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  1. He's Looking Great...however..he needs a good Italian meal...hehehe..Glad he's doing well..That match was brutal
  2. If you are sleeping with someone on a first date..You have no respect for yourself or dignity and that other person knows YOU ARE EASY and has NO respect for you....End of story
  3. Gerry Looks Great..I hope that he is enjoying the sun and water..I wish I could fly to a sunnier spot just about now.. I know the paps are part of being a celebrity but I hope they leave him alone for awhile..Hope his drop foot heals...I've had that before..not fun Enjoy Gerry and YOU look JUST fine
  4. Nice Photos//GErry looks Great per usual..Aspen is fabulous..I've been there and BeckenBridge too
  5. The license plates on some of the twipics from that guy from Ireland are european
  6. That color blue looks awesome on him!! Great photos..Nice to see Gerry!! He looks amazing
  7. Great Photos and looks like it was a great party..Wooootooo Gerry!! Happy Birthday Bello xx Lily~
  8. Hehehehehe...Yep...I say Live and let live..life is too short..
  9. Not sure why we need to "pair" people up?..and why we feel the need to see people "get married"..Like that is the end all be all...I had two aunts in Italy that never married but they lead perfectly happy lives..
  10. Never assume anything when viewing a photo...
  11. Gerry was fabulous on SNL..The skits were hilarous and I loved his singing!! AWESOME show!!
  12. I can hear the conversation he's having in his head... "Did I put enough money in the meter?..IS it working/..Maybe I should throw in afew more quarters?..How long is this meeting going to be?..hummmm" I've had that converseation before Ha! Cute photos..Gotta love the man..and I love those sunglasses...and shirt!! Good Luck Gerry on the upcoming film..I know it's going to be a homerun..outta the park!!
  13. omg he looks like Laurent from Therese...hehehehe cute..wonder what is on his ipod??
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