Hateful people I) illness J) Junk mail! K) Kids screaming outside next door L) lusty looks from dirty, old men & pervs M) Migraines N) Nasty neighbours O) Overdrafts at the bank P) Predators of children Q) Queasy stomach R) Rashes S) Seedy bars T) Taxes U) Undignified pick-up lines V) Very low checking account balance W) Warts X) Xerox copiers Y) Yellowjackets Z) Zits
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