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  1. Dear Fran, my sympathy, love and prayers are with you and your family. I'm here if you need me. Love, Joanie
  2. Wow! Three REALLY handsome guys!!
  3. OMG I read "Lisa said no to him" and I thought it was OUR Lisa! I thought to myself, "can't be her unless she had a stroke (G*d forbid) or something! Whew I'm glad the earth is still on its' axis!! Hugs, Joanie (yes I need new glasses)
  4. Did you girls see Jennifer Aniston on Dave Monday night? She was cute and they talked about Gerard A LOT! He probably was back stage cracking up. Letterman was referring to him as "that guy the Scotsman". They should be funny together. Joanie
  5. Thanks for the messages and information Jen. I LOVE your adorable, cutie face in your baby picture. (Your grownup picture is fab too!) Joanie
  6. You guys are killing me with all the new pictures in the Gallery! How do I shrink some of those GINORMOUS pictures? I'm a computer dumbo. Thanks, Joanie
  7. Warm breath and my tee shirt are good too! That's how I clean my eyeglasses! Joanie
  8. Oh G*d imagine being his assistant? I would need a doctor with me to keep me from dropping dead! Talk about NEVER taking a sick or vacation day! ("No that's ok Gerry, I don't need a raise!") Lucky girl!
  9. Did you see Sheree (from the View) interviewing George Clooney? She totally was in his face and IGNORED his girlfriend standing right next to him. At one point George turned to his girlfriend and said something with her name - Sheree still ignored her. Not nice.
  10. Please, who is the blonde girl who's behind his hand? I had a brother-in-law who used to do stuff like that to me!! Hugs, Joanie
  11. Wow! What do you girls eat before you go to sleep?
  12. nyjoanie


    Oh man he dies again!
  13. I better take extra heart medicine when I get that magazine!
  14. nyjoanie

    Gamer DVD

    OMG THAT IS HYSTERICAL! I wonder who did the "art work"? Thank you for your help - it was like having a burr under my saddle until I found it! (where did that come from?) Joanie
  15. nyjoanie

    Gamer DVD

    Grrrrr! Frustrating! I have the regular DVD and the "Special Features" are: Audio commentary with directors, etc..on-off Inside the Game: controlling Gamer First Person Shooter: The Evolution of Red Theatrical Trailer Lionsgate advts Where are the extras? Please don't tell me they are not on here. Waaaah! Joanie
  16. You can just feel the audience enjoying him. They didn't laugh AT him, they were truly enjoying his wit and humor. Nervous or not, he really conveyed his feelings and opinions while being cute and handsome as a button. I can imagine everyone coming up to him after the program was over. I truly think Gerry's "personna" is just getting to people now. "People, enjoy our Gerry, we've been enjoying him for years!" Joanie
  17. I saw Alan Alda on tv last night, and yes, he's still being referred to as "Hawkeye". No problem with stuff like that. Better to be identified with a successful project than not. Joanie
  18. I love the scene when he's running down the train tracks! He really has a great talent for comedy. I LOVE this movie too. Guy Ritchie is very underrated as a Director. I wish more people could have seen this movie. It really didn't get much publicity here in the US. Oh well, I ENJOYED IT! Joanie
  19. Maybe they were a Christmas gift? Joanie
  20. Hi Lisa, this was on TV about 2-3 years ago. It was on TNT channel two consecutive Saturdays and 2 times each day. My friends and I watched it all 4 times. Truthfully, it took me the second time to realize how good this movie was. Like you said, the second time you notice all the nuances. I thought the part in the rain where he is crying was very good. Like you said, Abby's anger came back when he lied to her in the car. Joanie
  21. Mamatish is the BEST video maker! She uses the greatest songs too. Hugs, Joanie
  22. I voted for Beowulf. That was the first big screen movie I saw Gerry in. It was playing in ONE tiny art theatre in NYC. My friend and I took a cab and have been hooked ever since. I also fell in love with the Phantom, but I'm not going into that! Joanie
  23. Yeah Fran, thanks for your siggy - it's helping me with my breathing. Joanie
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