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  1. Forever ....The Phantom :erikrose: ~Lori
  2. It is a hard choice, but I will have to stick with Marek..... I'd love to travel through time with him :inlove: ~Lori
  3. L~n~G

    Pudge VS Stud

    I'm a hard body gal... but I'd take Gerry anyway I could get him. Loved the hard body look in Phantom... L.
  4. I'd probably stand there speechless and "pee my pants"...... I'm sure I'd leave Gerry with a memorable impression :loljump: L.
  5. L~n~G


    I like that picture...it looks like he's ready to pull those shorts off!!! I'm off to my happy place now L.
  6. I will have to say "The Phantom of the Opera" because that is when I "discovered" Gerry. The day after I saw POTO, I rented "Timeline" and I was in big time lust. Then I saw the yellow towel scene in Shooters and suffered an estrogen meltdown and was diagnosised with GALS. Watching Atilla didn't help my condition much either....hubba, hubba.... I am still waiting, till I get my strength back to watch "The Jury" ! L. :gg1: :gg2:
  7. I think I will be: Gerry's Gutter Girl GAL L.
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