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  1. Well, it's worth reading again. This interview shows Gerry to be an intelligent, mature person, as well as the impish, fun-loving, energetic young boy we have seen in other interviews--the video ones. It's great to be able to know all aspects of his personality. He is a most remarkable man. And he's gorgeous, too! Helen
  2. Right! He lis so gorgeous with hair on his head. I don't care much for the skin-head look. In the airport, those cute Japanese fans, smiling and adoring him, must have rejuvenated him after that long, long flight to Tokyo. He is quite popular in Japan, it seems. Helen
  3. Right! A grain of salt. Rumors will abound now. Why haven't these crazies mentioned this relationship, to which Gerry referred in an previous interview? http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p231/hcc241/Jewel_192.jpg Helen
  4. Well, the latest photos of Gerry at a nightclub celebration in Las Vegas show him with a beautiful blonde, who happens to be VERY well endowed. Now, when will the tabloids make her his latest girlfriend? http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p231/hcc241/boobies.jpg The grin on his face is priceless. Helen
  5. Thank you so much for making the video interviews downloadable for us. You are a genius!


  6. My first reaction to the Iranian complaints was to wonder how they could associate the Persians of 480 B.C. with their current nation. Then someone reminded me that Iranians today don't call themselves "Iranians", rather "Persians." It's all in the name. I've observed elsewhere on another thread that Ahmadinejad would love to be as tall and handsome as Rodrigo Santoro, in or out of his Xerxes costume. So, why should he complain? Helen
  7. As observed above, all this commotion over 300 will only serve to enhance it's popularity and fill the seats of theaters. I pray it will not turn left-wing Hollywood against Gerry. This film also reminds us of Santillana's old adage: Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Helen
  8. A beautiful review, Swannie. You have a magical, genius touch with the English language. Helen
  9. Jen, I hope your dad is OK now. These things do happen. Bill and I lost the group in the theater, since they arrived in the hummer late and I only had time to run out to greet them, then rush back in because, Bill had gone on in and gotten our seats. We could hear those girls, though. Cheering, squealing, and clapping. They inspired the whole theater to cheer and clap. It was a most enthusistic audience. 'So glad your John is now a Gerry fan. Surely he will come to Dallas with you for another event. Bianca did a super job with this one. Helen
  10. I really don't know. However, our people aren't the only ones attending, so there will be some males there in the audience. John and Bill can visit and watch all the GB "hens" pecking around. Helen
  11. Hey that is super! Tell him we are all looking forward to meeting both of you. Bill's mother's family came from Northern Ireland, around Enniskillen. Does your husband' s family stem from this area, too? Many came to Texas during the potatoe famine, around 1840. Helen
  12. Yes, I have the bar code, too. But the manager said we have to take that sheet to the "Will Call" desk in the lobby to pick up the tickets. I've never done this before, so I ask a lot of questions. If you think your husband is scary, wait until you see mine! The Irish came through his mother's family. Bill was born in Waxahachie. I guess that term Texas Tarts came from the email group. I'm also an Angel. There is a web site of GB Angels, too. Helen
  13. Oh Jen, please bring your Irishman. He can keep mine company. I bought our tickets online, but the manager said we still have to go to the "will call" desk to get the actual pieces of cardboard, then line up to get our seats. The lobby should be full of GB fans--"Texas Tarts." Even though we live in Dallas, I have never been to this theater before, in fact, it's been years since we've gone to a movie theater. We watch movies at home, mostly via satellite. Helen
  14. Hey there, Kissme.. and Libby. I'm Helen/double scotch. (No, I don't drink the stuff.) I shall be there with my green-eyed Irishman, Bill. Did you get the notice from Bianca that we should all meet at the Studio Grill Theater at 6 pm? It seems we need to be there early to get in to get a seat, so she suggested we come at that time to visit before lining up. There will still be transportation from the Hampton Inn. I'm also curious to see who the fans are. I've only met two in person. Helen
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