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  1. That is too funny. I loved the last part. Asking her if she was going home there tonight and she said depends on if you call me. LOL Gotta love that man.
  2. Cassie, I'm with you on being a homebody during winter. I hate the cold weather and am all for staying in an snuggling up and staying warm. I had a great time too in Chicago and wish I was closer. Shame we can't get together more often but I'll take advantage of the get togethers I can get to. Speaking of which, are you planning on going to Indianapolis in Oct?
  3. You mean this inspiration right, Dawn? He is beautiful. :wub:
  4. Hi, Trixie. No I haven't dropped off the face of the earth although sometimes I have to wonder. LOL Glad to hear your side business is going so well for you. Very exciting! There hasn't been much going on here, just working to keep myself busy. I'm planning on coming for the Indy trip again this year, so I need to start saving now, because I don't want to miss it. And it would be so much fun to get to see all of you again. Hope everyone else is doing well!
  5. Apparently he is. Watch his Jay Leno interview from April, 2005, when he tells his kilted stories. The one about his sister's wedding makes it clear that, yes, he does wear it properly (i.e. regimental). Unfortunately, it sounds like he only wears the kilt at special events--like weddings, Dressed To Kilt, or (maybe) Robbie Burns Night (when he's even able to go to one, that is). Other than that, he's never been seen in a kilt, as far as I know. Oh, by the way, Joanna? I said he should wear the kilt more often (like a real man ). Stacie is the one who wanted the wind! Oh yeah, I'll take full credit for saying THAT. :biggrin: Yep, it was me. lol
  6. Thanks for the male perspective on this one, Seumus. Much appreciated. And I agree about the kilts, but probably for hugely different reasons than you have. I'll be praying for him in a kilt and a strong wind when he's outside.
  7. {quote name='DawnS' date='Jan 15 2008, 08:31 PM' post='1151431'] Oh yes those lips!!! and I can take ya Sue!! so far I've only shared with K I can't believe you went there.
  8. He's pulling off a sweaty what?? :tasty: Sorry... couldn't help it... Yes, he does indeed... ~Mel I wish he would pull off a sweaty anything to be honest. Shirt, pants...you get the idea.
  9. Brought to my attention by Landa, but had to say it. He looks different EVERY time. And I love that about him. He pulls off sweaty very well, doesn't he?
  10. Ooooh, Cassie! I hope you can go!!! I had so much fun with you at MT!! Heck, I hope I can go. LOL
  11. Can I get an AMEN please? Nothing like saying what I'm thinking and saying it well.
  12. Maybe one of the mod's can shed some light on it?
  13. Anyone else having these problems?
  14. I don't know if it was trying to be mean. IMO I think they were just trying to be funny. Nothing more.
  15. I never listen to the awards show. EVER! How they come up with who to nominate is beyond my comprehension. I just saw that Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story got nominated for two. Not one, TWO! I mean, seriously? THAT got nominated and 300 got nothing? They have lost their minds.
  16. Please to all that is holy someone send this to Stef! I NEED this one!
  17. You mean his illiac furrow??? Oh hells yes!!! Sooo friggin' sexy - could just stick all kinds of things in there - and do things in there . . . yipes . . . Lisa Is that really what it is called???? I can't look anywhere else!!!!!!!! If you're talking about the indentations over his hips, yes. That's the "technical term". I'm sure we can come up with something a little more sexy than that, though. :tasty: According to Wikipedia it's also called Apollo's Belt or the Adonis Belt. Seems appropriate, don't you think? He does look god-like in that picture.
  18. That is just..just... :spontaneous: Thanks for sharing it. If it's in the gallery I missed it too so thanks for bringing it to our attention. Well worth it.
  19. Got my copy of Shattered today! Woo-hoo! The extras are really good. I loved the insight into what all those involved with the film thought about the movie in the interview, etc. So glad I bought this one. Now I just need to watch it with the commentary and see what will be said during that. And the deleted scene with the bracelet... I swear those kisses he gives I can feel the heat through the screen.
  20. How'd you like the anchorwoman's comment at the very end of the video? My thoughts EXACTLY! LOL
  21. Thanks for letting me know and wish I could help with it not working for you on the DVD player. Hope you get it to work for you!
  22. I haven't gotten mine yet, but plan to buy it tomorrow. Can you tell me one thing though, are there extras on the DVD?
  23. Can I just say...well DUH! Of course he's easy on the eyes. Have they looked at him before?
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