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    Gerry of course and anything having to do with Gerry! I love POTO and phanfic, Scotland history, Native American history, Medieval and Renaissance art and history. Reading and drawing. Art and computer graphics. <br />I'm a big soccer (football) fan and soccer mom fanatic! I have four daughters who play soccer but I'm not sure who gets more into the game...them or me : )

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    Cover me with GERRY THE HUNKY HIGHLANDER, Dracula's Eternally Love GAL
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  1. Way to go and it is SO deserved by Gerry, Lena, Zack and the whole cast!!
  2. Oh joy of joys I am actually going to go this time. I just finished registering and I sent off a deposit for my mother and me via paypal. So I'm in :dance: Oh geez Zany, I was so preoccupied I didn't even see you there. and thank you so very much for trying to answer my question. It's good to be back!!
  3. it is finally here :yippee: :yippee: the announcement I have been waiting for. June 13-14 sounds doable to me. Now I just need to round up my Mom so we can get our registration in. I just have one question...what does open registration on Oct 1st mean? (think I read that right )
  4. Hi Suzanne,

    Just sopped into GALS to get the latest news and I couldn't leave without seeing your smiling face : )


  5. hiya Lorie,

    dropping by quickly , to say, hello! I hope you are well. I left you a message on myspace. Huggles!

  6. Thanks Susan. I was hoping Amazon would do something like this.
  7. It doesn't matter to me if he did it or why. I can't even imagine what his life has been like lately... and surely he hasn't had much downtime with all the constant interviews and appearances. Let alone all the stupid questions that have been asked... I am so tired of hearing them ask about his abs in the movie. And then there are all those smart@#ses making stupid remarks to him, like the one that said "You aren't that big yet Gerry." Now that guy I wanted to smack around a bit. I love every aspect of Gerry... including that middle finger of his
  8. Thanks Dawn for the video. He's just so full of energy and that smile of his... ahh, it just melts my heart. That's too bad about Priest, though... I was looking forward to seeing it. But with talent there will be other great role out there for him.
  9. Dang!! I think I just died and went to heaven. If I could be anything else, I would definitely want to be those jeans that are carressing that gorgeous bum of his!! Oh yeah, that's the way to go baby!!!
  10. OMGosh, I am so glad I stopped in here for a quick peek. I had March 9th already marked on my calendar. I would have missed Gerry completely and I would have been sooooo bummed!! Thanks for the heads up and updating the calendar.
  11. OMGosh! This is wonderful. CONGRATULATIONS to all you lucky, lucky winners!! I am so happy and excited for you all. Have a great time and don't forget....pictures, pictures, pictures. Take lots of picture and fill us in on all the detail when you get back!
  12. Hi! Lorie!

    How are you my friend?

    Good I hope!

    Just dropping in to let you know I'm thinkin' anout you!

    Have a great day!



  13. IESB has some new images from 300. Here's one of the pics The other images over there are SPOILERS For those of you that don't mind spoilers, here the link to the pics IESB.net
  14. Just stopped in for a quickie. I'm head out to my daughter school to work in her class for a few hours. Cheri... I hope you get to feel better real soon. Kathy... Sorry to hear about the migranes. My husband gets those and I know they can be pretty bad. Bela... Love the pics. That's one sharp dressed man!! :hug99: Hugs to you all and have a great weekend!!
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