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  1. Bounty Hunter and Playing for Keeps
  2. I'm jumping in to boot off GEOSTORM and PLAYING FOR KEEPS. GeoStorm was a bit of a mess and Playing for Keeps could not figure out if it was a comedy, a family movie, or about kids and soccer. Nope they gotta go.
  3. Come on GALS! We can't let the site down! I just sent a bit mores, we can do it!
  4. Gonna have to say good bye to Frosty. Leo's time has come.
  5. I haven't been a part of this game in ages and ages BUT if I am allowed to jump in (sorry it's nearing the end) Then I would have to throw my vote to poor Crispy Creedy.
  6. Just added a little more to the pot via Paypal. IF Gals ever goes down then I will fall into a pit of depression I'm not sure i would get out of. I may not post here like I used to, but it is a part of me.
  7. paypaled some a couple days ago, we need to keep this open
  8. guess who is leaving on a jet plane!?!?! That's right, THIS GAL!! nope sorry, not calming down. I just booked my flight, hotel and a car through expedia (saved me over $100) I'm spending a bit of time with my mom so I needed the car and a friend is going to be joining me this year. She says she has to work out the details I say "YOU'RE GOING!"
  9. TWO THUMBS ENTHUSIASTICALLY WAY WAY UP. Our gathering was good holiday fun. You all made it that way, and I thank all of you for the laughter. LOTS of laughter.
  10. I say Mike's time has come to say goodbye. So bubye MIKEY!! Sam for the WIN!
  11. Poopie. I missed the chat session! I wanted to squeeeeee about this
  12. sent some. and I will check on the progress. No gift needed, put the postage toward the fee. Yeah I know it's not much but still.
  13. I'm in. And I'm fine with it not being in June too
  14. You all amaze me.. And Cat, Sheri, KB? :thewoman: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: seriously, no joke, your posts said what I could not
  15. As a winner of one of the auction baskets this year I can honestly say that the donations were phenomenal. I was thrilled with everything I saw and was fortunate enough to actually win one. Whether they were made or given I was blown away. So speaking for this GAL alone I say thank you and BRAVA to all those that donated!
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