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  1. MareksLadyD

    2018 Gerry MOVIE Survivor

    Bounty Hunter and Playing for Keeps
  2. MareksLadyD

    2018 Gerry MOVIE Survivor

    I'm jumping in to boot off GEOSTORM and PLAYING FOR KEEPS. GeoStorm was a bit of a mess and Playing for Keeps could not figure out if it was a comedy, a family movie, or about kids and soccer. Nope they gotta go.
  3. MareksLadyD

    We're back to DEFCON 1...

    Come on GALS! We can't let the site down! I just sent a bit mores, we can do it!
  4. MareksLadyD

    Gerry Character Survivor 2015

    Gonna have to say good bye to Frosty. Leo's time has come.
  5. MareksLadyD

    Gerry Character Survivor 2015

    I haven't been a part of this game in ages and ages BUT if I am allowed to jump in (sorry it's nearing the end) Then I would have to throw my vote to poor Crispy Creedy.
  6. MareksLadyD

    We're back to DEFCON 1...

    Just added a little more to the pot via Paypal. IF Gals ever goes down then I will fall into a pit of depression I'm not sure i would get out of. I may not post here like I used to, but it is a part of me.
  7. MareksLadyD

    We're back to DEFCON 1...

    paypaled some a couple days ago, we need to keep this open
  8. MareksLadyD


    guess who is leaving on a jet plane!?!?! That's right, THIS GAL!! nope sorry, not calming down. I just booked my flight, hotel and a car through expedia (saved me over $100) I'm spending a bit of time with my mom so I needed the car and a friend is going to be joining me this year. She says she has to work out the details I say "YOU'RE GOING!"
  9. MareksLadyD

    Vegas PJ Party THANK YOUs!

    TWO THUMBS ENTHUSIASTICALLY WAY WAY UP. Our gathering was good holiday fun. You all made it that way, and I thank all of you for the laughter. LOTS of laughter.
  10. MareksLadyD

    Gerry Character Survivor 2013

    I say Mike's time has come to say goodbye. So bubye MIKEY!! Sam for the WIN!
  11. MareksLadyD


    Poopie. I missed the chat session! I wanted to squeeeeee about this
  12. MareksLadyD


    sent some. and I will check on the progress. No gift needed, put the postage toward the fee. Yeah I know it's not much but still.
  13. MareksLadyD

    No Convention? We can still GATHER!

    I'm in. And I'm fine with it not being in June too
  14. MareksLadyD

    Future Conventions

    You all amaze me.. And Cat, Sheri, KB? :thewoman: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: seriously, no joke, your posts said what I could not
  15. MareksLadyD

    Future Conventions

    As a winner of one of the auction baskets this year I can honestly say that the donations were phenomenal. I was thrilled with everything I saw and was fortunate enough to actually win one. Whether they were made or given I was blown away. So speaking for this GAL alone I say thank you and BRAVA to all those that donated!