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  1. As of this writing, Sam's holding steady at about 60%, but G's losing ground to the McAvoy fans. Time for a hard push!
  2. Not sure why I have no emoticons or formatting available but THANK YOU for the birthday wishes Barb and Elissa!
  3. " SHOUTOUT TO BOSTON (I didn't see a question from this tweeter, but just G's answer!) .@mof5iw Please, if the right film comes up! In the meantime here’s a #bossbottled #ManOfToday Big hello to all Bostonians, love your city!" Um, that would seem to indicate that he's been here at some point. I want to know when and why I wasn't informed of this!
  4. Yeah, except he's graduated to custom tailored instead of off-the rack
  5. Interesting. I would have thought it would be a conflict of interest for his face/name to be used in connection with another watch maker since he's one of the "faces" of Roger Dubuis. What do I know? In any case, nice watch!
  6. Love the movie! I'm a big fan of Baz Luhrmann. Maybe they talked about a possible project together?
  7. LOVE the idea of G sharing the screen with Ray Winstone! (I was hoping it might be in Guy Ritchie's "promised" sequel to Rocknrolla, but I live in the real world. )
  8. I wasn't a fan of the original so I'm willing to give this one a shot. I'm sure the visuals will be incredible and anyone who enjoyed Law Abiding Citizen, as I did, should remember that Kurt Wimmer wrote that one too.
  9. I'm happy to hear that you're on the mend, dear Frannie! Love and healing thoughts for you -Sheri
  10. I find the comments from the media (and others) about the "furry" coat to be humorous, but not nearly as humorous as the fact that the self-proclaimed "Imelda Marcos of jackets" (who must own hundreds), is still a frugal Scot, and has had that one for at least 12 years!
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