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    #1. Gerry Butler. I love cars(Honda), movies, all types of music, especially 80's music, shopping, my work, talking to the girls, reading, sitting at the airport watching the planes fly in(relaxes me), taking pictures of any and everything, Gerard's Back, Gerard's Eyes, his booty and driving my boyfriend absolutely nuts.

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  1. I'm from Aberdeen. It was too funny when they put for Martin- Knoing when it's time to go.
  2. Thanx for the info... I like the way they chose as well. They didn't go for newbies, they went for experience and they had a great selection.
  3. Thanks for that... all of them look yummy. Can't wait for Gamer and Law Abiding Citizen. Haven't had enough of Gerry yet.
  4. Awsome!!! Wait til Law Abiding Citizen and Gamer (effin awsome trailers by the way), the critics know nothing about The Ugly Truth. When his other 2 films come out, they're gonna bring something fierce... I've been hearing very good things.
  5. Yes, yes, yes! Thoes critics were very quick to judge... like in the restaurant scene. They said it would never match up to the scene Meg Ryan did in When Harry Met Sally. I don't think they were trying to compete. The difference in thoes 2 scenes are the underwear and Heigl trying to give a presentation. Very big difference, and Heigl did it very well I may ad. Hats off!
  6. I could imagine... either way, he would say something cheeky, and get away with it. He's a smart one, he is.
  7. When I first Dracula 2000 I loved the movie, but I didn't really get a grasp on who he was, but I watched the movie every other day. As well as Timeline... didn't connect the dots. When I moved out here to Vegas, a month later, Attilla came on. I wanted to see it because I love movies like that, but of course, I still didn't connect the dots. Thoes movies were so good. When Attila only came on once, I was like 'Is it ever coming on again? Didn't know there was the DVD as well... but by that time, I forgot the name of the movie. A year later is when I met you GALS. Then that's when the dots were connected for me. Thanx guys! All that time I was watching the same person on TV, had a big crush on so many guys and come to find out it was the same guy... Gerry. He really can melt yer heart. Well I'm glad I met you GALS. Think my life would be very boring other wise... Thanx again.
  8. It really stinks that you can never beat out a kiddie movie, but I'm happy with 3rd. That means it was an awsome movie. The critics know nothing. That's why I don't listen to them to begin with. (oh, it's an awful movie, and very predictable, one we've seen before), who really cares. I knew from the very beginning what was going to happen at the end, and it was fine by me. What I didn't expect was, there were so many different ways to say or talk about something. I had an awsome time. This is the very first movie I've ever had to go and see more than once. And I'm gonna go see it again. Everyone I've spoken with said they liked it. People were in the movie theatre stomping, claping, and roaring with laughter. I think I might be able to say, that movie was awsome, and it spoke the truth. Thoes old movie critics no nothing. Have a great day guys!
  9. Hey girl how's it going? I was thinking the same thing yesterday. My b/f made beans (and they were delish)... But in the middle of lunch I let out this chuckle. I could not help it, that part was so funny.
  10. AWKWARD!!! lol, it'll be fun for her. If I took my mother and god mother, I'd be mortified and embarrassed. Good luck
  11. You go, Texas Gramma! My boyfriend, Mike is finally a Gerry fan a litte bit. He always says... 'there goes your honey'... and I have to drop everything to see him. I'm glad you loved it. Even though it's practically for adults, it was worth seeing.
  12. I've wondered the same thing when I read thoes reviews, I really don't think they saw the film. If they have, they must still be living in the 50's. And was he looking ever so good. This movie is gonna make a ton of money. I've never been to a theatre that was packed like this one, both times I went anyway. Very good sign. Have a good one Poptart!
  13. Once again, this movie was freakin awsome!!! I dragged my friend to the movies this time. She loved it also. The theatre was packed so we had to sit in the neck breaking section...2nd row... But I enjoyed it again. When it comes out in the $3 theatre around the corner, I'll drag my boyfriend to see it. I loved the restaurant scene... a few years ago a friend of mine bought a pair and they were so strong, she couldn't get them off, and we were at work too. Gerry looked like he was at home in this movie, I think that's why I loved it so much. Everytime i left the theatre, I left feeling so relaxed like if I just had a massage or a huge meal. Plus I'm gonna buy it on DVD when it comes out. Well worth it. The thing that was most surprising about the movie was the script, very unexpected. But what was very expected was, I knew what would happen to thoes to in the end. The language was worse than a taboo, it was the truth as well. K, time for me to go nite nite and have sweet dreams about u know who. Nite nite ladies.
  14. "I want to go, I don't f-ing know, I'm not Dr. Gerry!" that's helarious. You could hear his voice get high pitched when he's excited or mad. It's funny.
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