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  1. Hey Laurie,

    Saw you had added me to your friends list sweetie. Thank you you're on mine too.

  2. Just want to say that your Siggy is and OUT OF SIGHT!!! Wonderful work!!!! :clap: :greatjob:

  3. Lisa seriously, this sounds like someone or more that one that saw an opportunity to spread a little rumor after seeing someone famous.... its just so one sided and blatant. I find it all very hard to believe that this went down in the way it is described
  4. Padded room all prepared... now go so i can have him all to meself!!!!! nerdy gerry, gotta love him
  5. WOW, thanks for the pic....
  6. there is a great little clip of interviews and a sneak peek for NIM's at this link http://www.stardoll.com/en/cinema/ enjoy ladies!!!!
  7. i am so jealous....boy is she lucky.... :ohbaby2:
  8. thank you again for the tips, i am completely addicted!!
  9. wow, i won something, YIPEE....thank you ladies...the Vcon was so much fun!!!
  10. laurie i DL the Ulead animator 5 and this is my latest creation for celticgirl... i am very proud of it
  11. hey ladies, i seem to be getting the hang of this, here is my second attempt
  12. thanks frenchy, i am getting addicted, i may need to buy this software
  13. ok ladies, i downloaded a free trial and made my 1st ever siggy, its ok, but well i need pratice, thanks cleobethra for the info
  14. rain snow, hope you don't mind, but i wanna bring a little dessert too....variety is the spice of life ....
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