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  1. Here in China is already 2006 now~so Happy new year Gals! I hope everyone have a great 2006. You guys are the best.Happy everyday! Gerry,Happy new year! we all love you.
  2. Oh,thank you. :: ok,here is a oil painting of Natalie Portman that I finished three week s ago. http://www.yesalbum.com/v001/watereidolon/...lie_portman.jpg Oh,God,2:25am here, sleep~sleep~ want
  3. Because of the time zone, it`s already Christmas here.So Merry Christmas to you all!! I just thought Merry...Gerry..why we don`t say Gerry Christmas? :reindeer: :reindeer: :reindeer: :reindeer: :reindeer: :reindeer: :merryxmas:
  4. http://www.yesalbum.com/v001/watereidolon/johnny_depp.jpg
  5. :: Thanks you all. This is my first oil painting try. They are not bad, are they? :dance: You know, I haven`t draw for almost one year before I saw the phantom. I have to say Gerry is really great model for art. So I`ll keep drawing~ :: And I`ll think about sell them~ :: Hi Stef, Yes,you can post them anywhere. BTW,what`s Boutique? Hi Stalow, thanks.Portrait art is my favorite, because everybody`s face is different. And I want to be a designer, to design poster, book cover, logo or toy.It`s my major.I`m studying in an art university. water ::
  6. Thanks you all~ :: Beanie, yes,I`m studying art design for a profession. It`s about three drawings a week~ I have a lot of free time this month,so I`ll do more.Oh Perrin~ :mopboyjohnnie: `s wife~sorry made you wait so long time~ I`m so glad you like that sketch.
  7. Enjoy~hope you guys like them~
  8. This song is in my email inbox.www.yahoo.com My email:galswater@yahoo.com.cn possword:456456
  9. I miss my highschool,we had so much fun there. Here are my classmates. ...they are not gay,but this was their "gay time". :cookiemonster:
  10. Ok,this one "moon is my heart"
  11. I just saw this post.Hope it`s not too late, here is a chinese song named "Moon is my heart" and "You and I dosen`t mean us" this my fav song very affecting and "Jasmine flower" Very famous chinese song. Hope you like them. ::
  12. :: ...no,they are not it`s a lustral quadruped. Toni, your daughter Tarin is beautiful and Britty is a little angel(like their mother :: ) :strawberry: They four are all very cute.
  13. This is my father...it`s true :: http://www.yesalbum.com/v001/watereidolon/2005226.jpg
  14. I like his bag....do you guys know what`s the brand of this bag?
  15. Gald you like my av :: thanks~:computer: These "evil" three guys ...they were in a karaoke passenger compartment. and they call themselves "Sin Angels" It`s not wallpaper.it`s ....well,I don`t know how to explain in english... water
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