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  1. As of this writing, Sam's holding steady at about 60%, but G's losing ground to the McAvoy fans. Time for a hard push!
  2. Not sure why I have no emoticons or formatting available but THANK YOU for the birthday wishes Barb and Elissa!
  3. " SHOUTOUT TO BOSTON (I didn't see a question from this tweeter, but just G's answer!) .@mof5iw Please, if the right film comes up! In the meantime here’s a #bossbottled #ManOfToday Big hello to all Bostonians, love your city!" Um, that would seem to indicate that he's been here at some point. I want to know when and why I wasn't informed of this!
  4. Yeah, except he's graduated to custom tailored instead of off-the rack
  5. Interesting. I would have thought it would be a conflict of interest for his face/name to be used in connection with another watch maker since he's one of the "faces" of Roger Dubuis. What do I know? In any case, nice watch!
  6. Love the movie! I'm a big fan of Baz Luhrmann. Maybe they talked about a possible project together?
  7. LOVE the idea of G sharing the screen with Ray Winstone! (I was hoping it might be in Guy Ritchie's "promised" sequel to Rocknrolla, but I live in the real world. )
  8. I wasn't a fan of the original so I'm willing to give this one a shot. I'm sure the visuals will be incredible and anyone who enjoyed Law Abiding Citizen, as I did, should remember that Kurt Wimmer wrote that one too.
  9. I'm happy to hear that you're on the mend, dear Frannie! Love and healing thoughts for you -Sheri
  10. I find the comments from the media (and others) about the "furry" coat to be humorous, but not nearly as humorous as the fact that the self-proclaimed "Imelda Marcos of jackets" (who must own hundreds), is still a frugal Scot, and has had that one for at least 12 years!
  11. Let's hope that not only is GoE really good, but that G doesn't die! Am I right?
  12. I wonder if G was invited due to his association with the Donners? (RIchard Donner directed Timeline and his wife was a producer.) There are probably other reasons of course, but Kevin Bacon's got nothin' on G.
  13. Spending too much time on Facebook, Zanes. Immediately looked for the "like" button. For me it was September 2006 when I finally caught a movie I had llooked forward to seeing in theaters when it opened December 2004 (but for a number of reasons never did), Phantom of the Opera, of course. I remember reading about the casting when it was first announced and I actually looked up G on imdb, but even though I'd seen him in Mrs. Brown, he didn't "register". Now that I'd finally had a chance to see the movie (at that particular point in my life), it resonated with me (I watched it twice in one day) and I was/am completely hooked (although POTO is NOT my favorite role).
  14. Nice article. Nothing new necessarily, but a fun read...except for the part where they got the location of the surfing accident completely wrong. thanks for finding it Barb!
  15. I really did like this theory and thinking about it motivated me to pop in the dvd and watch it with the commentary from producers Lucas Foster and Alan Siegel. Chester was never mentioned at all. Given how in depth they went with other aspects of the film, describing motivations etc., this leads me to believe that "Chester" is just a plot device.
  16. I've been trying to do the above all day and I keep getting error messages.
  17. Wow. And I thought I "knew" this movie, (having reviewed and defended it on my own blog). Chester and Clyde being one and the same never occurred to me. I'll have to go back and watch again, I guess. *sigh* What a hardship....NOT Thanks for the food for thought!
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