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    well Gerry obviously! haha I also love to travel and wish that one day when I actually have money to travel back to the mainland of Scotland! My Great Grandfather moved to America from Scotland...wish he would have stayed there tho..lol. Also my fiance's Great Grandmother came from Scotland as well so we are both hoping to visit it someday. I love going up to New York, I went last year and saw Phantom and hopefully I can go up again this year and see Mary Poppins. I love to listen to music....I listen to practically everything...but my fav bands are Led Zeppelin, Queen, Rolling Stones, Beatles, and Tartan Terrors just to name a few. I also lllloooovvveee to sing! I don't think I am any good but who cares!

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  1. Hey. I'm moving to PA and thought I'd find some fellow Gerry worshippers!! Scotland is AMAZING. My husband is from Scotland which is about as close as I can get to Gerry. hahahaha. Write sometime!


  2. here is my fav pic as of right now.... ....and my all time fav! http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j24/gerr...be/88d1e5cc.jpg
  3. I agree(main post..lol) there were parts where I felt choked but I did also in Phantom....tho I tell yah...when I saw Phantom on Broadway...during Music of the Night...I did cry...but I love that song....I think I was just overwhelmed b/c I couldn't believe I was seeing the actual production....but I do always feel really bad for Phantom...if you really think about it...it is quite sad...some ppl don't understand that but it really is!!
  4. I loved that when they showed the websites GBGALS was one of them! YAH! lol
  5. yah what the freak!! Just b/c I am not Canadian!!! ggrrrrr we gotta do something about that...happened when I bought Reign of fire...I bought it from England and it was a Region 2 vid...means it could only play in Britain!
  6. hey! Just wanted to say hello! Love your profile name..would be mine b/c my real name is Megan so that would be my name too if I married him! lol Welcome to GALS!!

  7. I was actually told by someone who was there that he did it to the fans...and actually called her a B**ch....but am I supposed to believe her? I dunno...it just doesn't seem like he would be so mean to fans ya know? I can understand the doing it for the cameras to be funny...but not seriously...and definetly not to his fans....think she is pulling my leg?
  8. loved reading this!!! Seems like it was a great time!! Just one Q tho...I found a pic from WonderCon and was wondering why he was flippin' someone off...heard a bad rumour that it was towards his fans... But I think its rubbish.. anyone have any thoughts or know why it happened? here is the pic! Ta Ta!! http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/gallery/di...=546&pos=11
  9. hey Suz...its driving me nuts...do you know what was going on in this pic?

    http://www.gerardbutlergal s.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=546&pos=11

    someone told me it was directed to his fans...now that doesn't sound like our Gerry does it!

  10. here is the pic I told you about...who is he flippin' off? I was told it was to his fans? Is that true? I figure you would know b/c you were there!



  11. hey Suz whats up? Glad to see ya!! Yah, I joined a while ago but never actually set up my page..still learning things tho...how exactly do I add friends that want to add me? ttyl babes!

  12. Well if it isn't my myspace friend Meggles! Hello sweets!

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