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  1. Gerry: This is my come to me look *pulls the face* Does it work? Me: *thud* Gerry: Clare?! Clare? jeez you really need to see someone about you fainting all the time..... Me: How else are you gonna pick me up? Gerry: *rolls eyes and steps over*
  2. OMG OMG, my heart was pounding for ya! LOL Glad that you got to meet him, and I hope that one day something like that will happen for me (I can live in hope cant I? lol) Thanx so much for sharing!
  3. :worship: brilliant!!!!!! God, I wish I could draw like that! Bravo!
  4. I'd do what I normally do when I'm tongue tied....make a complete fool of myself by saying something stupid....seriously then I would die of shame....but if he really is as nice as he seems I would bounce off his sense of humour....but still manage to make a fool of myself..... I'll try 'How are you today?' then he does all the talking and I just have to nod.... :wub:
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