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  1. You have to the love the interviewer for his originality. LOL Great find. Thanks for sharing.
  2. One time, that's all I'm asking. Just ONE TIME. Oh, and thanks for the pics, Stef. Wonderful as always. LOL
  3. DO YA WANNA BE??? Love that!! Haven't heard that in ages. Got your address written down too now.
  4. All I can say is take it with a grain of salt everyone. It wouldn't be the first time something got blown out of proportion by the media.
  5. Bella, sounds like you're having an interesting time there. Bruises and tubes up the nose, definitely not my idea of a good time. LOL HUGS and smooches to you and don't forget we're all thinking about you!!
  6. Hugs and smooches to you, Bella. Missing you and you keep taking care of you. Everyone's allowed a good cry now and then, heck I think we NEED them now and again. And yes, leave it to a GAL to find Gerry on base. LOL
  7. I think he meant it was a role he could really sink his teeth into. Like it was a role worth taking on. But I'm with you, I'd never heard it put that way before, so I'm just guessing over here. LOL
  8. Congratulations, Moira!! I'm soooo excited for you. Hope you have a wonderful, fabulous time (which I'm sure you will) and make sure you give us the lowdown on it after you go!
  9. Buahahahahahahahahahahahah! I bet he does too! Swannie With comments like that, why aren't you in the gutter more often Swannie?
  10. Bella, BIG, HUGE HUG to you before you head out. And this isn't even you leaving for Kuwait yet, gesh and I'm already feeling emotional.
  11. All I can say is this better not end up like Shattered did. But I'm waiting to see what happens. One article isn't enough to make me worry too much.
  12. Two extra weeks before Vegas? Just means two more weeks that I can use to save up more money. Is it June yet?
  13. I can't believe it's already upon you to be heading out. You take care and make sure you keep us informed of what is going on with you as much as you can.
  14. He also looks at the camera and winks in Lucy Sullivan! He does it in TR2 also. While he's still in the prison. I think I'm seeing a pattern. LOL
  15. I can't believe it's only 9 days now, Bella. And the description of the shots? OUCH is right. Kudos to you for everything woman, you are amazing.
  16. Another fun fact for all of you too. Tom Wisdom is also in this film. Could be showing his support for him as well? They did work in 300 together. Just a guess of course.
  17. The end was the funniest part. Guy groping Gerry. Thanks for sharing!
  18. Even hot in a white t-shirt. I think he's trying for a record to see just how many GALS he can kill with the hotness. I can't take anymore. Okay, yes I can. More please.
  19. Back to Comic Con.... a little something, something that I found. http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos/slideshow/ph...3388232438.jpg/
  20. Congrats, Cassie!!! So excited for you!!!!
  21. That was hot, unlike your french fries -EnchiLANDA! ~LOL~ Where's Xena. . .oh, there she is -hanging on Martin Delany's shirt tails! Thanks for the laughs!! ~Bella French fries.
  22. Bella, Sending BIG, HUGE HUGS and positive thoughts to you and your family. Stacie
  23. PatKay, I see you are busy as always with your plays, huh? Bet you're having a blast once again. Sure hope you are! As for myself, there is not much going on with me. Just work and that is pretty much the extent of things. Not very exciting. LOL Hope everyone else is doing well out there in GMCL land.
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