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    Reading, playing the sax, watching Gerry Movies, ice skating, clothes, drawing, being with my grandma in Hattiesburg. Picking on my brother nick playing with Elle my jack russell terrier.

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  1. I am a Leo August 10 and I love the shape of my Zodiac sign. Generous and warmhearted Creative and enthusiastic Broad-minded and expansive Faithful and loving sometimes I can pitch a fit too.
  2. I saw Gerry first in the POTO and he will always be the hunkest and sexiest Gerry character ever. Go baby, Go. Its the Phantom all the way hehehe :inlove:
  3. I pick Marty this time. Its going to get tough to vote off my favorites I will cry !!!
  4. Dearest Gerry, I am Hannah Autumn Breeze on GALS I am only 13 but when I heard you sing and act in the POTO I just thought you were wonderful. I sing I love to sing and I can sing as high as emmy did. I sing all the POTO songs But I need to get back to my message. I want you to have a verra Merry Christmas and a wonderful prosperous New Year. Looking forward to your new pictures and wish you lots of best wishes with them. You Rock my World :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: :erikrose: Hannah
  5. I first saw Gerard in POTO and that is the only movie I have so far. So I like his clean face he is so handsome. and Dreamy. I have seen the other movies at my grandmas house but she said she would buy me some others soon. But I like him best in POTO> it even made my little brother Nick cry and he is 10. hahaa :snowflake: :snowflake: :erikrose:
  6. Good Morning all you GALS I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving I am still at my dads, with Nick my brother we went up to my dads moms for the day. I am going to my memaws in Hattiesburg for the whole week of Christmas I can't wait. I hope you are all well and I finally got a siggy my memaw is after me to get my stuff organzied here so I hope I did it all right. love to all xoxoxo I am a bean that is what memaw calls me Hannah :funnyabove:
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