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  1. Thanks for the article Becozy. I got the bulletin from are local Chamber of Commerce out here. I was surprised when I saw the audition call. But Temecula is a very beautiful area of So. California so I can see why the studio would consider this location. Especially for the Hot Air Balloons. We have tons of them out here and occasionally they fly over my house. Which is a beautiful sight to see. I actually live in this lovely part of Southern California and one of my friends was there auditioning to be one of the extras. My daughter would love to be in it but unfortunately she is nineteen and is considered too young. My friend is just waiting to be called. I hope she gets it for her sake. Just think Gerry & Katherine maybe here where I live filming. I am totally out of the picture because of my age. So I am wondering why 20 to 30 year olds. The studio only knows. Which in my opinion is disappointing because the annual balloon and wine festival out here is open to everybody. Temecula has a lot to offer. I am glad that some or at least one of the scenes will be filmed here. HUGS & SMILES, Oban Maiden/Alexis
  2. Hi Lisa, Here are two websites you might consider. I don't know what you maybe looking for in a dress but a friend recommend these two websites too me. I hope they help you. Alexis/Oban Maiden www.edressme.com www.unique-vintage.com
  3. Hi Yvon, So heart felt my sweet friend. As always great job. Love you, Lexie/Oban Maiden
  4. Dear Lady Yvonne. Everything you said was perfect. Gerard Butler is a beautiful individual inside and out. Cheers Lady Yvonne and Mr. Butler. Alexis/Oban Maiden
  5. Such a candid and moving interview. He is one extraordinary human being. Got to love him!!
  6. Scary to see the vultures swarming in on him. Security should have protected him better. It is not going to be easy for him anymore with so many crazy people out there wanting a piece of him. I feel bad for him. But that is part of the price you pay for being famous. But I know he will take it in his stride. Darn the man looks good. Hmmm! Got to Love Him. As for the word "bitch" the young crowd uses that word in context for just a word. It is not meant in a derogatory or negative manner but one of apprasial and Just down right sexy. But leave it to Gerry to respond back. He certainly doesn't miss a beat. Hugs, Alexis/Oban Maiden
  7. Hey Stef, Thanks for getting us the clips to PSILY, They are FANTASTIC!!! I can hardly wait for the Movie. Alexis/Oban Maiden
  8. This is such a worthy effort. I'd be willing to help. You can count me in. Thanks for making us aware of this great organization. I have friends that have love ones over in Iraq including my Sisterinlaw Dorie. Hugs, Alexis/Oban Maiden
  9. Dear Friend, As always you write beautiful. A fantastic job my dear. Love you, A.
  10. ObanMaiden

    Next Vegas Con

    I was thinking maybe a morning breakfast meet and greet. I know some people don't like to eat breakfast but if a mod sat at each table and than rotate then at least maybe the newbies and the veterans can get to know each other. It seem like so many of us were at a lost during the day because we would like to have meet other gals and join them for outings during the day. I know I could have gotten off my bum and met more of you but I am basically a shy person so that is my fault for not put myself forward to meet more of you. But on the hold I enjoyed myself. Alexis/Oban Maiden
  11. We all know that Gerry is a Hottie!! and he is Extremly Handsome, and I am so glad he finally got notices by People Magazine. Way to go Gerry!!! Matthew is second too Gerry everytime. Alexis/Oban Maiden
  12. THANKS STEF, Casual Gerry Hmmm! Nice Alexis/ Oban Maiden
  13. FINALLY got to meet you in Vegas! You were so nice & so much fun.

  14. Hi Alexis,

    Can't wait to meet you in Vegas.!



  15. Hi Ashley, I'd be glad to get one of your books Ashley. Alexis/Oban Maiden
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