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  1. I've always wanted to learn this so I'd be one of the beginners. I am DEFIITELY interested in this! Please sign me up! I don't have a laptop so I hope that I can still participate. I do so admire all the great videos and would love to participate myself, but had no clue how to begin. Thanks a bunch for offering this great opportunity to those of us who are "computer challenged."
  2. Granted, I'd love it if he did come, as I'd love to see those eyes in person. OMG! But having been to all the conventions thusfar, I can tell you that meeting the other ladies is without a doubt a highlight in and of itself. I've made so many wonderful friends and it is always a blast to see them again. And I can't wait to meet some new friends in Vegas as well! I agree, if Gerry comes, then that's icing on the cake. If not, then we'll still have a blast!
  3. Dixiepixie and I will be rooming together at the Flamingo. Can't wait to see you ladies there!
  4. If it's not too late to sign up, I'm interested. I'd love to learn to make siggys. So please, sign me up!!
  5. Already sent in my contribution for this. I think it is a fabulous idea!!! I just wish we could see his face when he receives it, or a picture posted of Lolita in her little Fur-cedes! How cute would that be! Just counting the days until the convention!!!!
  6. My friend Debbie and I got in on the convention registration too late to get in on the POTO tickets, but we did purchase tickets on our own. We will be sitting in row A. Looking forward to sharing this experience with you guys!!! Can't wait for the convention!!!
  7. I am so in. What a cute idea!!!! I will try to have mine in the mail next week! That is adorable!!!
  8. I was just checking to see if I could find out a release date for Beowulf and Grendel and according to MrMovieTimes.com, the scheduled release date is JANUARY 1, 2006. Just thought you'd like to know what I found. I can't validate it for accuracy, but that's what I found anyway.
  9. Thanks Beanie! I knew I had heard a story about it, but couldn't remember what it was. It's that "sometimer's" or maybe just a blonde moment!
  10. My first thought would be to parrot that comment made by the Japanese interviewer who interviewed Gerry and Emmy about POTO and all the kissing that took place. After he talked to Emmy and turns to Gerry and says, "I want to know your lips". Sounds like a great opener to me. But in reality, I'd probably just stare into those gorgeous eyes and be dumbstruck! But if he happened to say something naughty to me, then all bets are off and so are the gloves! I can get just as naughty! (Wicked smile here)
  11. While we're on the subject of jewelry, anyone know the story behind the ring and bracelet he always wears? I know I read something about the ring a long time ago, but I can't remember. Thanks for your help. Just curious.
  12. Yeah, Beanie, I couldn't agree more! He CERTAINLY doesn't have to control those lips the first time he meets me! Snog away, Gerry!
  13. It took me forever to watch this movie, because it is not really my cup of tea, so to speak. However, I absolutely LOVE the part after the star wars spoof when Creedy is crouching on stage and smiles and winks at the little girl. Does that melt your heart or what? That smile could melt the polar ice cap! And even though I hate it that he dies, he dies as a hero to save the kids! How unselfish is that? I love that about his character (as well as his sense of humor).
  14. I love them all! For different reasons: Dracula -- because of his tortured soul and his compassion to Mary at the end. Not to mention sexy as hell in those tight black pants! Attila -- He is so sensual and vulnerable at times where women are concerned. Marek -- because he believes in a true, forever kind of love and is corageous enough to make his own history. Erik -- Because of his vulnerability and loneliness. You just want to cuddle up with him and say "I'll love you just as you are! I'm not that shallow!" Also, sexy as hell in those tight black pants from "Stranger than you Dreamt It" Terry Sheridan -- his wicked sense of humor and his willingness to go with the flow; i.e., "not what I had in mind, but okay". The Stranger -- because of his compassion to act as a surrogate father and not accept any money for it. And what a wonderful father he made! So I can't really "make a choice" I love them all!
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