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  1. Aw Gerry words just fail me and if you knew me you'd be surprised as most people have a hard time shuting me up!!! Remind you of anyone :lol: only kidding x

    A little something I wanted to share with you,

    Because of you I found this site,

    Because of this site I found people who have brought me more joy than I can tell you,

    Because of those people I found real courage in myself for the first time,

    Because of that courage I began to really live again,

    Because of feeling alive again I went to America to meet my friends,

    And it's all because of you!x

    I celebrated my own birthday looking at the Grand Canyon and I can't tell you the emotion I felt doing so. Without the encouragement and love from fellow Gerryholics who love you to bits as I do, I'd probably still be in the same dead end job always wondering 'what if'. So I thought I would tell you that you have touched my life in more ways and more deeply than I can ever say and maybe if you get the chance to read these then please know that I thank you so very much. I hope maybe if you do get down days that you know there are people like me whose life has been changed so much for the better. I have two big albums of pictures and memories that I will cherish forever just because of YOU.

    I know I'm a bit late writing this, but I've just been away training for my new job, one I wouldn't have even tried for before my Gerry Journey, so know I love ya and that as a wise man once said 'we truly are all connected'.

    I wish you joy lovely man, always


    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and one for luck x

  2. Hi Betts, hope you're doing good. :wave:

    I wanted to let you know what a lovely idea I think this is, but i'm not sure Gerry would want his fans giving so much money to get it. I don't know Gerry and never will, but I would hope that if the wonderful amount of $25,000 was raised by people that love him, he would want that given to a charity or an organisation that could do amazing work with it. I've always wanted Mr B to start up his own foundation (obviously when he isn't so busy) because there are so many people like you who want to do something special for him that it could change a lot of lives. Myself personally knowing that would touch my life so much more than something people just walk on. I hope with all my heart that Gerry gets every blessing and recognition possible and know that if something like this is meant to be for him then it will be.

    Love and hugs



  3. I don't really know what to say... I only really saw Dee from a distance in Vegas and unfortunately never got a chance to speak to her, but the truly heartfelt memorials here have moved me more than i can tell you. What i genuinely hope is that Gerry sees this and knows through your words how special a fan he had in Dee. Too often you hear the bad side of what fame must be like for him, but unfortunately sometimes too little is made of the joy, love and magic that this man has brought so many which is such a shame. To be able to change someones life and to give them hope is a true gift and i'm so glad he was able to do that for Dee. I hope he's proud as it's so obvious that she was to be a fan of his.

    Condolences to her family and to all of you who knew her and it seems to me that Gerry has someone very special looking after him now.

    All the best



  4. I've had nothing but trouble with these i think rude and unproffessional people. It took four fookin phone calls to try to send me an email and guess what i never got it. I'm not going to see this now out of principal and i'm very sorry you've all been let down. I just can't believe they didn't even have the decency to let the gals know seeing jusy how much money we've spent with them.

    I don't think i'd enjoy myself now if i did go because the whole business has left a bitter taste in my mouth.

    I personally wouldn't give them a dime let alone $150, but that's just me.

    What a shame i think.

    All the best



  5. I was just wondering if anyone would like me to bring them over any of these 300 posters?

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    I understand from Lugerry that it's very difficult to get hold of any of these in the US, so thought i'd offer to bring them over for anyone who would like one. I have bought the bottom one to bring with me to donate to the auction anyway, but if i can help let me know.

    All the very best and see you soon.



    PS Should say that in the shop i got mine you could pick any three for about $19

  6. :kisswink:

    I can only say i'm thrilled that Mr B is getting the attention/opportunities now he so rightly deserves, but for me personally i am moved the most when i see him in films with one on one close relationships and not so much action, action, action. I LOVED 300 because it is just fookin great, but my fav part of all of it was when he was teaching and play fighting with his son. He kisses him and rubs his head and that's what made the film for me. If it weren't for the extremely touching parts like that and how much he obviously loved his men, then i don't think it would have had the affect on me that it did. For Gerry to agree to this then i guess he must see something original in it, otherwise why bother. It does bug me that you seem to get the same old idea re-worked time and time again by the industry as if us movie-goers can't tell the difference, but i'm sure as with everything he's done Mr B will put his heart and soul into it and therefore possibly (and i try not to make rash judgements) make a diamond out of a pile of ummm ash!

    Love to all



  7. What lovely pic's of Mr B back here in GB. Really loving the casual look too. Is he using the 'man bag' that you guys bought him from the convention last year coz if it is very nice taste ladies.

    I think maybe with him looking a little grumpy it might be something to do with why photographers or people in general want to know what kind of drink/snack/magazine he's buying because myself personally i don't think it matters and i really feel for 'celebrities' who are followed/have their garbage rifled through in the name of public interest, but that's a whole different story. What are they going to put in the newspaper/magazine "Newsflash Gerard Butler drinks regular coke!!!!" :lol:

    As for the lady who got to say hello and have a hug all i can say is "You go girlfriend". I'm really glad that Gerry still seems pleased to meet his fans and that the razzi haven't totally spoilt it (YET) I feel that unfortunately though it's only a matter of time. I've read how the fans were pushed around by the razzi while they waited outside the Conan studios and i probably shouldn't put this but push the b@$%ards back i say :lol:

    Sorry digressed there for a minute, just wanted to say "Gerry, you got it going onnnnnnnn" :lol:

    Love to all



  8. You hear so many stories of actors who do a film like that and it really affects them badly. I do hope that if the producers/screen adapters stay close to the original book Gerry is at least able to leave that character at 'work' because otherwise i would really worry for his mental health. I read this while i was at college and geez 'dark' doesn't even begin to touch the surface, but i do respect the man and his film choices, but i'm with Holly and Susan Sporran in that i'm not sure i want to see this 'side' of Gerry although i know it's not real. I know this may make me sound like a boring old fart, but is a film with a happy ending really so bad?

  9. Congratulations Ladies i hope you have a fab time and to everyone who didn't win then i truly hope you get the chance to see Mr B up close and personal too some day.

    I wasn't going to enter the comp for tickets to the London premiere then my Jersey girl called me and gave me the confidence to have a go and at least try. I'm not sure how many have entered, but if i am lucky enough to be picked then you better be booking your flight ASAP Lu, coz i aint going without you!!! :kisswink: I wish there were at least 10 tickets to give away and not one, but to see the look of pure joy on your face Lu i would gladly give up my own. No one deserves it more than you :kisswink: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Enjoy your night ladies and if you do get arrested :cunning: make sure it's for handcuffing yourselves to the hottest of Scots (only kidding) i hope it's everything you hope it to be.



  10. I'm great thank you honey bunny, i spend a good deal of the day gazing at my new siggy in complete wonder :claphands:

    OMG you should have seen the Italian barman i met last night :cunning::pointy:

    Anyway enough of my drunken antics huh? :kisswink:

    I so hate putting Mr B into a bucket unless i can fit in there with him (some chance of that huh?) :rotflmao:

    Love you lady



  11. :claphands: Just came across this pic and can't find any mention of it here but as it's a GB.Net pic i wasn't sure if it can be posted here. Thought i'd give it a go and see. It's probably my imagination, but from the pavement it really looks like Sauchiehill St in Glasgow. Can this man be any lovelier?



    Posted Image

  12. For A Special Someone

    May your Christmas sparkle

    With a joy that's bright and new

    And may you be surrounded

    By the love that's felt for you

    You'll always mean the world to me

    You make my life worthwhile

    I'd travel to the ends of time

    Just to see your smile

    So now that Christmastime is near

    May all your dreams come true

    Just as mine did the very moment

    That i set eyes on you

    These are words from a card i got a long time ago from someone that wont be with me this Christmas, the words mean so much to me, as did the person who sent it and as does the person i am writing it to now.

    Happy Christmas Gerry, now and always


  13. Not sure if i'm posting this in the right place, but can't find Lolita's thread. (Does she have her own sub-forum :lol: )

    I saw this picture, sent it to Pilar and thought OMG Lolly this pug was made for you. I thought he could keep her company when Daddy is away and she wouldn't miss Ger too much. The tartan will comfort her, i know it does me! :lol:

    Posted Image

    Must go i'm late for my psychiatric appointment :lol::bonk::lol:

    Much love



  14. I have a lovely purple butterfly on my lower back and am thinking of getting a new one. I can't make up my mind between a rose with ribbon (can't think why :lol: , but maybe not as that's very popular) and a little Jerry mouse from Tom and Jerry (I know its not spelt the same, but he's as cute as the actor guy, umm i've forgotten his name :lol: ) Jerry and Gerry both have the same length whiskers and are forever being chased by Queens with majorly long talons (uh oh did i write that :cunning: ) Forgive me, but writing about this is making me think of lapping up cream (can't think why :lol: ) Guess i'm all kinks tonight.

    The rose was going to go on my back, so as the butterfly is sat on it and i was thinking of Jerry on my ankle.

    (Well anywhere he wants really :lol: )

    Any ideas GALS?

    Love to all



  15. I'm going to get into big trouble when i EVENTUALLY get to see it. I won't be sitting in a seat, nope i'll be sat up by the screen with my face right up to it. It will take military intervention to move me too. I can see it now, the staff will be saying "Move or we'll have to get security" and i'll be like "I'm not moving, i'm not moving." :lol: Gee wizz no one will able to see what's going on because i will be in this position :headspin: :lol:

    :tantrum: How much longer til March? :tantrum:


    You've always been A List for all of us, but please don't disappear into the dark recesses of Hollywood

    never to return. You very much deserve the recognition this film will bring you (long overdue i think) and i truly hope it will add to and improve your life, rather than take away from it and especially with your privacy. :kiss:

    All kneel in the presence of 'The King' :worship: :lol:

    Love and respect



  16. Gerry,

    I'm not really sure what to say as others have put what i feel and think about you more eloquently than i could. I'm writing a book at the moment about you in which the character Rebecca starts off by being a fan of yours and after a chance meeting in Glasgow (in a coffee shop :lol: ) and in Vegas both of you fall for each other and i'm not really explaining this properly as it's complicated but, Beck writes you a birthday letter every year that you are together and this is the first one. It says it all really.

    Excerpt from book

    "Dear Ger, .ak.a Bear, a.k.a Git,

    I promised to write down all the soppy stuff for you, so you wont forget it in your senility, he he. I hope this is soppy enough. Ok, ok, I’ll get serious now, I love you x

    I don’t really know where to begin other than to try to tell you what the last six months have meant to me. Every day when I wake up now I do so with such a joy in my heart that it’s difficult for me to put it into words, but I’ll try. I feel like every decision I’ve made or hurt I’ve felt however bad has been for a reason and that was to eventually find you baby. Some call it fate, but whatever it was that brought us together (Was it coffee?), I am and will always be more thankful than you will ever know. It never ceases to amaze me how just one action or decision can completely change someones life. What if I hadn’t turned left that day in Glasgow and decided to go shopping instead (You know me I need little excuse!) I thought about that just before I sat down to write this to you and my stomach turned over. I would have never met you and I can’t bare to think of that, so I wont ever do so again. I did meet you and have loved you since that moment. Although it was only when we were together again in Vegas that I truly realised what love really was and that you were it for me. I guess in Glasgow it was more like the love you have for a close friend or for someone from afar, because that’s all I thought you’d be. That’s where it really began for me and I just hope it never ends. No matter what happens between us Gerry, I want you to know that I will never stop loving you, never ever. You make me smile, laugh, cry, hope, dream, want, feel and above all else love every single day just from knowing you.

    The smiles come from the kindness you show me and to everyone who is blessed to know you.

    The laughter comes from your natural way at making me feel at ease and the genuine lust and humour you have for life.

    The tears (Happy ones) come from trying to make myself understand that you are real and with me and that hopefully you love me too. (Sad ones) because sometimes I believe that you aren’t real and this amazing new life couldn’t possibly be happening to me because I’m not worthy of you or your love.

    The hope comes from your amazing heart and how you look to the future and the joy it could hold. I have so much love and respect for you just for that.

    The dreams come from wondering about our life together and all it could bring us given the chance. You’ve made my dreams come true in so many ways that it would take a lifetime to tell you. Are you busy for the next fourty years or so?

    The wanting comes from the way you look at me and how you touch me and what I feel when I look at you. I feel safe and protected and cherished when we’re together and I’m never happier than when I’m next to you or lying in your arms.

    The feeling comes from how you move my heart and mind into being a better person and it’s almost like I’ve finally been brought back to life. It probably sounds cheesy (I apologise), but I see wonders through new eyes now and it’s you that have truly opened them. Everything looks and sounds more beautiful because I have you to share them with me.

    The loves comes from how you care for others and how you stand by me everyday even though sometimes I can’t see you. How having you in my life has made every second worthwhile. Every time you show you care or do something nice for anyone or a simple hug for me or for someone who needs it, I love you so much more. Some days I think to myself “I can’t possibly love him anymore than I do now” and then you hug a fan and make her dreams come true as you did mine or play with Lolly and I have to change my mind.

    For all of the above and for every single day since the 4th of June, I thank you sweetheart and love you so much. I know I won’t see you today, but I hope you feel my love around you as I always feel yours. You’re like the most beautiful, warm, tartan blanket around my shoulders on a very bitter day and I know now that I’ll never be cold again.

    If I am blessed to be able to love you for the rest of my life then I’d like to thank you now for making it the most wonderful one any person could ever hope and wish for. When it comes to loving you baby I don’t think forever is going to be enough.

    Know that I will be your dumpling until my very last breath

    xx Rebecca xx

    P.S -Love and huge snogs to Miss B

    P.P.S -I thought about posting myself to you as your present, but as I’m not exactly the tiniest person on the planet, I couldn’t afford the postage, but I do love you bear always. x"

    Gerard James Butler you mean the world to me. Happy Birthday.



  17. Oh they'll be sweet all right honey. :heat::pant:

    Silly i know, but i always say "god bless" to him before i turn out the light at night. He'll never hear me, but i do it as if he could.

    Love and hugs and a special "God bless" to Bjorn. :kiss:



  18. Can i just concur with you Eva Marie


    BTW I may have the chance to sculpt a Gerry head in clay at college, so if i ever see him i will officially be able to give him head. (Sorry that was naughty, but it is his birthday tomorrow, i guess i need someone to :whip: me.)

    Oh geez best go to bed as am having trouble focusing. It's my own fault i shouldn't have mentioned the three deadly sins (1. Gerry's birthday suit, 2. Being spanked and 3. Worshipping at the Butler temple.)

    Forgive me, this was supposed to be about drawing :lol:

    Guess i'm a gutter gal today.

    If you read this bear, apologies, i'm generally a very good girl, honest :lol:




  19. Thank you everyone. I'm going to try to draw this one next, Posted Image

    i love happy and relaxed bear best and he looks it in this one. I love the one that was taken when he was in Iceland recently, where he has on a navy blue t-shirt. Loving it, loving it, loving it.

    Now it's just finding the time to draw him :lol: With the last one i did a little bit at a time and concentrated on each bit of him (I wish) individually. His stubble was easy as i developed my own trick when i was drawing Erik (the fawn). You just continually keep turning the pencil around as then you never have two strokes (Mental image of stroking those whiskers :lol: ) alike. I did the same with Erik's body, to get the different textures of his coat.

    I'm hoping to take the next picture i draw of bear to London for the UK Premiere of 300 and maybe get him to sign it. Both my drawings of him are in America now, so i only get to see him on my puter. It is such a buzz to be able to say "I did that" and not in an ego boosting way, but it just makes me proud to hopefully do him justice and that you like my work too.

    Thanks to everyone again for caring and for giving me more confidence in myself.

    God bless



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