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  1. thanks for the article...good thing he's still around
  2. nothing like the weather in seattle right now, well yesterday...down pour!! winds up to 40mph, fallen trees, SNOW in the mountains, isnt it almost summer? im on pins and needles at work right now!!! its 11.25 my time and at lunch hoping that the time will go by faster.
  3. scottish_spaz


    people are starting to head out already. Wish i was, i'm stuck at work until tuesday and then fly out wednesday morning. For all of you going to vegas, fly safe!!!
  4. i dont know if this has been added but why not ....we are family, i have no idea who sings it but i'm sure someone does... i like the verse.. we are family, i've got all my sisters with me (at least i think it goes like that)
  5. funny thing about paris...went to vegas for new years this year and she was having a party with her sister...it was suppose to be this big star stunned event with tons of famous people and such...it was the the luxor hotel where my friends where staying...anyways...hardly anyone showed up to her party and each hotel room got a call saying there where still tickets available. we laughed and then went out again...came back to the room and the tickets where on sale. okay i'm an arse...i totally thought you where talking about paris...hahah issues, i'm having issus
  6. darn it! someone needs to get in the same time as me...hahah
  7. my friend at work just got back from vegas and she's a little burned...well alot burned so we may want to add, BRING SUN SCREEN
  8. hahah there's a reason i'm fat dont jog, though i do walk
  9. rachel will be going (me) *maybe with a brace on just found out yesterday i have carpal tunnel syndrom. hopefully i'll have the surgery after the trip... (has anyone had the surgery? could you pm me to let me know what happened during?)
  10. are there a lot of people not attending?
  11. woo hoo for starting this topic I arrive at 1:15ish on wednesday and leave on sunday morning......have to go check the time of my return flight...so i was wrong. i leave sunday afternoon at 2pm
  12. coming in on wednesday so excited!!!
  13. umm..how many more pay days till vegas?
  14. awesome!!! one of my best friends at work in going to vegas too!! in 26 days....so we're both totally excited!!
  15. more posters will be coming your way next week.
  16. http://www.magicformals.com/mf_2076.html this is my dress for the big night. could not figure out how to post the pic. anyways, that's it
  17. i hate having a cold and flying...im no stranger to flying...fly out of south carolina when i was 10 all by myself and had to sit on the wing, when it was legal to have a child sit there...i got so sick i was little turning green, i could feel the air coming out of the window, i thought i was going to die...now being 30 i think i've been on a plane 15 times. for me the seats i prefer are aisle cause you get out sooner and i hate to make people get up when i have to potty. i held my bladder all the way from new wark to scotland, would not advise that to anyone... if its a short flight and you're not sick i like the exit row cause you get that extra leg room
  18. yeah virgin air is suppose to be awesome!! i love their website...you can order food from your seat...you have a screen in front of you, you can watch movies...i'm not doing the site justice, you should go see it for yourself...i'm going to love first class coming back...the seats massage..i think
  19. got my tickets through virgin airlines.. since its a new airlines i decided to give it a try. from seattle on wednesday its 89 dollars, not bad at all...coming home its a little more pricey cause i wanted to try out first class so i think i have a really horrible travel story. last year for the tarts convention in scotland. Bought my travel through flycheap.com or something like that, also bought insurance. so anyways, get to the airport early, earlier than the normal time to get there for international. THe lady at the counter told me and another girl that we might be able to get on stand by on and earlier flight. awesome!!! so we get to the gate, the flight was full...our luggage was put on that flight. (along with my grams ashes. spread some of her in scotland and london) Minutes later we come to find out that our original flight has been cancelled. I'm on a pay phone with the place i bought our tickets in one ear and on my cell phone with us air reservations. THe place that i bought the tickets from said that us air should try adn find us a flight. so we go back up to the front counter and get in line. By this time i've called my mother 2 in tears. she calls usair reservations after i get off with her and i call them again. The lady told me she might have found me a flight if i could get to the counter and have them process it. I dont cut in line, i go to the side counter and explain to one of the ladies what's going on....she tells me to get back in line, she didnt seem to care. I get back in line, friend holding our space. Once we get to the counter the flight that we could have gotten on was full and in the air. The soonest we could get out was on tuesday, the convention being on sunday night i think...so not only did i miss the convention, but my grams was in scotland before me and in my luggage for three days. I'm sure she wasnt pleased with me at all. * did we get a refund? nope. Did we get anything? nope. Our second flight from philly to scotland was delayed for 4 hours. it didnt leave until after midnight. The airlines bought people dinner after everyone had already eaten. The reason for the cancellation? we got three different reasons...they told my mother that it was due to weather in philly. wow, all other airlines that went to philly had no problem flying in the sun. THe other was due to something wrong with the plane which they knew about at 630 that morning...and the 3rd was the obvious reason....it wasnt a sold out flight...there was way too many empty seats on the plane...
  20. you know all this press that gerry is getting, the tabloids, i hope will work to his advantage. maybe more people will get out there and see his movies, see what this scot is all about. That he's just not some flash in the pants.
  21. the video, being a little dark, was hard for me to see what was actually going on, but since then i've was told what was going on...maybe cameron in a famous GAL
  22. my first convention was gb.net's and it was the one to scotland. Thankfully i didnt travel alone, well for most of it. from seattle to new york i was all by my lonesome, but once in new york and met all the other girls there, i swear our plane was full of gerry fans....and the one poor scottish man that had to sit in the center of us. we made him talk for half of the flight just to hear his voice, what a trooper. Though i'll be flying solo to vegas, a much shorter flight than the one to scotland, i'll soon see familar faces once i touch down! cant wait to see old friends and make new ones
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