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  1. Forgot to say could that avatar be any cuter? I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off that lil tuft of hair he he xxx

  2. Of course i don't mind you adding me as a friend. I'm honoured and please keep in touch honey, thinking of you and all your family, god bless

    Simone xxx

  3. I'm not sure what to put here other than i could not be more happy and thrilled for you darlin'. Do not under any circumstances let anyone take away anything from your dreams. If anyone deserves their dreams coming true it is you and i am both extremely proud and privileged to call you my friend and remember keep believing coz we aint finished yet lol. I love you very much from your Rosie

  4. The only time dreams don't come true is when you stop believing in them. Believe Barbara and you never know what wonders await you (maybe even Scottish one's lol). I think you know what you mean to me by now. God bless and i love ya. xxx

  5. Hey lovely lady, thank you again for all your support, laughs and kindness to me and of course my new beautiful siggy. You brought tears to my eyes, but warmth to my heart, god bless sweetie. xxx

  6. I finally found my guardian angel, tell her i love the dickens out of her and thank her for being a truly wonderful friend who i will love for the rest of my life when you next look in the mirror.

    Your McTooty

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